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How to Get a Job in 60 days: 17 Fantastic Tips


It is needless to say that owing to the present economic condition, jobs are rather limited. For every single vacancy in a company, there are a huge number of applicants and owing to this scarcity of jobs, the competition is not merely intense but also cut throat. So if you happen to be unemployed and out of work, as you left your previous job or were fired, then you need not worry at all. If you are a good worker you will be hired by any company no matter what. For people who are looking for job, here is a comprehensive list of things which you can follow so as to get a job in just sixty days.

get job in 60 daysEffective Guide on Looking for Job in 60 days:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to land your dream job and best way to find a job in 60 days.

1. Find a support group consisting of others in the same boat:

When you are unemployed chances are that not only will you be feeling incredibly lonely, but you will also be feeling really low, so it would greatly benefit you to have a support group of sorts consisting of individuals who are unemployed just like you. No matter what, not having a job is a terrible phase in anyone’s life so ensure that you do not try to keep your feelings bottled up within you, rather try and move with the flow as well as remain positive no matter what. Think of it as a passing phase and if you try your level best sooner or later something great will come along.

2. Make a list of all that you are looking for in a job:

Before you go about doing anything else, you should categorically know exactly what it is that you want. If you do not know exactly what it is you are looking for in a job, then chances are that you will be disillusioned and you will not be able to narrow down on places to send your resume to. So in addition to this, making a list of things which you did not like about your previous job could also really help. In order to do this, you have to spend some quiet moments with yourself so that you can be specific in your demands as well as needs. Don’t be too specific yet do not be willing to accept just anything.

3. Make a list of companies which you would like to work:

Everybody has that specific list of dream companies which they would like to work at, so now that you are unemployed there would be no better time for you to actually consider handing in your resume to these companies. Rather than constantly thinking negative, you should always hold your head up high and have believe in yourself. If you do not trust yourself and have faith in your own abilities then how can you go about convincing others to hire you as a part of the company.

4. Check the job websites of these companies:

In order to get a job in a matter of 60 days, you should not merely sit down, hoping for something good to come your way, rather you should make it a point to be well informed about all that is happening around you so that you do not miss out on any job opportunities. When you go about checking the job sites of various companies, not only do you get to know about the company, but in the event of their being a vacancy you can instantly apply for the post. The more well versed you are in up to date knowledge of the company, the more chances you have of bagging the job.

5. Check newspapers for job vacancies available:

Though many might say that this point is rather obsolete, yet believe it or not, there are a number of top companies that do post in the newspapers when they have a job opening which is available. Newspapers are a good source for checking jobs available. Keeping strict vigilance on the company website might not always work in your favor as sometimes; companies do not like to spend the extra time and money on their website. So ensure that you keep your eyes and ears open at all times yet you might find that a good opportunity has slipped through your fingers right before your very eyes and you couldn’t do a thing about it.

6. Fill up as many job application forms as you can:

Filling up application forms is not something which you might like doing, but think of it this way, the job companies you apply to, the greater are your chances of being employed. One of the worst things which you can do is pin all your hopes on to one place and feel terribly dejected when things do not go your way. So ensure that you spend your time filling up these applications so that you can hear from these companies as soon as possible with either good or even bad news. As long as you give your best you need not worry.

7. Physically visit the companies which you would like to join:

Looking for job does involve a great deal of effort as well as hard work, this having been said, you should make it a point to visit those companies where you would like to work, on reaching the offices you should make it a point to drop by your resume and also ask around if there are any vacancies at present or whether or not there will be some in the near future. It would be even better for you, if you happen to make friends with the receptionist as then you can get some insider information on how the company is and how you could go about applying.

8. Ensure that you have a mentor to guide you:

Having a mentor to guide you along the way can help you immensely when it comes to being able to bag a job in a matter of just sixty days. Seek his advice as well as counsel so that you do not feel at sea about what you ought to do.

9. Ensure you have a top notch resume ready to go:

In this day and age, a resume is not looked at as a mere piece of paper which is a summation of your educational qualifications, rather on the contrary a job resume can be seen as an effective advertising as well as marketing tool where the product on display is you. No matter what, you have to be smart enough to sell yourself well and make a god impression so that the company is convinced that you will be a true asset to the company and that you are exactly the kind of person which they have been on the lookout for. So ensure you prepare a unique and concise resume.

10. Don’t accept any and everything which comes your way:

Yes, on not being able to bag a job for quite a while you might start feeling not merely worried but also a bit desperate, however no matter what you should try your best to not accept merely any and every job which comes your way. Think of it this way that you will have to mention all the places which you have worked for in your resume and would you really want a company like that mentioned on your resume? So as it is often said good things come to those who wait, so make sure that you wait for something good to come along and sooner or later it will.

11. Do not start second guessing your own abilities:

In order to be able to bag a job in a matter of sixty days you have to ensure that you do not waste even a little of your time, doing things which you should not be doing. If you spend your days, feeling like a failure then slowly but surely you will start losing faith in yourself. You should never show any signs of weakness or even vulnerability to the outside world as there are many people who will be willing to take advantage of your condition. Just remember that second guessing yourself is not going to take you ahead in anyway rather it will only take you backwards.

12. Have a convincing online presence:

We are living in a technological world owing to the fact that it has become so easy to access the internet even on the go, through our gadgets like the mobile phone, tablets or even laptops. In order to be able to bag a job in a matter of sixty days you have to ensure that you have a powerful online presence otherwise finding a job will be a challenging task for you. As in this day and age if you do not have a significant as well as convincing online screen presence then you practically have no presence at all. So try your level best to have your own blog or website.

13. Ask family members and friends if they know of any vacancies:

As we are all well aware, the business world is a cut throat one indeed and it might be near impossible to forge friendships as well as find people who you can trust. This having been said you should always consult as well as confide in your family members as well as friends as they are the ones who support us unconditionally. So do inquire with them if they know of any job vacancies available.

14. Do not be afraid of starting from the bottom:

If you want to get ahead sometimes you have to start from scratch. So if you are getting a chance to work at a top company at a low position, do not hesitate to accept the job as at least you will be getting experience as well as exposure.

15. Start working on your communication skills:

This is one of the key skills which will help you to bag a job, so ensure that if your communication skills are not top notch, you try your level best to work on them so that during a job interview you can make a good impression right at the onset.

16. Keep trying to improve on your ability and nurturing your talent:

No matter how talented and smart you are there is always scope for improvement as after all no one is perfect. This having been said, when you are at home, applying for jobs and waiting to hear from several companies you should not merely waste your time doing nothing at all, rather you should use this time judiciously trying your level best to improve in areas where you may be lacking. Remember that having educational qualifications are important, yet it does not guarantee that you will make a good employee; try your best to think in a practical manner.

17. Continue to work hard for what you want:

Last but certainly not the least is that you have to continue to work hard if you would like to be able to bag a job as soon as possible. If you work hard and continue to try hard to bag a job, then all your efforts are surely bound to yield very rich dividends in the time to come.

So these are some of the ways in which you can go about getting a job in a matter of merely 60 days. No matter what, in this day and age of expenditure if you do not have a job then you will not be able to support yourself or even your family. So ensure that you are constantly remaining positive through your job search and even though it may seem like things are not going your way sometimes, do not lose faith and confidence in yourself, rather let each failure be as a stepping stone for success for you so that when you finally do attain success, you value it greatly.