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How to Impress Anyone you Meet and Make Friends


As we all know, it doesn’t take very long to judge a person. Within a minute of your first meeting, you will already have an idea of what the person is all about. And since first impressions are often quite sticky, we have to know the right way to address ourselves in front of people we meet for the first time.

If you have trouble socializing or making new friends, then this article will really help you. Today we will give you quick and easy ways using which you can literally impress anybody you meet and make as many friends as you like. So without any delay, let’s get to it!

how to impress anyoneSurefire Ways to Impress Anyone in First Meeting:

1. Have some goals set in mind:

It is important to have some intention and goals set in mind if you want to impress someone in the first meeting. Before you meet the person, stop and think for a minute about how you want to project yourself to that person.

When you are getting ready, think about the sort of people you would like to see and the kind of interactions you would like to have with them. This could prepare you well for the upcoming event and help you to have that kind of enthusiasm and energy you want to.

2. Look for a creative and intriguing way to talk about yourself:

Usually people attend meetings and introduce themselves first by saying who they are and what their job is. The problem is if you don’t do something that is out of the box or even a little fascinating, it will not help you push the conversation ahead.

In short, you will not be making a difference. You must give the person plenty of reasons to talk to you. You could give them a mysterious statement about what you do. But if you think that would be too cheesy or creepy, you can say it like you normally do but make sure you sound confident and that your body language is good!

3. Wear something that makes you feel confident:

In order to feel confident at an event, you must wear something that gives you that feel. Before the day of the event, you can shop for something you like and make sure to wear it. We promise it will make you feel good.

But if you want to wear something from your cupboard then try to clean and iron them well. Send to them to the laundry if you can. You will look and feel like a star!

4. Talk about food:

Whenever you are in doubt about something, change the topic to food if you can. People love to eat if you didn’t know. And the minute you talk about something like this, they will surely want to be a part of the conversation. Talk about diets and recipes and what you like the best. Share some of your diet secrets. It will surely help.

5. Be nice to everyone you meet:

Don’t forget to be nice to everyone you meet. It would make a grand impression on the first meeting. People will think of you as a kind and generous person. For example, if you are at a networking event, it is your job to be nice to everyone including spouses, guests and their children. Think about it.

If you are speaking to someone and their spouse is standing right next to them and you make the mistake of simply ignoring them. What would that show? Obviously your impression won’t be great. So be smart and be nice to all you meet.

How to Impress anyone in 30 seconds:

1. Smile:

It is always a great thing to smile when you meet someone for the first time. It always makes a good and lasting impression. Whenever you go to an event and meet the person for the first time, smile and greet them when you introduce yourself. It always feels and looks great. Plus it looks so much better than having a serious and sad expression.

2. Give compliments:

It is also a smart thing to do if you freely send people compliments. People would automatically like you. Just make sure you are not sounding unrealistic. And no matter what you do, make sure your compliments are subtle. If there is someone you meet and you can’t think of anything impressive, then just compliment their dress or ears.

People might not always remember what you are saying but they will surely remember the person you are and how you made them feel when they met you for the first time. Just be genuine, simple and charming with what you say.

3. Ask about how their children are doing:

If the person you know has a grandchild or probably kids, ask them about how they are doing. It is always an impressive thing to do when you ask someone about how their kids are doing.

I am definitely quite interested in making conversation with people who like to talk to me about that. Once when someone asked me about how my son did at a tennis tournament at his school, I was really happy to meet that person and wanted to see them quite regularly.

4. Be well aware of what is happening around the world:

You have to be well aware of what is happening all over the world if you want to make a good impression in less than a minute. You should have cursory knowledge and be able to talk about them when the situation comes.

You are definitely going to win several hearts if you do this. I remember going to a meeting where I spoke to someone about Dancing With The Stars and my favourite new episode of White Collar. I am still in touch with the person because he told me more than I thought.

How to Impress anybody by Talking:

1. Check closely how fast you have been talking:

If you want to impress someone with the way to speak, see how fast you have been talking. Also pay close attention about when you are saying ‘uhm’ and ‘aah’. According to a research conducted in the 70s, there were 50 voices created and all of them were played at different speeds.

The increasing speed made most of the listeners think that the person is very competent. And those who spoke much slower were understood as less impressive and very less persuasive. Plus people who say um and ah are those who apparently do not know what they are speaking about!

2. Make sure to maintain eye contact:

Always remember that making eye contact is very important when you are speaking. It makes you look like a very confident person. Researchers have said that looking at someone while talking looks very smart and intelligent.

Don’t go way too far though. If you keep looking too constantly, people will now think you are some kind of psycho.

3. Let them speak first:

Want the person you are meeting to trust you? Then let them speak first. This will also make a good impression of you if you didn’t know. Most people make the mistake of thinking that everything during a business meeting is a negotiation when honestly speaking, none of that is actually true.

Warmth is really about making the other person feel like they are understood. You may also establish trust by gathering some information that suit the interests of the person. You may also get them to share what they feel and think about themselves. Try to make small conversation if you like. That will surely help you.

4. Pay enough attention to them:

When you are speaking to someone, make sure to pay full attention to them. Everyone wants someone who is interested enough while speaking to them.

Do not make the mistake of looking at your phone or looking at someone else when you are speaking to them. Your impression will always be improved in the process.

5. Know the right way to end the conversation:

It is also important to know how you should end a conversation. You should offer a handshake when the conversation comes to an end and make it clear that you loved speaking to them but now it is time for you to go. Interrupt yourself while speaking to them if you have to and then simply smile and tell that you have to go (probably because the person is way boring)

Finally :

This brings the post to an end. We are hoping you have found help in this post and will be able to handle yourself better when you attend an event. If you have liked reading this post and have something you would like to tell us, please make sure to leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.