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How to Work on your Anger in a Positive & Constructive Way


Can you recall the time you were really anguished and upset with someone? Were you so disappointed and agitated with them that anything could have happened? Have you ever wanted to do something so bad to them that you’d regret? If the answer is a yes, then you definitely need anger management classes. But it isn’t possible for everyone to attend classes like these. In cases like that, you must follow a couple of stress and anger management tips and suggestions that will definitely help you control anger. Some of them have been enlisted in this post. Keep reading to discover.

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13 Best Ways to Deal With Anger:

The following mentioned are few anger management techniques on how to deal with anger issues and other anger management issues and skills.

1. How do people react before they are angry?

Before we really tell you what you can do in order to control anger, you must know what the ingredients of anger are! So how do people speak and react when they are angry? First of all, they have this feeling of unfairness. They believe they do not deserve to be treated the way they have been. Secondly, they blame others. People in anger become selfish and don’t want to understand things from someone else’s perspective. Also some tend to feel stressed. They feel pangs of pain, anger depression and anxiety. Finally, they feel lost.

2. Give yourself a break:

One thing you can do the minute you realize you are angry is giving yourself a break. You should go away from everything that is making you feel bad. Remember that depression and anger is bad and it can make you do anything. So the faster you calm down the better it is for you. And the only way to calm down is by going away from things that are putting you off. If you are at work, step outside the room. And if it’s at home, go down and walk around for a bit. A little stroll will always help.

3. Imagine a Happy Place:

Some people feel calm when they visualize a happy place when they are angry or sad. Imagine a scene that is relaxing. Think of all the things that make you happy. Imagine all the beautiful details along with it. It will give you a good feeling. Spend some time thinking of these things and automatically you will feel calm. Once you open your eyes, you will feel different. And that will definitely make you feel good.

4. Physical Change:

A smart way to avoid some situation where you are angry is by showing some kind of physical change. It always does the trick, that too very smoothly. If you are feeling anger towards someone or are very pissed, simply get up and do ten jumping jacks. If you want you can go downstairs and walk for ten minutes approx. Some people love to dance a little. You can try something like that as well. Try singing your favourite song as you massage the back of your neck. That would work wonders as well.

5. Write it down:

One of the best ways to handle and dealing with anger issues is by writing it down. Get a pen and paper and jot down all those feelings that you are currently dealing with. You should be as specific as you can. Don’t lie to yourself while writing. Be as clear as possible. One thing you can do is write what you are hoping to get out of this current scenario. It is definitely going to help. Some people also like to write their ideas and burn the entire note. Maybe that would work for you too. Clarity is definitely a great thing.

6. Sleep at night:

Sleeping enough at night can help you in managing anger. A lot of people get angry fast because they haven’t been sleeping enough. If that is one of you, then make sure to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis. It will relax your body and improve sleeping patterns. In case you aren’t being able to do so, speak to an expert or a physician. They can help you make lifestyle changes that will surely help you sleep better. Medicinal and herbal supplements are also available.

7. Meditation:

Meditating and relaxing your body is a great way to manage extreme anger. If you spent money and went to an anger management class, they would probably tell you the same thing. So don’t wait for someone to tell you that. Simply train the mind so that it can handle anger. It will help you find mental peace and tranquillity. And that way your body will feel less stressed. There are several breathing techniques you can try in order to find relief from the current situation. Try YouTube for some good tutorials. We are sure you will find help.

8. Breathe positivity into yourself:

This tip can be used when you are really angry. Saying positive things to you can be very useful. It will relieve you and probably you won’t do something bad. For example if someone has hurt you, don’t say something like “Oh that idiot is so rude. He insulted me in front of everyone. I won’t leave him for this!” Instead say “His behaviour wasn’t good at all. Probably he doesn’t know how to behave. I don’t have to stoop to his level. Let me be a mature person and let the matter go”. When you begin to think like this, the anger will be resolved on its own.

9. Laugh away:

Laughter is definitely the best medicine. It can be used as a medication for anger.Plus it is not possible to be upset and happy at the same time. When we make certain kinds of physical movements, we learn to smile and our lives become happy and joyful. All of you must be aware of how wonderful your smile is. Plus it feels so great when someone is smiling. Share your smile with someone. Watch a funny videos on YouTube. It will make you laugh and hopefully make you forget all the reasons why you are angry.

10. Forgive people who hurt you:

This is for all those vindictive people out there who look forward to seeking revenge every time they are angry. Please stop right away! Do know that finding revenge is never going to help you find anything good in life. It will hurt and upset you even more. By hurting others you can never be happy. So stop thinking that it’s a great way to handle anger. Instead we would advise you to forgive the person. It will help you find peace if you are honest about it. There is no joy in life than the feeling of forgiving others.

11. Look for ways to solve the anger problem:

If you want to get over your anger, think of suitable ways to solve the problem. The faster you can take care of the uncontrollable anger issues, the better it will be for you. Solving problems is a great way to handle problems. People who have done this have often found great relief. Plus it will give you a sense of mental satisfaction. People often make mistakes and do not apologize. If you are one of them, then go to the person and say sorry to them. It could really lower the burden.

12. Heart to Heart:

Having a heart to heart conversation with your best friend is all you need at times. Good friends can be great listeners and talking to them at times can be therapeutic. When you are angry and upset, you should speak to all your pals. At least speak to one of them. The feeling will be great. You will also get a real insight to what really happened. Plus if you have been wrong somewhere; your friend will point it out to you.

13. Use a rubber band:

You may also use a rubber band if you want to control anger. It is a very smart and easy technique. Every time you feel like this negative emotion is going to let you down or make you do something bad, just snap a rubber band. It will sting just a bit but it will also at the same time train your mind and teach you how to control anger. Pain is a fine motivator. Use it to channelize your anger. It could always be a great source of help.

Always remember that controlling anger is hard but surely is not impossible. If you want to get a grip over your emotions, make sure to follow all of these suggestions. They aren’t the easiest but promise good results only. And in case you have questions to ask, feel free to post a comment. Plus we always look forward to your feedback. If you have liked this post or if these tips have worked for you, do let us know! We are eagerly waiting for your response.