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Top Jobs for Foodies – 17 Careers Perfect for a Food Lover


Are you one of those individuals who love food more than anything on the planet? then you might as well consider taking up a career in the food industry.

Contrary to what many might believe this is an age old industry that continues to be extremely thriving and it is unlikely that in time to come, there will be a decrease in its popularity.

So for your benefit here is a list of top jobs for foodies which they can try their hand at.

top jobs for foodies16 Best Jobs for Foodies or Food Lovers:

The following mentioned are few top careers for foodies or food lovers who will live to work there.

1. Chef:

If you love eating, chances are that you are also interested in coming up with interesting and delicious treats for yourself and your loved ones, So if this is the case then you ought to seriously consider becoming a chef.

Being a chef is not an easy job as it entails working round the clock and toiling in a warm kitchen, yet if you are passionate about your job it will never seem like a burden to you, instead you will enjoy it.

2. Nutritionist:

Over several centuries there have been innumerable ‘food fads ‘that have been making the rounds.

One common food fad includes, ‘starving will help you lose weight’. If you get the required qualifications you can do your bit to help people eat the correct kinds of food and thereby live a healthy life without having to spend thousands on trips to the doctor every year.

If you are a foodie then being a nutritionist will surely interest you, as you will constantly get to gain knowledge about various food items.

3. Food or restaurant critic:

Having a job as a restaurant critic is exceptionally exciting especially as you get to visit different restaurants on a weekly basis and you get to sample new dishes.

Remember that since the reputation and publicity of the eating joint depends on you to a large extent, when a restaurant hears that you will be having a meal there, they are bound to give you the royal treatment.

However besides having a refined palette ensure that you have a flair for writing.

4. Food Blogger:

In this technological age, having an interesting and appealing food blog can really earn you quite a lucrative income.

When you have a food blog then you are able to reach out to a number of other food enthusiasts and you could either share your experience at a given restaurant or share with your followers a recipe that you recently came up with.

So in addition to eating food, if you love talking about it, then give this career option a try.

5. Restaurant Owner:

Being a restaurant owner is no easy task, however if you are a hardworking individual who is willing to put your all into making your restaurant a success then you should seriously consider this career.

Restaurant owners who serve fresh, delicious as well as hygienically prepared food are quite easily able to earn for themselves a quite a big salary.

Being able to run a restaurant is indeed a dream for most foodies, so if you have what it takes, do try to make your dream come true.

6. Food stylist:

One of the chief things that have to be kept in mind while preparing any dish is making sure that the food looks presentable and appetizing when placed before the customer.

So if you have an eye for detail and are able to make magic with your hands then do consider taking up a career as a food stylist.

In the food business there is a great demand for people who have this talent and it is actually a high end job that pays well!

7. Food photographer:

If you are one of those shutterbugs, where pictures of your food go up on social media faster than it actually reaches your oesophagus then you are surely destined to become a food photographer.

Though photography skills are indeed a must, you should also ensure that you are able to come up with quick ideas when it comes to setting a table or strategically placing food such that it looks absolutely irresistible.

8. Food truck owner:

Though being a food truck owner is extremely challenging, yet at the same time it is also extremely fun as you get to travel to new places and encourage people to taste your food.

Having a food truck is an idea which is not very common in Indian, yet over time it is gaining some ground.

If you are into experimenting and know that your food is bound to be appreciated then do try to start a novel food truck business.

9. Baker:

It is often said that one of the most relaxing as well as rewarding jobs that anyone could have is being a baker.

It is of paramount importance that bakers have a key eye for detail and are able to carry out instructions to perfection.

One of the most rewarding parts about being a baker is that you get to bring joy to the lives of so many people irrespective of what age they are.

So if you love baking cakes and cookies as much as you love eating them then, try your hand at becoming a baker!

10. Go into organic farming:

All foodies have a primary preoccupation that their food should be made of absolutely fresh and in-season products.

So in addition to being a foodie if you love being one with nature and getting your hands dirty then you could seriously go into the organic farming business.

This is indeed a lucrative business that is sure to be extremely rewarding for any big foodie. So if you want to get away from city life then this is something you could try your hand at.

11. Food taster:

Having a job as a taster is indeed a dream job for any foodie.

Most companies that have big names in the food industry hire a full team of expert food tasters, to try out their products and make sure that they are not lacking in flavor profile or visual appeal.

However addition to looking good and tasting good they make sure that the food also smells good so that these products are able to gain a lot of popularity among their target audience.

12. Catering business:

Running your own catering business is indeed a mammoth responsibility yet it is also a lucrative job opportunity especially if you are a big foodie.

In addition to having exceptional taste in food you should also ensure that you have good leadership skills to ensure that you are able to carry out any catering contract with absolute perfection .

Initially the job might seem daunting but over time when you gain name and popularity you are bound to enjoy your job!

13. Columnist:

Having your own column in a newspaper or magazine is extremely fun especially because you actually get paid to talk about food!

If you truly have a love for food then coming up with new and innovative ideas each week or month for your column will surely not be a tough task for you, instead you might find it rather pleasing.

In the attempt of trying to come up with novel food related information for your readers you might end up learning a great deal yourself!

14. Food show presenter:

What individuals like Nigella Lawson, Sanjeev Kapoor or Kylie Kwong have in common is that besides being great chefs they have also created a name and fan base for themselves by being exceptional food show presenters on television.

So even if you are not such a great chef to appear on television you could always be a part of say a channel like Discovery Lifestyle which allows their presenters to travel from place to place discovering new culinary delights!

15. Flavor Chemist:

If you have significant aptitude for science then you could become a flavor chemist.

The job entails making use of spices, food coloring and even oils to intensify the flavors of any processed food so as to make them taste delicious.

It is not necessary that these flavorings are organic; often they are even artificially prepared. So if you are a foodie with a scientific bent of mind then this is surely your calling!

16. Chocolate Consultant:

Are you a foodie who loves chocolate?

Then being a chocolate consultant is surely a job that will interest you.

Chocolate consultants have in-depth knowledge pertaining to the various types of chocolates as well as the various processes involved in converting cocoa beans into a delicious bar of chocolate.


If you are not one of those individuals who can be content in a regular nine to five corporate job then these are some of the jobs you should consider trying your hand at especially if you are a great foodie.

Making it big in the food industry is no easy task however with a teaspoon of inspiration, a cup of perspiration and a pinch of good luck you are sure to become a huge success in any food related field that you choose!