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How to React When your Boss finds out you are Job Hunting


No matter how much you try to keep the secret from the boss and the other colleagues, it somehow comes out like a fresh new chick from the egg, but giving no happiness. Do not worry of this situation as it is not at all something wrong. After all we are in a democratic society, where we are allowed to leave the job, join new one whenever we wish to. So, do not worry, if the cat gets out of the bag because it happens (often). The steps to handle such situation are as follows:

when boss finds job huntingGetting Caught Looking for another Job – How to React?

1. Do not lie:

If you are caught red handed by the boss regarding hunting for the job, do not lie. What are you saying? And all such astonishing expressions can work for the colleagues you work but not for the boss. Bosses are not dummies, they are skilled hand and eyes, who can detect anything fishy just like a metal detector. So, agree to what you did but by giving explanation to it.

2. Answer the question ‘why’:

Why is something too annoying at times, but it is also like the last drop of water to the thirsty. So, answer that question frankly to the boss. The reasons could be many like you want to explore something new now, you are lot more worried about your job security, you want to succeed and advance your career ahead or there could be any of the reason.

3. Do not get angry or hyper:

You have to protect yourself, so do not get angry over the thing that you got caught red handed. You are not at all doing any blunder, it is just that you need something new in your life now.

So, do not either get hyper or show wide eyed if you get caught. You shoud be confident enough to tell the truth and you will feel good inside yourself. Also when you tell the truth, you need not extend it with more lies. Once the truth is told, you are done with your job.

4. Support yourself with a truth:

This is the time you will have to support yourself with the truth and it is essential. If you will not support yourself, you will have to face the brunt of rumours that your colleagues may spread. So, before the matter becomes a rumour, better to go ahead and clear the matter of your own.

5. Your family problems:

You might have family and other domestic issues, so you should share them with the boss, instead of hiding them. No matter how grave or how small those are, just say it. Your boss will surely understand, if he or she feels like being a human.

Jokes apart, just go strong to say the truth and dont shy over it. There may come many people like you, who are on job hunting due to the family issues and all. So, you will be considered equally like others, may be little harsh, but you will have to accept that too.

6. Listen peacefully:

You may have to listen harsh wordings, you may have to go through the blistering remarks, if not from the boss, but maybe from the colleagues. You will have to have patience for listening all those unwanted remarks for yourself.

7. Clear all the misunderstandings:

Maybe you were helping your friend out to get a new job and everyone is misunderstanding you with that. In this case dude, you will have to create a safety cover for yourself and protect yourself for spoiling your own image.

You should come up with the strong point and the truth that you were not on the job hunt, but you were helping a friend to get a good one out there. So, it is always good and sweet to clear all the misunderstandings.

8. New and interesting opportunities ahead:

There are new and interesting opportunities ahead which is being seen by you with the new job that you were finding. So, you can tell your boss regarding this and he or she will probably agree to it.

Getting new opportunities in life is right of every individual, irrespective of the caste, color and creed in the office. By the way, if the boss can get new opportunities in his company to grow more, then why not the employees do the same. So, saying directly that you are seeing more golden chances ahead, is absolutely correct.

9. Discuss it and do not argue:

Arguing is no way to solve any problem especially when it comes to boss employee relationship. Isn’t it like a relation of cats and dogs, where neither the cat feels happy seeing the dog nor the dog, but you will still have to bow and discuss the matter.

Do not let your frustration come out of you. Keep it inside, especially if you are at fault and you know that. Just feel calm, have a cup of warm coffee or cold water and then discuss it calmly. It will certainly help you in relieving out from the troubling situation.

10. You do not have the job security and a secure future:

In order to have a secure future, you will have to move out for new opportunities. You cannot stick to one thing for long or it will create monotony in your life. For instance, the still water gets algae on it if it remains still for too long but you are a human, won’t you get bored of the same thing and will you be able to get ahead with the same tag for too long? Not at all. You will have to make your boss understand this thing in a very simplistic and peaceful manner .

11. Semi-truth will also work:

If you feel it is not secure for you and your family to put the plate in front of the boss, then you can choose to go for the semi truth. It is not necessary to directly tell the whole matter ahead as it is next to possible that the matter will get misunderstood.

So, try and be smart enough to hide a little truth and follow the policy of semi truth. Semi truth will save you some how, giving you a sigh of relief and also to the boss.

12. May be you need your boss reference:

For the very next job, you may get a need to ask for your boss reference, then you will have to be true in front of him so that you get his or her support. Otherwise, it is never an issue to tell your boss the desire for new job as this is something bosses have to go through maybe every month due to exodus of the employees. So, be true and be you, or you will loose every sort of help that you wish to get.

13. Clear your commiment:

You should make your commitment very clear to the boss before hand only. This is because, if you will not clear your commitment, you may print a bad impression in the mind of office staff and the boss also.

For example you are ready to go for a new job but you either do not want to leave this one, this approach is not at all acceptable. You should be professional even during such situations. So, it is better to clear the commitment to the boss.

14. Professional attitude:

You should maintain your professional attitude. Though these situations seem little non professional, yet you have to showcase your professional attitude so that everything goes right for both the company and the rest of the employees.

Also make sure you are very down to earth and not singing the tunes of your good long experience and the skills you learned. You should just tell the problem instead of increasing the issue by showing your ego.

15. Stay confident:

You are caught doing a job hunt, not a theft. So chill. Be confident even if you are caught. You need not fumble when you speak thinking you are caught for the very wrong reason. If you are caught, it’s ok, just be calm and say everything just as you want to leave the office simply. Do not complicate the matter of your own. Stay simple and say simple.

Finally :

The above are some of the points which you can follow to keep the situation under control when you got caught of doing a job hunt. You should be the same as you were with the boss earlier. If you will change, you will be thought as if you are just acting and behaving by being unreal.

Just show what you are, be real, be you. Be wise enough to solve the situation instead of spilling the more beans as it will do no good to you and will spoil your image only which you do not desire.