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How to Welcome a New Employee: 18 Best Ways


Many small businesses focus on providing basic details and skills necessary for the job. But the real fact is that the new employee would be stressful on his first day of work. When a new employee is welcomed by all, it assuages his stress and feels comfortable. Welcoming a new employee offers the possibility for them to get acquainted with the company.

All employers have a set of duties for new employees welcoming them, makes them feel esteemed, and part of the organization soon. A few hints on onboarding new employees and integrating them into your company culture are discussed here.

how welcome new employee

Tips to Welcome a New Employee:

The following mentioned are few tips on how to welcome a new employee and other details about company welcome letter for new employees.

1. Contacting new employee:

To set up the new employee for success of the organization, contacting the employee once joined the job role can be delighting. The main intention of contacting the new employee, may be through a phone call is to showcase your excitement for joining your team.

The hiring manager or the employee to whom the new member needs to update can take responsibility for contacting the new employee on the first day. It can also be informed to the new employee that he or she will be assisted by the team.

2. Providing new employee with related information:

The new employee is unaware about the organization and hence, beneficial information regarding the organization and company handbook can be handed over to the new employee. The employee would brush up all details regarding the work and organization and come up with doubts if present on the first day.

In the same manner documents related to work can also be provided to the new employee. If in case you have online documents, provide the link for the same to the new employee.

3. Access to company site:

If your company possesses an online specific sites, or intranet provide the new employee his access as soon as possible. This can be a dandy thought if your online link has photo gallery of all your employees.

By viewing the same, the employee will gain an opportunity to know his employees earlier. It is good for organizations to have photos of their employees online and their details, so that new employees gain an opportunity to know them all from his desk.

4. Sending welcome letter:

The human resource department should take responsibility and send a welcome letter to new employee. Confirmation details should be mentioned in the new hire welcome letter such as joining date, dress code for work, joining time, initial day agenda, whom to report and many other details required for newly hired employees. This welcome letter is a smart way to welcome new employees.

5. Assigning a mentor:

The new employee should be assigned to a mentor. Being a mentor who is an experience employee in the organization, assigning mentor to new employee makes the new comer feel secured and confident to know the job. It is the duty of the mentor to call the new employee and get to know him or her prior joining the job role.

6. Prepare to welcome:

Make arrangements to welcome the new employee to work place. Also remember to avert starting work when the boss is out of town. Also remember to show respect for the employee, introduce him to co-workers, and most of all welcoming the new employee with a smile.

The main preparations for new employee include assigning a laptop or a computer with necessary software ready, preparing a carrel or desk for the new comer, and providing with email access account.

7. Surprise new employee:

Never forget to make the first day of the new employee memorable and hence, decorate the office area for new employees with flowers and a welcome note. Also make it a mark to provide a coffee mug with company logo and other necessary stuffs which make the new employee feel like home. By this way the organizations swag is also esteemed.

8. Schedule for first day:

Remember to make the first day of joining for new employee memorable by making it only for meeting boss, co-workers and mentors. Meeting and onboarding activities are key tasks to be achieved on the welcome day. Create an optimistic view of the organization to the new employee with your welcoming activities. Do not make the day crabbed by arranging for paper work and HR meetings.

9. Meeting HR personnel on first day:

It can be a good idea for the new employee to meet the HR personnel on the first day so that the employee can get to know about compensation, policies and benefits in the organization.

The HR takes more interest and explains all the doubts the new employee probes for and makes him clear so that he get engaged to the work culture. By this way the value of benefit package can be communicated to the new employee.

10. First day lunch:

Make it a point to arrange lunch for new employee with his co-workers. Also make sure that the new employee has company to each every day for the first day of the week. The boss and mentor of the new employee should also join the lunch for the first day.

11. A tour inside the office premises:

For a new employee on the very first day can start out with a tour inside the office. Instead of pointing out to the employee about the cafeteria, water cooler, coffee machine and more. Take the new employee to places where co-workers take a break and places where you can remain calm and still. This assists them to adjust to new places and get acquainted quickly.

12. Offer light work:

A new employee would be filled with enthusiasm to prove his or her value to the organization and hence start with light work for new comer. A light workload on the first day and for the first week would make them feel achieved on the end of the first day. They would feel happy and get ready for the next day to start.

13. Joining community:

Your office would already have a community and never forget to invite your new employee in. Offer the new employee welcome email list and join him if your company possesses a social media. Also remember to invite your new employee for any company party. By this way the new arrival feels welcome and the organization can get more out of him.

14. Being patient:

A new employee is prone to make mistakes on his first day of work. With information overload, it usually happens and hence it is suggested that employees are patient with the new arrival. It would definitely take some time for new employees to get find the right hoofing, where they can later on understand and handle projects and make themselves comfortable.

15. Explain your expectation:

A new hire on the first day must be explained about his job role and what company expects from him. The professional pecking order of the team should be explained to the new arrival.

16. Be the first one to meet new hire:

On the first day of work, make yourself available for the new hire. By this way, the new arrival would stand in front of you in case they have any doubts. Feel free and answer them for what they are unaware of, they think you as a main support in the organization and would focus on their job role.

17. Gift the new employee:

The first day for the new employee is made unforgettable when employees welcome him and offer him a gift with company logo on it. This makes the employee feel special and also makes him believe that he is part of the organization family. Every individual loves a gift and when it’s on the initial day, it would light up the upcoming days too.

18. Complete the day with a friendly conversation:

At the end of the day meet the new employee and ask him about the day. Ask the new arrival if there are any questions, concerns and so. And also thank him for everything on the first day. The new comers thus feel secure and happy that they are noticed and will arrive the next day believing that they belong to the organization.

It is mandatory to welcome new hires as there are a number of beneficial factors for the same. The new employees would feel comfortable and confident with their co-workers and mingle with them friendly, when a friendly welcome is offered. From culture to benefits, history to resources everything is to be explained.

Proper new employee orientation makes him feel productive and develop trust in the organization he is to work for. These tips would surely assist new employees adapt to the work place quickly. Apart from new hires being amazed about your attention, your productivity will also elevate from productive and confident workers.