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15 Signs That a Company Has a Serious Culture Problem


Working in a happy place brings out the best in anyone, is highly beneficial for personal growth and also good for the company. A happy employee can only happen if the company wok culture is good.

Working in a stressful place takes away peace of mind and also is not good for personal life too. During the interview to one can easily understand the company’s work culture. Even if you land up in such a job unknowingly then do look for another opportunity to move out. Work in a place that will keep you happy and appreciates your hard work.

company culture problem signs

Company Culture Problem Signs:

1. Working after the office hours:

Fixed office hours are important as it provides the space for personal and social life too. The balance between work and personal life is important as it gives a break from the fixed routine of work and keeps a person happy.

Occasionally working after office hours is acceptable but if it is a regular pattern for employees to work overtime, then it is a sign of an unhealthy work atmosphere. If in case one is working overtime then it is good to compensate it with additional pay or comp offs.

2. Too much of hierarchy:

Hierarchy is always there in every office and it is something which one cannot deny as to things work. But the astringent and odd hierarchical structure is not appreciative. Where all the benefits are given to the bosses and not shared with subordinates.

Where only the bosses are given the cubical and they do not have open door policy. Appreciating other employees is a sign of respect and an effort from the company’s side valuing to respect each employee working with them. In many good companies, one can see bosses sitting along with the employees hence a sign of motivation to them.

3. Keep on asking about the deliverables:

Every company strives to achieve excellence and stay ahead. Guarantee to give the best results all the time is not possible for anyone. Also, it depends on various other external factors, For Example, a sales target for a month might not be achieved due to reasons like the non-festive season or the product might not be good. But if your bosses are pressurizing you to always perform the best then it is understood something is not right.

4. If they talk too much about what they are giving you:

Some employers have the habit of telling you the benefits that they are or will be giving you and are expecting you to pay back through work. Good work culture is appreciated and encourages the employee.

There have been instances where an employer keeps on bragging about what they offer, from the canteen to coffee machine or a separate sleeping room, then it is a sign of being cautious then and there itself. There are some examples where a company even brags about providing an AC in the office or a cup of tea, so better avoid such places.

5. No encouragement for extracurricular activities:

These days good companies encourage their employees to participate in various activities other than work related. It helps to develop the personality of the employee and reflects a better performance at work.

Some companies do not encourage the same and the only talk about work, avoid such work culture as it will lead to depression. Encouraging people around is part of a normal code of ethics and is always appreciated by everyone. These recreational activities are a form of the morale boost of the employees and a way to be happy.

6. Rewards and benefits:

At the end of the day, everyone wants to be rewarded and appreciated for their good work and it is not necessary, and this has to be through a paycheck only. Office trips, lunches, and award distributions are also a way to appreciate the best and hard working employees.

It shows a healthy office culture that appreciates its people for their work. Also, it allows its employees to enjoy some recreational activities and take a break from regular office chores and work.

7. If opinions are not heard:

Every individual has the right to their opinions and thoughts but when one has issues then the management should pay attention to it. If in your companies there is an authoritative attitude of not listening to your opinion that matters then it is good to find a better opportunity or prevent from landing in such a place. Your concerns and issues are meant to be heard and accordingly, they are required to be sorted out.

8. No opportunity for one on one feedback:

One on one discussion is always healthy to build a working relationship with the boss and the executive. It helps to communicate the issues they both might be facing or space to build a better team.

If this doesn’t happen then it shows off as an unhealthy working atmosphere, so better be cautious with this. Feedbacks are a good way to build a successful professional relationship. Communication is always the best way to resolve an issue or build new ideas for success.

9. Jealousy and politics are prevalent:

Hard work pays well and leads to success. Sometimes success is not highly appreciated by many in the team which tend to lead to jealousy. Also, office politics is sometimes prevalent in some scenarios, it is not a good sign of efficient work culture.

A good team spirit among the team members is essential for progress. If this is a frequent phenomenon within a company then it is a sign to be cautious of the work culture.

10. No induction or training system for the new joiners:

A good induction is a part of a company’s culture, where a new joiner or a trainee is told about the various benefits of a place along with the work culture and rules of a place. An induction program also explains the basic work and job role of the employee.

If that is missing in a company then the new employee will struggle to figure out the process and culture of the place. Thus making the place as a complete no.

11. Lack of leadership:

Having a great and motivating leader in a company always boost up the energy of the whole company itself. It motivates people to work for the goal, it provides the direction to everyone. Lack of good and efficient leadership in a company leads to confusion hence, everyone is left directionless and it creates chaos.

In the long run, this is not an ideal situation since for every working place vision and mission had to be in place and someone who can guide everyone towards it.

12. The paycheck never comes on time:

A timely salary is another essential part of the company process. Everyone’s financial planning and expenditure are dependent on it. A delay in salary tends to disrupt the whole financial structure of the employee. It also shows the lack of efficiency of a company’s process and shows the lack of respect for its employees.

13. Lack of cleanliness:

A clean space is important and shows a healthy sign of a place. If you see your office littered with papers prevent going there. It shows no one is bothered or concerned about the place. A careless attitude leads to this and hence it misses out on creating a positive impression of the place.

14. Inspirational quotes around:

Inspirational quotes framed and hung on the wall is enough to see and decide to stay away from the place. One need not be inspired by the quotes to work but they need to be motivated to work with various other professional qualities.

Research has shown that inspiration and values are best when the companies are the self-governing and motivating place to work then the employees of the place will be enthusiastic to work for that company.

15. In-house benefits:

Smaller benefits like the coffee machine or a lunch or a clean toilet room might sound small right now. But these are just the sign of how much a company cares about the essentials needed by the employees. These necessities are the basic requirement of the place and if you see that it is not begin fulfilled the better to prevent from going to that place itself.


Generally, any job is a good job but the important thing is to know if you are interested in being happy while working. If you intend to enjoy your work then it is best to create a list of preferred companies and find the companies with a healthy culture.

You might not realize it immediately the importance of working in a positive and happy environment company but with time your efficiency to perform will increase and your work will also be recognized among your peers, with rewards.