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How to Ask for a Better and Higher Starting Salary?


There are times when we find the job of our dreams but are still worried about the salary. High pay matters. Nobody wants to be paid below their levels. It is not just about paying your bills but also being able to afford a lifestyle that is healthy. And in order to make that happen, you should have a better salary negotiation skills. For boys and girls who are confused during cases like this, we have the perfect solution to your problem. In this post, we are going to discuss the top ways using which you can ask for a better starting salary.

ask better starting salaryTips for Getting Higher Starting Salary:

The following mentioned are few salary negotiation tactics and salary negotiation tips on how to negotiate starting salary.

1. Overcome the feeling of nervousness:

People often get very nervous when something like their salary is being discussed. One of the biggest reasons why people do not ask for more money is because they are worried about getting rejected. Some also feel like they are coming across as too pushy while asking for a raise. But honestly speaking, fear won’t help you overcome anything in life. It is a killer and the faster you get rid of these feelings, the more successful you will be in the future.

2. Be more confident:

If you want to ask for a better starting salary, you have to learn to become a more confident person and that will only happen when you feel confident from within. Don’t be insecure or get too stressed about getting knocked out. Success and failure are all part of the game. And failure is always temporary. So just back yourself and prepare yourself for the conversation. Always remember that it is confidence that will help you get through.

3. Understand the job thoroughly:

A second thing you must do is get a full understanding of the job. You must know all the responsibilities you will be allotted, the expectations and the requirements that are needed. Once you have a strong grip on small things like this, asking for a better salary will be much easier. So make sure you have studied and understood the company well enough. The rest will be taken care of accordingly.

4. Get rid of all weird notions:

Weird notions have always engulfed our minds. There are people who carry with themselves some really odd clichés and social notions which are concerned with earning money. Some like to think that rich people are arrogant and bratty while and that talking about money so openly will just degrade your level and create a bad impression. If you are one of those people who think and feels like this, then we would suggest you to get rid of all these weird notions and empty your mind of all these stupid thoughts.

5. Prepare yourself for the no answer:

Yes you should also be aware of how to deal with an answer if it is negative. Even though there is little chance, make sure you have kept yourself well prepared from times and situations like this. Aim to be a very gracious person but you must also keep your eyes open. Always remind yourself one thing: you can never be defined by your salary. Your salary is professional and you are personal. So learn to create a difference between the two. Secondly, know that you tried your best even if it was a no. You have just proved how strong and capable you are as a person by just asking questions to your boss.

6. Get enough practise at home:

Before you go to speak to your boss about getting a better starting salary, make sure you have practised the conversation enough. Even though you don’t know what he or she is going to say, you should at least know what you are going to say when your time comes. Ask one of your close friends to pretend to be your boss. Tell him/her to enact different scenarios and ask you questions about the salary. See whether you can answer them all and how confident you are while speaking. That will surely give you a realistic idea.

7. Think of all the qualities that make you unique/special:

This part is all about building your professional worth. Some of the things that you should consider in cases like this includes the level of experience you have in the field you are at the moment, your educational qualifications, certificates you have achieved and academic performance, your chance to attract better and new clients so that you can boost your network and communication skills and finally the level of knowledge that you possess. You should also know how much your competitor knows. In that way you will know how to take advantage of the knowledge he/she possesses.

8. Give enough reason to your boss:

Just stating a random sum of money is not going to help you get a good starting salary. You have to give reasons that are good enough. Explain why you think you deserve a salary like this. Talk about the experiences you have had in the past and the current skills that you possess. Speak about your education and how hard working you have been as a student. All of this will make a great impact.

9. Don’t forget to conduct enough research:

Don’t forget to conduct enough research if you want your starting salary to be high enough. Also remember that it is impossible to negotiate a salary without any facts. A couple of things we would suggest you to do is check all the salary guides first of all. Second, look how the company tends to pay their employees and how it has been doing so in the past couple of years. Third you can speak to people who work in the same company as you. Talk to the employees and your former boss as well. This will help in gathering more experience and improve your skills.

10. Know what you are willing to accept:

This is also a very important step! If you want a better salary, keep the number in mind already. Once you have completed all important research about your potential job, see what sum would actually be good enough. Another aspect you must consider while fixing is the location. See where you are going to be. If it is an expensive city then you will probably need more money to be able to afford everything. But if it is cheap, then you can do with a lesser salary. Once you have considered all these factors, it will be easy to decide which amount is perfect.

11. Be as realistic as possible:

Another thing you must remember is to stay realistic. Just because you are expecting a salary raise doesn’t mean you will say any amount that comes to your mind. Also don’t hope for something way too high or top notch. If you don’t want to be rejected by your boss, it is best to be as realistic as possible. You should also mention reasons as to why you want a higher and better starting salary. Plus having outrageous and unhealthy salary packages are not seen as the healthiest thing in society. So keep that in mind as well.

12. Think of the minimum amount you are willing to accept:

Once that you have decided what your target salary is and what could be the salary range you can go for, make sure to think about the minimum amount that you will accept. Also ask yourself as to why you are willing to go for that amount. After that, you should think of all the reasons as to why you will be unwilling to go for a salary that is lower in amount. Once you have thought about all of this, negotiating salary with the hiring manager will become much easier.

13. Show why you are so interested in the job:

You must also show your interest in the job. While speaking to your boss, mention what makes you so interested in a job like this and why you would like to work for this company. When you express concern, it will make the recruiter feel like you are the right person for the job. You could say something very simple. Try a statement like “I am pleased that a job like this has been offered and I am really hoping I can contribute to the company in several ways.”

Men and women both are not very comfortable with the idea of salary negotiation. Especially if you are a woman, things tend to get a bit more difficult. The good news here is that most people have been gifted with the talent of asking and requesting people. So most probably you will be able to. If you use some of our ideas and suggestions, then half the problem will be solved. Also if have liked the post and would like to give us some of your feedback, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear.