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How to ask your Boss for a Reference for Another Job?


Anyone who is a career oriented individual will inform you that no matter what challenges are thrown your way in the course of your career, you need to continue to press on, trying your very best as well as giving your one hundred percent at all times and under all circumstances. You should not let anything come in the way of you and success even if it means you have to change your job for a better opportunity that has happened to come your way, for your benefit. Given here is a list to help you ask your boss for a reference for another job.

ask boss for job reference

17 Tips for Requesting a Reference from your Boss:

1. Assess how your company views employees who switch jobs:

Chances are that you are certainly not the first person to ask for a reference from the boss, so if you are aware of any other person who has asked for a referral then you can begin by asking him or her how he went about it and how the company views such individuals who switch jobs. However whatever is told, you need not stand in the way of your leaving the job, if it is something which you genuinely feel that you need to do. However this having been said it is of paramount importance that you go about getting your reference in a proper manner or you might end up spoiling your reputation.

2. Ask yourself if you really want to leave the job?

In order for you to know whether or not you really want to leave the job all you need to do is spend some time alone in quiet contemplation, really asking yourself things and trying to figure out what you really want from life in terms of your career. You ought to keep in mind that once you ask for a reference, chances are that you will not be able to come back to the company in the event of things not working out well in the other company. Taking business decisions and career related decisions are very tough indeed so ensure that you do not come to any conclusions in haste.

3. Ensure that you do not beat about the bush:

When asking your boss for a reference for another job, you should absolutely steer clear of beating about the bush; rather you should get straight to the point so that you do not come across as someone who is both gutless as well as spineless. If you state categorically what you want, then you emerge looking like an individual who has both character and pride. Getting ahead in your career is your own prerogative so you should ensure that under no circumstances should you let any external circumstances come in your way at any point in time.

4. Explain your reason for leaving and the problem which you are having:

Some people might assume that just because they are leaving they are free to say any and everything which they feel like without any kind of guilt or inhibitions, however this is something that is not true at all, rather you should keep in mind that you boss can write anything about you in his reference so you should avoid at any cost getting on his wrong side. Gossip in the business world travels extremely fast so you should ensure that while stating your problems with the company and reasons for leaving, that you are absolutely professional as well as decorous.

5. Mention that your time working in the company has been very memorable:

You should let your boss know in no uncertain terms that you have had a very memorable time working at the office and this opportunity which has been granted to you has really been a learning experience for you which has helped you to mature as well as grow not only as an employee but also as an individual. Make sure while leaving the company to thank the seniors as well as the boss for their untiring help and support whenever you were facing any work related problems. Ensure that you part on a good note.

6. Mention that you loved being a part of the company:

When asking for a reference you should make it a point to mention that you have loved working for the company and state categorically the things which you liked about working here. You are free to mention that all the employees of the company are like one big family that work tirelessly for one common goal, which is to keep the company banner flying high at all times as well as under all circumstances. When you show that you are noticeably grateful then you are naturally setting a very good impression in the mind of your boss, before you part.

7. Ensure that you schedule an appointment:

In the event of you wanting a reference from your boss for another job, it is of paramount importance that you do not just walk into your boss’s office asking for what you need or even stop him in the corridor or elevator trying to explain what you want. This is something which is absolutely unprofessional, so rather what you ought to do is schedule an appointment with him so that he can give you his undivided attention; otherwise chances are that he will even forget what you had told him. Remember that at the end of the day bosses are very busy people indeed!

8. Tell your boss your future plans:

You should make it a point to share with your boss your future plans and tell him categorically why it wasn’t possible for you to continue anymore. If he is a reasonable person he will most certainly respect the choice you have taken and continue to wish you well no matter what, as at the end of the day the decision is entirely your very own. However this having been said ensure that you do not continue talking even after you notice that your boss is visibly very busy. So make it a point to read the situation carefully before you speak way too little or too much.

9. Ensure that you do not get swayed by what he might tell you:

It is needless to say that bosses are very smart people indeed who know exactly which employees are an asset to the company, so this having been said if you have proved time and time again that you have been someone who is capable of handling any challenge which comes your way, then chances are that your boss will not want to let you go. So no matter what, kind words your boss says towards you or even if he tries to offer you a promotion or more money, ensure that you do not get swayed and stick to the plan which you have for yourself.

10. Mention some projects which you have successfully managed:

When you work in a company chances are that you are not directly answerable to your boss rather you may be answerable to a manager or a senior so when you need a reference ensure that you give him subtle hints and suggestions so that he can write something which will really reflect genuinely what a good as well as loyal employee you have proved to be. A great way to do this would be to mention categorically which major projects you have been able to manage as that is something which could really go a long way in helping your reference really look good.

11. Ensure that you say nothing negative:

You should keep in mind that when your boss is writing your reference he is not in a bad or angry mood otherwise chances are that your reference might not be as good as you would have liked it to be. So what you ought to do is try your level best to talk about nice as well as positive things so that you come across as someone who is a positive individual indeed and not someone who is both negative as well as petty. So ensure that you do not speak anything unnecessary or even unsavory.

12. Make it a point not to badmouth any employees:

In the event of trying to earn a few brownie points one of the worst things which you can do is bad mouth your employees or even your co workers. Trying to remain a relevant part of today’s twenty first century business world is tough indeed but that certainly does not imply that you try to get ahead using dishonest mean. You should always try and remain an honest and hard working person. If you constantly conduct yourself in a proper manner then you will earn everyone’s respect.

13. Do not feel embarrassed or even shy:

You should know that as an employee who has made a decision to leave the company you are well within your rights to ask for a reference from your boss. There is no sin in wanting to leave a company, so you need not act as though you are embarrassed or shy about what it is you are going to ask for. As mentioned above chances are that you are not the first person to have asked for a reference so there is absolutely no need for you to make a big issue about it. Remember that if you do not go about the matter in a proper way, no one is going to take you seriously.

14. Speak in a confident manner:

When you speak in a confident matter, to your boss about what it is you need, that is half the battle won for you right there. No boss is going to deny his employees a reference letter as that will reflect badly on him. At the end of the day thinking and over thinking the matter is just going to make you more nervous so just ask for what you need in an unapologetic manner and you are bound to get it without any trouble at all.

15. Give him time to write out your reference:

When you are asking your boss for a reference for another job ensure that you give him time to write it out properly and do not give him notice of just a day or two. Yet at the same time this does not imply that you tell him a month in advance without giving him any reminders at all, as chances are he will forget.

16. Mention how you would like it to be written:

It is up to you if you would like to let him write it in his own way, yet if you need some things to be definitely included then you should bring it to his notice right then and there. However at the same time ensure that you are not coming across as rude!

17. Do not divulge too many unnecessary details:

Last but certainly not the least is that in the event of trying to make conversation you need not divulge too many details about the company which you are joining. If you actually want to go into the details you can but it is most certainly not mandatory to do so.

So these are some of the ways in which you can go about asking your boss for a job reference for another job and even some invaluable tips which could really help you along the way. No one said that doing this isn’t awkward, yet this having been said you should always remember to keep your head held high at all times so that you do not come across as feeling apologetic or even guilty. You are most certainly free to leave your job at will if it is something which you really want to do and also if you believe that the job is really going to help you to climb the ladder of success.