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Top 15 Reasons you need a Vacation to Work Better


People are more concerned about their jobs more than any other aspect. To keep up things in the right tone and since we have recovered from recession, workaholics are busy all the time. By focusing more towards career, employees are missing out some important aspects in life.

It is important for employees to take a vacation at a specific period of time and relax. It is proved that taking breaks actually improves your productivity. In the same manner another report mentions that about 82% employees work well after they have taken a break or vacation. There are a number of reasons to take a vacation where few of them are mentioned below.

vacation to work betterSigns Everyone Needs a Vacation from Work:

1. Inspiration is gained with a break:

New ideas, techniques and approaches can never be gained in a working environment. When you are under stress and pressure you are unable to be creative or innovative and come up with new ideas.

When you have a change of environment, wonders can happen. Creativity is initiated when you relax and you mind would probe questions. Once you are back after a vacation, your mind is out of tiredness and clean-cut.

2. Away from normal work:

Going for a vacation is considered a challenge because you will be moving out of your comfort zone. Once you leave, your office has to run on its usual schedule. Sit and watch out how your office works without your presence after you have delegated your work.

You never need to contact your office but can set up emergency contact numbers. CEO of Brooklyn industries, Lexy Funk mentions that employees would become robots on network when they do not take a vacation. Vacation is thus considered very important.

3. Vacations regularize your health:

There are more of health related benefits when you take a vacation. The additional bonuses you gain by means of vacation are that you can have a good sleep, enhanced mood and feel better.

Anxiety and stress levels are regularized along with blood pressure and heart functions well. Employees are energized and fueled by means of vacation and they are able to think creative and innovative. For these reasons vacations are considered extremely important for any employee.

4. Giving a break for your brain:

Almost all employees in an organization are flooded with documents in the form of documents, data, emails and messages. For such employees vacation is the best time where exotic vistas and new ideas accelerate mental activity and the brain neural associates are supported.

It is opened up in a survey that employees of USA have less paid vacation than EU workers who have double the vacation as paid holidays. There are employees who think that challengers may get ahead in the race if vacation is taken. But researchers have found that mental ability works in a better way well after a vacation. You will be motivated high and have a buzzing mind when you are back.

5. Networking:

Networking is one good activity which can be continued at times of vacation as you can meet a lot of new people and get connected to them. Having contact through LinkedIn profile and message center as you can get to meet many people of the same industry and get connected to them.

There are abundant opportunities outside where you can explore, get new partnership, new leads and also project for new ventures. So, vacation is thus very important for any employee.

6. Watching out your team:

When you’re out for vacation you can find out that your office can run without you. You can monitor if your projects and work that you have delegated are moving on the right path. It is only when you take a vacation that you can find out how your team works without you. In order to impress your boss, you must have organized your team work, and make a good plan so that the team works well ahead.

7. Making workers happy:

It is a fact that vacations make employees happy as they are satisfied more. One of the famed accounting firms called Ernst &Young opened up in their survey that employees who had more vacation gave a better performance which was found at the end of the year. There was an enhanced percentage of work improvement and hence vacations for employees are important.

8. Happy:

It is equally important for an employee to be happy while at work. A recent study has opened which surveyed about 1500 employees’ shows that employees who went on vacation were happier than those who did not. The main reason for that was the anticipation and excitation of the employees regarding vacation. They maintained high spirits even after vacation was over, and hence vacation is mandatory for employees.

9. Gain new perspectives:

When you move out for vacation to a beach in a foreign country or a drive across the Las Vegas you can get opportunities for new aspects. Once after vacation you can have a holistic vision rather than a wanky vision. At time of vacation you can gain the opportunity to know about new cultures, read more books regarding business, and more which can help you to get an enhanced vision. When you are back to work you come back with a new perspective.

10. Offering time for family and friends:

The old saying “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is true for employees too. Vacations are necessary where you are allowed to get out of your session and rejuvenated. By taking a vacation you are a person yourself and you take time to spend or appreciate family and friends around you. Employees get a peace and warmth period during time of vacation. Vacation is thus important to dedicate time for other people around us.

11. Good problem solver takes vacation:

Jonah Lehrer mentions that an individual’s creativity is constrained by means of their surroundings. A survey conducted by them also proved that students who went for vacation and came back had good problem solving skills than others. For the same reason vacation is considered important.

12. Changing pace:

When an employee is moving with his usual routine, his mind is always occupied with problems and activities of the organization. In that aspect vacations are time which offers you a change of pace, individuals gain a new perspective after vacation. Vacation is a period which opens up time to think about what is life, about what is your goal or motto and what you need to do next. Hence vacation is mandatory and needed for everyone in an organization.

13. Get appreciation:

When you’re on vacation you can notice that your colleagues would miss you, they might realize that they miss a valuable employee for a short period. When you are back you can realize how important you are for your work and position. In the same manner the reverse can also happen. You can find out that you’re not missed and so you can find ways to work hard and add benefit to your position and hence vacation is really important.

14. You will appreciate your job:

Being on a usual routine, you take a break for vacation. When you’re back to work you feel energized and regenerated with energy. This is because you love your job and you wanted to get back with energy and enthusiasm. You can discover that you love your job when you’re back from vacation. Hence, vacation is thus mandatory which judges your love for job.

15. Fortifying vacation may affect promotion:

There are rules and regulations in certain companies regarding vacation. Some people may think that vacation can be a perfect choice to climb high in the career ladder but the opposite happens in many countries. In the United States it is a rule that when employees do not use their vacation days they are less likely to get a raise in their organization by 6.5%. Vacations in such countries are mandatory and is a must to be taken.


Vacations are always considered to be the best energy boosters for employees. The author of the book work to live, Joe Robinson mentions that vacations are the only way by which performance and productivity is boosted. There are many researches also which open up good reasons for vacation. These above mentioned are a few reasons needed for vacation, as they provide a better performance.

Employees who are under tight schedule and exhausted with work should never forget to take a vacation. In the same manner, employees who desire to give a good output and turn creative with new ideas are insisted to take a vacation from their daily work schedule. Hence vacation is important for any employee in their work life.