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11 Signs You’re The Youngest Person In The Office


So you have just entered work, and people treat you like a child? Are you being treated like a baby? Do people look at you and ask whether you have completed your work for the day or need some kind of help?

If the answer is yes, then yes! You are the youngest person at work. But don’t worry! You aren’t the only one. It happens to everyone and can be dealt with very easily. If you read this post carefully, the solutions will be much easier to implement.

youngest person in office signs

Youngest Person at Work Pointers:

1. People initially think you are an intern:

You know you are the youngest person in the house when people at work begin to think you are an intern. If people tease you often without knowing you well or try to bully or make fun of you for no reason, there is a chance others think you are a child.

The real interns speak to you as if you are one of them. If this is happening to you in some places, then you surely are the youngest person at work.

2. Your seniors ask you to fix their computers:

The second sign that you are the youngest and most inexperienced person in the house is if people who don’t know ask you to fix their computers. People asking for tech support don’t think of you to have the same level as them.

Sharing files and removing data are some of the things. There are times when people will come to you asking for help like they want to help them fix their selfie stick etc although you are aware that they know how to deal with it themselves.

3. People make you feel like you have brain damage:

It is very easy to understand that being so young you surely won’t be able to have the same old life experiences as most people but neither does that mean that you were being held around five times earlier in the fifth grade. Still, for some very strange reason, people tend to advise you on a wide range of things that are not in the least needed.

Even though you have grown up in the era and technology just like them, it is definitely within the skillset that you own to use some kind of pencil sharpeners that are kept on top of a mountain. In situations like this, all you may do is avoid and maintain your distance from people who taunt you.

4. You don’t know how to use the fax machine at all:

If you do not know how to use the fax machine at your home then you probably are the youngest member at your workplace. If you also don’t know what are the contents of regular stuff like tape recorders and other objects like a digital file.

Ultimately you end up feeling embarrassed because you don’t know simple things and need someone to help you in the simple stuff. Turning to Google for help will be a wise option.

5. Your seniors think you are free at all times:

If you aren’t married or don’t have kids and you are below the age of 30 and have just entered work, people will think you are available all the time. But the truth might not be so. So in cases like this, you should be smart and give honest replies when you do not have the time.

Do make a point of this, consider getting out of the situation if any of them are taking advantage of the availability that you have already.

6. People taunt and annoy you pretty often:

If you are being annoyed at work for no reason or they simply keep taunting at you, then you probably need to know that you are the youngest member of your work environment. People will not care about what you have to tell and they look for excuses to teach you things or pass comments.

That is probably because you don’t know a whole lot of things and this could be a chance for them to have fun or feel superior. You, however, can solve this problem by being patient and behaving like a professional.

7. Your seniors think twice before giving or offering you any drink:

You could be old enough to drink but your seniors still think twice before giving you some kind of alcoholic drink. However, prove some of them wrong by following a very simple tip and you could be the youngest out of all but you are way too smart and classy to get drunk in a professional atmosphere.

But there will be times when you will come across some kind of colleague who will offer you a shot of vodka and you just won’t be able to refuse them. What should you do in cases like this? Again very simple. Accept them very graciously and then dump it on to your glass of water when they are probably not looking at you.

8. People around you are very mature:

Another big sign that you are young and new to the house is when people around you are mature and have a better idea of things than you have. But several advantages come with this. You get to learn new stuff and grow up faster.

Also since you are the youngest, we are very much sure you have a very unique set of skills that you have to offer. They can help you create some kind of product. Nonetheless, don’t worry you will not be the youngest for very long. That will surely change.

9. People do not take you very seriously at work:

If people are not taking you seriously at work, they probably do not think you are smart enough at this point. In short, they think you are less experienced and do not deserve much importance. If you have some kind of opinion to make, they will probably smile and laugh or just ignore what you have to tell.

If you ever face a situation like this, don’t worry at all. This is normal and will take some time to get past. Plus you can avoid this situation by maintaining a very professional behavior from day one.

10. You feel embarrassed to speak about how you have been spending your weekends at work:

Most of your colleagues spend most of their time during weekends taking care of their kids, driving them around town, letting them hang out or even visit their in-laws. You, on the other hand, might not have had to deal with anything like that because of which you feel embarrassed speaking about what you have been doing during the weekends.

Your colleagues stayed up till 2 or 3 am trying to help their babies fall asleep when you stayed up watching all your favorite movies or simply getting drunk. Talking about stuff like this will make you feel like you will be prone to judgment.

11. You are given advice constantly on getting insurance done or getting married:

Your boss will initially treat you like a baby when you walk into an office for the first time. They could also treat like a child or something. They also could want to give you advice on things that you don’t need. Education and marriage are some of them.

Once they have found out that you have been single for years, then they will give you advice on how to get a girlfriend, etc. When they get to know you have fallen sick, they go out of their way to tell you what you should be doing and not waste hours on the internet.


This brings the post to an end. Always know that everyone, in the beginning, is a newcomer and it will take some time for everyone to adjust. So don’t feel bad at all and just follow some of the ideas and suggestions we have already given you. Plus if you have a couple of suggestions you would like to give us, feel free to comment below. We also would love to answer your questions. So let us know right away.