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16 Meaningless Words to Remove From Your LinkedIn Profile


We live in a twenty first century technological world where everyone is trying to get ahead in life and slowly but surely climb the ladder of success. Almost 75% of all people that make use of the internet are active on at least one form of social media or another. LinkedIn is a social networking service that is business oriented and since its conception in 2003, it has gone from strength to strength. To help you when making your profile, given here is a list of words which you ought to go ahead and remove from your profile as soon as possible for your own benefit.

words remove from linkedin

Stop Using These Buzzwords in Your LinkedIn Resume:

1. Replace the word passionate with zealous and enthusiastic:

Being passionate about the job which you are doing is very important, if you are not passionate, then you will never be able to really apply yourself to the work which is entrusted to you. Choosing a career for yourself is important so you must ensure that you make any career related decision only after careful weighing as well as measuring.

Using the word passionate on your LinkedIn profile should be avoided under any circumstance as over the years it has been used and over used so much that when anyone is skimming through your profile this word fails to even get across any point.

2. Replace the word expert with skilled, sharp and professional:

It is rather needless to say that companies are always on the lookout for employees who are at the top of their game and are up to date in with any kinds of advancements in their fields. However on your LinkedIn profile you should make it a point to refrain from making the use of the word ‘expert’ as it does come across to some degree that you are blowing your own trumpet unnecessarily.

No company or business house would like to hire someone who can only talk the talk without walking the walk. So calling yourself an expert might make you seem rather juvenile and even childish.

3. Replace the word motivated with determined and fired up:

If you do not take the time out to ensure that your profile is well written as well as properly managed, then you can never expect to impress anyone or even attract any positive attention to yourself or the work which you are doing. This having been said, a word which you should remove at all costs on your profile is that word ‘motivated’ which has become entirely redundant.

No matter what career field they are from, everyone makes it a point to mention this world believing that it will do their profile a world of good, yet they couldn’t be further from the truth as this word on its own fails to create a powerful impact anymore.

4. Replace the word organizational with structural, administrative and managerial:

As we are all well aware, the business world is a cut throat one indeed and it is only those who are bold and daring that actually get ahead. If you show that you are weak as well as vulnerable then it is only a matter of time that people will take advantage of your weakness and start steam rolling over you.

One of the chief qualities which separate a great employee from an average employee is his organizational skills. Yet rather than using the regular word like organizational on your LinkedIn profile, you should go ahead and make use of better words which will really catch the eye.

5. Replace the word track record with experience and successful:

When potential recruiters are going through your profile, it is natural that they will be looking for a few things to ensure that you fit the bill for the job and also that you are someone who will prove to be a true asset to the company once employed.

This having been said, in the event of trying to create a good impression in the mind of the recruiters, everyone makes it a point to mention on their profile that they have a excellent track record and that their names are unblemished. However instead of using this common word you should make it a point to make use of a better term.

6. Replace the term strategic with tactical, analytical and quick thinking:

In this day and age, time and money are two invaluable resources and at no point in time should you even think of wasting either of the two. Wastage of time directly implies the loss of money. When making a LinkedIn profile you naturally do not want to sell yourself short so that is why you should attempt to make your profile as power packed as possible so that you are able to stand apart from the other mediocre profiles.

So, make it to remove the term strategic as it also has some negative connotations rather make use of a more befitting alternative to show your ability in a proper manner.

7. Replace the term ambitious with goal oriented and focused:

One of the words which you should make it a point to remove as soon as you possibly can from your LinkedIn profile is the word ambitious. Being ambitious is most certainly not a negative thing in any way and it is a desirable trait in any employee, yet it is just the term that has come to be devoid of any real meaning owing to the fact that it is so commonly in use. To attract attention to your profile, you must spend some quiet moments in contemplation with yourself really contemplating on words which are really apt and out of the box. Doing this will give you that competitive edge.

8. Replace the words good speaker with powerful orator:

One of the chief skills which will really allow you to move ahead in your career is your communication skills. Once you are employed to a company, in addition to having your own individual identity, you also represent the company.

Company will not want individuals representing their company, who cannot even speak in a proper manner and express themselves in a comprehensive as well as coherent manner. So if you are a good speaker and can put forth your views well, then rather than writing ‘good speaker’ ensure that you make use of high sounding words which will surely impress.

9. Replace the word Practical with hands on:

Being practical implies that you think in a straight forward as well as down to earth manner. Rather than building castles in the air, or making big and unreachable plans, you prefer to just get to work as soon as it is entrusted to you.

So if you are someone who is practical and you would like to mention this positive attribute on your LinkedIn profile, make it a point to not make use of the word ‘practical ‘which is not merely rather colloquial but also very ambiguous. Since this is a professional site you should go out of your way to ensure that your profile too is professionally written.

10. Replace the word Responsible with in control, reliable and accountable:

Previously the word responsible carried a lot of weight and even meant a great deal, yet over time, it is a word which is included on almost every LinkedIn profile, where almost every individual wants to portray how very capable he or she is.

Yet in the business world, you aim should never be to fit in , rather on the contrary you should try your very best to stand out so that at no point in time can people simply skim over your name without taking proper notice of you and your work. A little additional effort by you will most certainly not go to waste and you will receive recognition.

11. Replace the word hard working with sincere and genuine:

Getting a job in a top company is only the beginning, from then on you have to keep on trying to prove yourself and show that you really do deserve this opportunity which has been given to you.

Being hard working implies that you are someone who has a very good attitude towards the work that is entrusted to you and at all points in time you try and deliver top quality work under all circumstances and at all costs. So if this is a trait which you have ensure that you do not use the word hard working on your profile, instead you can consult a thesaurus to think of a better and more unique word.

12. Replace the word creative with artistic, gifted, inventive and original:

Thinking out of the box is an attribute which not many have been blessed with. If you are one of the few people to be blessed with this unique and rare ability then it is of paramount importance that you mention it on your profile.

This having been said, if you have made use of the word creative you should make it a point to remove this word as soon as you can, because this word will not be able to get across what you are trying to say in a proper manner. Rather you should try to make use of a word that will be successful in showcasing your ability in a proper manner.

13. Replace the word outgoing with social and interactive:

As per October 2015, there are roughly 400 million acquired users of LinkedIn, in over 200 countries across the world. Based on these figures itself you can well imagine what sort of exposure you can receive via this medium, provided you make use of it in a proper manner.

If you by nature are someone who is a peoples person and love meeting and talking to new people then you can state this categorically on your profile, yet it is of paramount importance that you refrain from making use of the word outgoing, instead it would benefit you to opt for a more mature word.

14. Replace the word mature with calm and collected as well as level headed:

When you have a high position in any company, naturally the higher you rise the more stressful will your job become, this being said, companies are always on the lookout for those employees who they think will be able to handle any challenge which is thrown their way without getting flustered or bowed down in any way. For the sake of sounding impressive ensure that you do not make use of the word mature as it is not a word which will showcase your ability as a capable professional.

15. Replace the word qualified with accomplished and trained:

In order to get ahead in the corporate word, you need to have the educational qualifications to back you. Yet instead of saying that you are ‘qualified’ substitute this word which is a better sounding alternative so that you really impress with your profile.

16. Replace the word positive with optimistic:

Last but certainly not the least is that companies look out for people who have a congenial and positive outlook in general. However another word which has become redundant without over use is positive, so what you need to do is make use of a more erudite word which will showcase your great command over the English language.


As we are well aware, that the only thing constant in life, is change. As times change we too are expected to grow and move ahead. So, words which once seemed to be novel as well as unique have become rather run of the mill. A LinkedIn profile which is well written and compiled can really go a long way in helping you create a good impression in minds of those who happen to view your profile. Even the smallest of changes and amendments made by you in your profile will help you in the long run and yield rich dividends for you.