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What Successful People Do Between Jobs?


Everybody works hard to earn that living and to fulfill all the desires they have. Suppose you are offered a new job, which is better than the one you are doing, then you will definitely join it. Sometimes there is a time gap between the date you have to join the new company or the company is flexible enough to give you enough time to join. The time needed by any individual varies. But a question arises that what should we do or what successful people do when there is a time gap between two jobs.

what successful people do between jobs

What Successful People Do?

1. Arrange your stuff:

Try to minimize the pending housework or any other work that is set at the back of your mind before starting a new job. Your personal life should be well organized before you join in, otherwise it will always bother you. By organizing your stuff, you will feel free and could concentrate on your work in a much better way. You might have a long list of pending work like going to a beauty parlor, or going to see a close friend, or your family doctor, the list could be endless.

Don’t waste that time by just lying around. Go and do all your pending work before starting your new job. Organizing your stuff will not only make you feel free it will also save your time and energy.

The time and energy that will be wasted later in sorting things out will be saved. You will also have a clear picture of all the things which have to be done later.

2. List all the appointments:

Before joining the new job, list all the appointments that would require your presence at home. All your household tasks should be taken care of. Do all your household duties, whether it’s your kids school or your doctor or shopping, anything that will disturb you.

Any work which requires your presence should be done while you are at home. There might be certain things which requires your guidance. Work done when you were not there might go wrong and this will not only waste your money but also your time. So to be on the safer side list the things that require your presence to avoid wastage of time and money.

3. Give some time to yourself through disconnection:

Try to disconnect yourself from the outside world for a few days. Don’t check your status on the social networking sites just relax. By doing this you will give a chance to your brain to relax and get refreshed.

By disconnecting we mean just spend some time with yourself. Do all the things you always wanted to do. No interference from the outside world will make you feel fresh. You will be loaded with new ideas that you can apply to your new job. So just relax and be with yourself.

4. Maintain your connections:

Before joining in the new corporation, do take care of your old colleagues. Make a list of all the people you have worked in the past and always be in touch with them. Utilize your time by listing the people with whom you worked in the past and their details before starting your new work.

By doing this you will be better organized in terms of your contacts. Whenever you face a problem in your job you can always reach out to the person if you have all the details about him. This will help you to save your problem more quickly and efficiently.

5. Social media profile should be updated:

Always make sure that your Facebook or Twitter accounts are updated with your new details like company, designation. There are always some people who follow your status on these sites. By updating your details you can keep all those people updated. Also, there are certain companies which can contact you on the basis of your details on these sites. So, it can help you in many ways both professionally and personally.

6. Spend time with friends and family:

While doing your duties you tend to get very less or no time to spend time with your family. You miss those beautiful moments which you always wanted to see. Like your child taking the first step, your wife’s birthday.

When you join a new job there will always be long working hours in the beginning. Long working hours means, spending less time with your family. So here is just the perfect time to spend time with your family and have fun.

Cherish all those moments that will make you strong emotionally and thus will lead to better results from you in your job area.

7. Go out for a vacation:

Go for a small vacation with your family. It can be for two days or a week. By visiting new places you can explore new places, their language, culture, food and many more things.
You can select the place of your own choice or your family’s choice. Going out for a short vacation before work will release all your stress and you will join your new job with more energy.

Many experts think that one week vacation time is enough but for others its two week time that is suitable for the vacation. Vacation helps to provide sufficient time to refresh, regain that energy before joining the new company. So pack your bags and go out to have fun.

8. Research about your new job:

While you are having that free time in your hand, do research about your new company. The more senior the position you are joining at, more homework you need to do about the company. Learn more about the company and the team of people you are going to work with. This will help you to relate more with them. Doing research about the company will let you know about the strength and weakness of the company you are joining. Also, you will get to know about the duties and responsibilities you have to fulfil at the position you are joining at.

9. Set your personal and professional goals:

Give some time to yourself to think about your personal goals. What you always wanted to do make a list of all those things. Like the house, you always wanted to purchase or the car that you always wanted to drive.

Same goes to the professional front, don’t repeat the mistakes that you have done in the past. Learning from your mistakes is always helpful in many ways. Compare the goals that you have set for yourself with what you have achieved.

List all the things you wanted to do with your new job. Plan dinners with your officials or set your team etc. This will help you to bring out a distinct picture of you in the new job.

10. Plan your future career goals:

While doing all these things plan your long term career goals. Look at the ways this job can help you to get at the desired position of yours. Try and see where you want to be after 5 or 10 years? Keep a check on the track you have taken to attain your goals.

11. Try and get adjusted to the new schedule:

If by joining the new job is making a change in your schedule of work like child care, other household activities and your personal commitments then schedule your work accordingly.

Same goes with your sleeping patterns. If the new job permits you different sleeping patterns, then try and adjust accordingly. This will help you to adjust to your new job much easily with very little difficulties to face.

12. Spend time with yourself:

While doing all these things, don’t forget yourself. Just pamper yourself by going out for shopping, watch movies, relax, give some personal time to yourself. Be proud of yourself for getting a better job. Always think of your priorities in life and always move in the direction that helps you achieve them. Join meditation classes or go out for a long morning walk that will just help you to relax and be composed.

13. Revise all your thoughts:

When you are finished to do with all your work just revise what you have listed to do. By comparing you can just check that all the work has been done. By doing this you can find the mistakes and correct them.

14. Catch up with your all friends:

You might remember your school friends with whom you just want to remember old times, so just go and call them. By meeting your old buddies you can catch on your old memories and cherish them. Go out to your school or old college canteen and remember the time you spent there.

15. Organize classes:

Some people are very good at extracurricular activities. If you are one of them, then you should organize a small class for all those who are interested. The class organized can be a dancing class or a singing class. You can also arrange for different craft classes. By doing this you can not only indulge in your hobby but you can also get paid and get some extra monetary benefits.

16. Enrol for a class:

There is always that one thing that relaxes you. It can be music, dance, reading or exploring a new field of knowledge. Go and search your favourite class and get yourself enrolled. By doing this you can just boost up your moral, and feel fresh. Search for these classes, get enrolled and make new friends. This will not only help you to enjoy your time but also make new friends.

17. Become a consultant:

While there is a time gap between your previous job and the new job you can always work as a consultant for the job you have already worked for. You can always work as a consultant because of your experience that you have gained over time.

18. Read a lot:

While you have free time with you, just read a lot of books. You can read a lot of stuff on fiction, science, mythology, drama… etc. It can be anything that is of your interest. Not only read, but you can also surf the net to get more knowledge of the book that interests you. Today everything you want to read is available on the net. Just sit and enjoy the book you want to read.

19. Surf the net:

If you want to explore the world just go and surf the net. Find new gadgets that are available in the market. Search the latest fashion trends that are coming in the latest season. You can also find the places that are best suited of your area of interest.

Many successful people have stated with their experience that the gap between the two jobs is that time that is required by every individual to recharge and refresh themselves before joining the new job. Life is a never-ending process of learning, so every person would want to give the best to a new company they are joining.

So these are a few things that any person can indulge in while there is a time gap between his joining the new job. Working is an ongoing process and will be a path of odd and even. Never be afraid of the new situations you are going to face in the new job. Prepare yourself mentally to face it. So just enjoy and relax and make the most of the time that you have with you.