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Why you Should not Follow Your Passion: Top 10 Reasons


Life can be a complicated mess sometimes. And it can be more complicated when you do not get what you want.

You may not even understand whether you are coming closer to achieving your goal or drifting away from it.

Be it whatever you must know what is nice and what is not. In short, life can be difficult for you. You may want to do certain things and you may just want to skip away or drift away from doing things.

It is not also very easy to classify in the beginning itself what exactly what you really want to do. Things take time and you will really need to have a lot of patience and fierceness to be able to be strong with your decision.

Things are not always easy with life. Many people say what gives them inspiration is the passion that they possess to move on in life. However this passion can be easy or equally difficult to follow.

Things are hard and things can be necessary but difficult to accomplish. Thus, one must absolutely follow passion at the cost of your life. Here are some hard deals about it.

why not follow passionWhat happens when you follow your passion?

1. Your entire focus goes on that thing:

You will have to dedicate your entire life for that passion. You will need to put in a lot of things and hard deals about it.

You really need to prepare yourself for going through that tremendous task of dealing with things. It is not going to be easy but you will need to cope up and be there with your passion always.

Your entire mind frame, concentration of doing particular things goes on following that passion. You cannot sit idle and think about following it when you know you will not be able to do it.

You also cannot push yourself to work double or triple because that you know you won’t be able to do. Thus, you will need to and have to be strong about your decision, be it whatever.

2. You will need to sacrifice our family time and friends:

Things can get really difficult when you are trying to experiment with things. You will have no time absolutely any time to be with your family and friends.

You will be whining all days about being with time but you will never be able to make it. Your passion can take such toll on you that you may be at too extremes about things.

Any time, you can even get tied up between two things. When with family, you will be already planning a different list of actions. And when you are at work, you would be complaining about not giving any time to your family.

Things can get so difficult and complicated. One of the biggest examples in the field could be that of researchers and scientists. They toil hard and work so much to do something that is favor of their time for the research work they do.

However, they do not always end up doing the right thing.

3. It may also be a big disaster for your own peace time:

Where is the peace time obtained if you are always rooted at following your passion. There is no such quality time left when things are not working in your favor.

Following your passion can be the only thing that would be rotating around your head and that would be the only thing you would be thinking.

Thus, your me time can take such a backseat during these circumstances. You will find it so difficult to cope up with all of this.

It can be a big deal. Thus, it will be very necessary for you to find that thin line between following your passion and doing things that are required.

4. Following passion may also make you go a little senile:

Science has proved that doing passionate things may or may not be good. Passion is a good thing but always doing it can also be bad.

You will be always perceived as someone who is bad and hard behind following his or her passion. It may not be the easiest thing for you but you will still keep pursuing it. Thus, there can be a lot of things involved with this.

It can make you go so senile and you will be required to do things in favor of this. People will consider you mad for doing particular thing repeatedly They may consider you having lost your sense for doing such a thing again and again.

People may also stop inviting you to parties if you are found doing such a thing. Thus, you can be completely considered outcast Thus, drawing a careful line may be easy, but you will have to compromise a lot of things when you are dedicating yourself for it. So, be careful.

5. It will also involve a lot of money:

Suppose you have been a long awaited struggler in the field of music. You have tried time and again to do something in this field but it was of no avail for you. You tried hard but nothing worked out.

So, one day you decide to invest on yourself only. You put a lot of money in it and then you continuously try to make something out of it. Thus, you having invested your money you have put yourself in very big soup.

Thus, the pressure now lies on you to do the best and really the most amazing thing as you are growing out of it. As it is you who will try your best to make the most of the money you have put.

You will need to do something big and something necessary .You are in a big situation and you will have to earn or make profits for yourself through this.

Thus it is going to be a big deal for you. Just trying hard is not going to be enough; you will have to see how to do it perfect.

Thus as we understood, following passion could be a tough thing. But you will need to be very focused about it.

It can take time and great deal of time but you need to be that strong focused about doing it right.

You will also need do put in your complete timings and detail without which it will be impossible for you to follow this ordeal. Thus try your very best in fulfilling these criteria. It can be a big thing and a very big deal.

Why you Should not Run Behind your Passion:

1. Because you need to be focused about one thing:

In your life there will come many opportunities or callings for you to either do one thing or the other. It is important that you make a wise choice.

Not everyone can be multitalented and if you desire to be mute talented you need that passion buddy. But you will have to give up on a lot of things. Focusing on one thing is just going to make you lose the other one.

Thus, just be focused and know your niche very well. You are going to be very good at it. Take a test for yourself only and know that whatever you do will be for the right thing.

2. Because you will have to make a lot of compromises:

Imagine when you look back in life you will see you have not done such a big deal.

You would have wasted your time going here and there running behind your project but you would have missed the small nuances in life which were necessary.

Imagine if you were a father you would not have spent enough time with you children. Imagine if you were a mother you would not have been able to give that love and care to your children.

Even if you were all alone and following you passion, all that would be left on your life would be that simple aim or goal of passion without having to do much about it. Thus, it would be a tough choice to make.

3. Because you do not have the capability to do it:

Do you actually have the capability of fighting a big muster that is your passion?

Suppose you are a social activist and have been trying hard to fund the children of AIDS. You tried hard for years but could not achieve it. What did you achieve?

Nothing but those memories. In that time, you might as well have contributed to some other task but you could not. Thus, you felt left out. Don’t allow yourself to be dragged in this.

4. Because you want to spend your time peacefully:

In life there are going to be expectations always from you from one side or the other. You will have to do one thing or the other and you will so not know what to do.

Not following your passion is only going to give you an easy life.

You might as well go for that than cribbing about things. A life where everything is yours and you’re happy.

To Wrap Up:

Life can be short or it can be the longest. However what you do in that is your choice. You can follow the passion with all your heart or chose to give it away.

You chose later, you may want to do all things which this write up says you could not. Make a wise choice and be happy.