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25 Best Reasons to Love Working in UK (United Kingdom)


Is it your dream to work in any foreign country, then UK would be one of the best choice you could make.

Do you want to know WHY?

United Kingdom(UK) has a very remarkable history and they are good in preserving their traditions along with the old buildings and gardens. The cost of living may be high but it is a safe country and unemployment is low.

The people of UK usually respect the freedom of people to have diverse beliefs and opinions. They are very indulgent with their visitors and UK is known for its quality of life. It is the location where the English language grew and they have a sharp sense of humor. Let us count the bases that make UK a large and eminent place to work

love working in uk reasonsReasons Why Everyone Loves to Live and Work in UK:

Here are the Top 25 Reasons to love working in UK.

1. Population:

The British people are reserved in verbal communication, dressing and manners. Owing to immigration there has been evidence of multiculturalism and people have positive approach towards it. You can find loads of restaurants from countless distinct cultures.

UK people will respect you if you conduct yourself politely. Money is the vast source of concern to the British people. However they have very reduced amount of time and work pressure.

2. Culture:

The British have a diverse range of cultures due to the immigration. British philosophy, architecture, art, literature, theatre, comedy, music, and cinema is dominant, influential as well as respected around the world and sports are also a major part of the culture. The science and technology in the UK has also been highly influential.

3. Science and technology:

British people are known innovators and have made influential advancements in history. Scientific research continues to be dominant in UK.

Many leading tech-based industries are located in UK. It holds aerospace, pharmaceutical and automation industry and ranks high in the thriving of these industries.

4. Cost of education:

Education is very important and its totally free. This it has many schools, colleges and universities. The state schools do not charge fees.

However you may have to pay certain prices for uniform, school trips and stationeries. Children are not permitted to work until the age of 13.

5. Cost of transportation:

If one invests in Railcard for trains or coach cards for buses well in advance they will find the cost of transportation very cheaper. Some conserve money by spending in weekly or else monthly travel cards.

Petrol prices are reasonable and the airfields that serve for UK’s major towns and cities, which is more affordable than train and taxis are the alternatives when traveling in the night.

6. Cost of Healthcare:

The public healthcare in UK is free to all including emergency healthcare.It also holds excellent private healthcare system and the cost of private healthcare policies or insurances may vary.

7. Accommodation:

There are houses, flats, bungalows and bedsits available for accommodation. Lease and rent options are obtainable. The standard costs of groceries are reasonable and eating out in mid priced restaurants may be expensive.

8. Climate:

The climate in UK can be erratic. However, it is known to have mild temperatures. The temperatures is not low than 0 degree Celsius in winter and not more than 32 degree Celsius in summer.

9. Unemployment Rate:

The unemployment rate in UK is around 5.4%, which is very low compared to most of the other developed countries.

10. Equality Law:

Equality at workplace is taken care by the law in UK. Any discrimination on the basis of gender equality, disability, marital status, age, race or religion, belief or sexual orientation is strictly illegal and forbidden.

11. Working Conditions:

An average day in a week to work is Monday to Friday and working hours are 9 Am to 5 Pm. Working hours should be defined in your employment contracts. If you do not choose to then you should not have to work for more than 48 hours a week.

Flexible part time jobs are also available out there. There are 28 days yearly paid leaves and at least one day off per week. British workforces are punctual and committed to work and one will find the high standard of infrastructure to work.

12. Work Leave:

Bank holidays, Parental leaves, time offs, plus sick leaves are provided to an employee. Maternity allowances are provided along with time off for family, public duties and dependents and for training leave are provided.

13. Communications and media:

The public service broadcaster BBC remains dominant in the British media. Public phones are not common now as most of the people have mobile phones. However, public phones are found in many hotels and pubs which are operated by coin or card.

In Europe, UK is the head in social networking. It has an enhanced quality and highly developed communications infrastructure. Cheap abroad calls provider is also available.

14. Eating and drinking out:

UK has the massive range of pubs and bars to socialize and world’s top restaurants. Also, there are many excellent arrays of restaurants that are cheap. There are also restaurants that dish up food from all over the world and make it available to people in UK.

15. Pubs:

The word is a short form of public houses; in UK it is not the generally known stereotypical place of getting to drink alcohol. There are several pubs around the country and are considered the social meeting venue. People usually eat, drink, gather, talk and relax in pubs in UK.

The licensed pubs are usually allowed to be open for 24 hours while most pubs are open from 11 in the morning to 11 PM. Pub foods are also very well known and loved by the people.

16. Shopping:

The shops in UK are open for 6 to 7 days a week, which are open from 9:00am to 5:30pm. Some are open till 8 in the evening or late. Some shops are available even on public holidays. There are departmental stores, showrooms, malls, corner shops, charity or off license shops, chain stores,warehouse and supermarkets.

17. Downtime activities:

Most of the major cities have many options on cultural and entertainment activities. World’s most famous museums and art galleries are situated in London along with leading orchestra, theatre and opera companies.

The countryside is beautiful apart from the major cities where one can find many castles, luxurious houses which are preserved and reserved parks.

18. Benefit system:

Functional help and financial support is provided to the people who are unemployed. When someone has a low earning it provides with additional income.

Benefits are provided for people who seek housing, mortgage and debt problems. Free housing is provided to the homeless as a matter of social welfare. UK has a low tax system.

19. Benefits of diversity:

British workplace has a benefit of diversity as innovations and ideas from different perspectives and cultures are available. Accordingly, the employers employ diverse workforce for greater creativity.

20. Multiple working opportunities:

One can be involved in multiple jobs, work double shifts, and work overtime. The earnings prospects are very high in UK. One can work hard to achieve augmented incomes and it is part of British culture to work hard for money.

21. Commercialization and advanced technology:

Fashion, commerce and technology are well thriving in UK. There are many events and activities that take place in UK as it is one of the largest and advanced economies and they celebrate the development of industries. One can find many varieties of electronics and goods available here.

22. Intercultural environment:

Employers have the duty to understand different cultural viewpoints, respect other cultures, and adapt to the various cultures. The employers must be open to new ideas and accept the differences.

It is imperative to have an intercultural environment at a workplace to maintain the organization’s reputation, avoid conflicts, or loss of clients.

23. Business:

UK is a great place to commence business. Private enterprises are very much encouraged and unregulated. Any individual can just proclaim themselves of being a company and can instantly become a real company. They can practice trade without any obstacles in almost any area of business.

24. Safety:

It is one of the safest places to live and work at. Guns are prohibited, one considers himself lucky to atleast own a knife. There is scarcely any danger.

25. Economy:

UK is the fifth-largest national economy. It is one of the major globalized economies. It is managed with the principles of market liberalization, control and low taxation. There are dominant foreign direct investors present in UK economy.

UK is one of the world’s biggest manufacturing economies. It attracts migrants owing to its strong economy, high standard of living and excellent and comfortable working surroundings.

UK is one of the top attractors of immigrants and welcomes them more than any country does. Mounting incomes, longer holidays and free healthcare have gradually increased the standard of living in UK.