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Top 14 Reasons Why Good Employees Leave the Company


Undoubtedly employees are the backbone of every organization. Without them no entity can run their business even if an employer has millions of money.

It is employees who work and get the best results to the company.

So this not only is a good business resolution to find out ways to keep your employees stay loyal, but it is also an essential and the most significant factor in business sustainability.

There are lot of reasons which gets involved that is why people quit, such as: employee mismatch, work/life balance, co-worker conflicts, repositioning, family or personal matters, lack of good communication in the organization, micro-managers tantrums, etc.

It could go on and on but here are some of the major reasons why good employees leave their place of work.

why good workers leaveWhy Good Employees Leave?

1. Meager rewarding system:

Although it is not always about having a huge pay check getting from employer every month.

Rewarding an employee can be given away in countless ways, such as corporate appreciation both internally and externally.

An occasion to take the escort on a new project or could be a donation in their name to a charity fund they support or the most admired form of reward, a bang in pay or an astonishing bonuses.

2. Low promotions:

When good workers seem to be hard-working they eventually expect good promotions to come into their kitty.

The morale level gets low, when such employees see other people in the organization who do not contribute as much and/ or people who do little but publicize a lot, which, actually they don’t deserve.

It’s much like a tight slap on their faces. Especially when hard workers do not take vacation, unite the team but still get no promotion even after a year, this makes them to quit after sometime.

3. Too much burden of work:

The moment employers see employees who have good work ethics and efficiently great in performing in the business or rallying a team of dozen people, they begin to hit on them with more projects, with extra responsibilities.

After all, we all are humans; we need rest and have to keep up work-life balance.

Ultimately this feeling mechanically comes, that “when only a distinct team or employee has to do everything, what others will do”. Overburdened work could also make their mind up to quit job.

4. Lack of responsibility:

lack of responsibility at work One certain way to induce down employee’s morale is to not hold managers and employees accountability.

Forming an ethnicity of personal accountability is must in every organization which could make them feel that they are equally part of the organization.

When they don’t get such responsibility on their shoulders, they feel like moving ahead out of the company.

Employer should make them feel that they are on the driver seat and they are the ones who have to drive down their business and company’s profitability.

5. No future visualization:

Typically, most employees do not get out of the bed each morning just trying to hit a fresh yield in numbers.

In the majority of companies there are only few people who truly are bothered about it. When an employee sees no vision, then their thinking of mind drives them to quit from the job.

They do not mingle their financial goals with vision. Vision nourishes fiscal monitoring and not the other way around.

6. Less retention of employee:

Eventually the culture of any organization resolves the scope of employee retention efforts made by an employer which requires tactical decision-making and forecasting.

But to get good and hard-working employees to stay, it’s simple to ask them what they actually need to stay back.

If you see someone doing great job, appreciate it and reward it but don’t disregard to find out how you can allow them to constantly deliver in the performance level because doing nothing for employees when it requires, will make them say goodbye.

7. No valuable motivation:

Employees actually get into depressed mode when there is no one in the organization that can really motivate and encourage them for future prospects or for the current role they are holding in the company.

Employees make their mind to move on when there is no inspiration from their colleagues or immediate managers.

Such enthusiasm is truly needed to be given to hard working and honest employees.

8. No extra-curricular activities:

extra curricular activities workplace In most of the organizations, a particular type of activity usually happens which makes the work environment not only pleasant but also gives enthusiasm to employees when they get back to their work after such activities or a small vacation sponsored by the company.

Employee becomes less productive when there are no extracurricular activities being to be happening at workplace.

Ultimately boredom makes them to quit from their job for some fresh assignments.

9. On monetary grounds:

Whether it’s the primary preference to be shown or not, but money always remain a foremost reason for leaving a job, and habitually with good motive.

When they get very low remuneration from current employers even working for several years, then employees usually try to find out that employer who pays them a fair market price in today’s high expensive world.

Yes, money plays a vital role in employee’s living because it’s likely the one thing for which an employee is driving himself to earn more and to meet with their daily needs.

10. Regular conflicts:

Behavioral traits do matter a lot at the workplace. Conflicts at workplace i.e. with co-workers or supervisors are one of the common causes in departure from a job.

Conflict with the other operational team can be vigorous, but conflict between personal lives of two different employees can be fatal.

Very often, employees try to put across their point of view without accepting the other person’s point of view.

Therefore, conflict arises on habitual basis. This can be tackled with providing personal training on how to adjust with different behavior styles.

11. Unreasonable appreciation of people skills:

A big reason why employees leave is when employer keeps on appreciating only one employee without recognizing the other person’s hard work.

Ultimately it boils down their temper level and they decide to move on from the company without getting everything justified.

Many executives got promoted to managerial level within a year or two with the smart work they do because they did their first task well, but that doesn’t mean they know how to lead their team in the right direction.

12. Bored and uncontested feeling at the workplace:

my work is boring Of course no one wants to get bored and unchallenged by their work or at the workplace. If any employee who acts as if they are, supervisors need to help them out to find passion in the work.

Every employee wants to enjoy their occupation. They usually spend third/ fourth time of their day for getting ready for work, and carrying themselves to work.

When there is some boredom popping up at the workplace, employee eventually feels like quitting and start finding some new job for them.

Managers need to work closely with all employees who report to you to make sure that each employee is engaged, thrilled, and geared up to accept challenges to contribute and perform.

13. Family circumstances or personal reasons:

Here comes an important and foremost factor i.e. family situation or personal matters.

Sometimes employee is more needed by his family in the hour of need which of course no person can deny at any cost.

When there is a need call from the family, every employee who is emotional and responsible towards his family can get ready to quit the job immediately without any second thought. Personal stuff could be either of the reason.

14. Change in career path:

Yes, when an employee feels that his/her position is getting stagnated in the same company and chances of growth are few, then time has come to quit from the job.

Undoubtedly, every person needs growth and a change in the career path after some years. They feel idle when they foresee that there is no chance of future growth. For a better change in career path and for better workplace to work, they may decide to move on. This way, this could be another reason to leave the job.

Listed above or many more other reasons that could be responsible in respect of job leaving factors. One thing to keep in mind is that the reason an employee gives, will make an employer to understand the root cause behind leaving.  So this way, they could improve it for future viewpoint. Employees who work are the great assets of company. Employer should treat them much rewarded and appreciate them after every task done; so that they can become more productive and revitalized. Treat them as a conscientious person and they will be more creative and eventually will work more productively and prolifically.