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18 Warning Signs that say a job isn’t right for you


It doesn’t happen with everybody that their first job is the best suited job for them or it is what they have been looking for all throughout.

In most cases, you will find yourself trapped in a position, where you do not like the feel of the job, but is also unable to leave the job due to some reason or the other.

It is hard to figure out whether it is the job that you do not like or is it something else that is bothering you. If it is not the job, then most probably you have started liking the job and it is the one for you.

Moreover, when the economy is unstable, then refusing a job offer is really tough for anybody because you never know how many days or months you will have to sit idle at home, if you leave the job which you feel is not suitable for you.

Another troublesome factor is that if your CV shows that you have changed jobs multiple times, then it is a concern for other recruiters because they don’t know whether they can depend on you or not.

Job Hopper term is not good for any job seeker because they need to have quite a good reason for leaving all those jobs. Here we are discussing whether your current job is right or wrong job for you.Signs a Job isnt right

To do or not to do – is the big question!

The most difficult part is to realize that this particular job is not good for you. It might happen that from the very first day of joining you are under lot of stress, which is affecting your health and personal space as well.

Sometimes it is the office environment which makes you sick and you find it too hard to adjust to it. It is not easy for everybody and you will see many professionals just stick to their job, just for the sake of it.

Moreover, when you see people who are unemployed for months and they come up to you and say that you are lucky to hold on to your job, then it becomes even more confusing.

It becomes really hard for you to understand whether you must hang in there just because someone else doesn’t have a job and you have one.

What you actually want!

When you are working, it is important that you understand what you really want from your job.

Is it just the money or you want to enrich yourself with the knowledge of the work you are doing?

If the main objective of your life is to earn money, then you can select any work which will pay you a good amount of money at the end of each month.

If you are looking towards enriching yourself with knowledge and if you feel that you are not getting what you want from the particular job, then it is best to move away from that kind of job.

Moreover, you must also dig in deep to pull out some special quality of yours which is buried deep inside.

Then again, there are some people who feel that reporting to a superior is not what they are fond of; instead they want to be their own boss and work independently.

Some of you must be looking forward to achieve that work / life balance, but somehow it hasn’t happened yet and then there are some people out there who are highly creative, but are unfortunately stuck in a job which has nothing to do with creativity at all.

Therefore, the job description is not the only thing you must look into when you are searching for a job, instead you must concentrate more on the values and whether the company will be able to fulfill that or not.

Most of us commit the same mistake of following the job description and matching our skills with that, but there are hardly few people who really think about their own values while searching for jobs.

If you have changed the job twice or more than that, then it is high time that you start thinking about your values and your orientation when you are looking for your job, next time.

Values and career growth:

Career GrowthIt doesn’t always happen that your career values will earn you good pay, instead you will find that it might lead you to leave the job when you are on the verge of a promotion or a pay hike.

This mainly happens because the job role that you are being offered is not in line with your values. Therefore, it is important that you incorporate the values that you have in your career, so that it helps you in moving forward without any burden.

If you are the kind of person who loves accolades and applauses when you accomplish a tough job, then you will feel suffocated if the company where you are working is indifferent toward your achievement.

Therefore, it is very important that you do your research work on the company’s culture before joining the company.

If it is possible, then ensure that you talk to some professionals who are working there, just to get an idea about the environment in the office. This is the reason you must realize quickly what you are really looking forward to from your job and the rest will fall in place.

The key here is not to compromise on any of your values because if you do that, then down the line this job will also leave you unsatisfied and ultimately end up quitting the job as well.

Before making any career move, just refine the career values and you will see that it is actually helping you in acquiring the right job for you.

Signs to Make you Realize About Your Current Job:

It might happen that the job you are doing now leaves you with very little scope to realize that it is not the right job for you. You might not have realized at all, if not for that friend of yours who pointed it out to you one fine morning.

So, if you feel low, then you can always consult your family and friends to seek their advice about what your next move must be, most likely they will let you know what you need to hear.

Here are some signs that will help you realize that the job you are doing is not right for you and it is high time that you look for other avenues.

1. Mornings are not a good morning anymore:

You do not feel like going to your job anymore and every morning you are looking for excuses to take a leave. If that is the case, then the signs are prominent that your job is not the right one for you.

2. Company culture doesn’t suit you:

If you feel that there are some moral differences between how you feel the company should work and how it actually works.

Work ethics might not match or there can be some cultural differences that you find hard to overlook. If that is the case, then you must rethink your decision of working in that company.

3. You don’t feel passionately about the job:

There must be some amount of passion driving you to do the job, but if you do not find any excitement in doing that job, then it definitely is not the right job for you.

If you are working in this kind of situation, then you will never be able to realize your true potential, instead it will remain a job all the while and one day you will see that you haven’t been able to achieve anything in your life.

4. Boss is the reason:

Angry Boss The boss makes the life of the employees such a terror that they find it hard to stay in the job for a long period of time, instead they run for their life.

May be that is the reason there is an old saying which says that people leave the bosses and not the job.

Therefore, when you are going for the interview, you can research about the employees and definitely take out the name of your would – be manager to see how he is in real and whether you will get along with him personally or not.

If the person who is interviewing will be your future manager, then it is the best time to get along with him and if you feel that you are not able to strike the chord with him, then you will have to rethink about the job offer.

5. Confined to a space:

You must like the place where you are working, if you don’t, then each day will seem to be troublesome for you.

Some offices provide open space between two sets of cubicles, but there are some where you hardly get open space, so you have to decide which one you prefer because it is the place where you have to land up every morning and perform your best.

Some like to have small chit chat session while working and then there are some who likes quiet place when they are working, so depending on your orientation you can say yes to the job that you are being offered.

6. Negotiating the salary:

There are companies who negotiate a lot on salary during the interview, then it means that they do not have much to offer.

It is all about salary, therefore, you will be provided with just that and there are high chances that you might get treated badly and you won’t be allowed any flexibility in anything else.

If any company is providing you the visibility of your future and how you can grow in there, then it is probably a good option to work in that company and it might be the right job for you.

7. Everything messy:

When you walk by the cubicles, if you see that most desks are messy and workplace not clean enough, then it is the sign to stay away from there.

This holds true for people who love cleanliness, but if you are the kind who thinks that a messy desk is the sign of work in progress and stress that you love, then go ahead and grab the opportunity.

8. First impression of the interviewer:

Bad interviewer The interviewer provides the first impression of the company and if you see a disorganized and tardy interviewer, then it might put you off.

It might be the sign for you to realize that this company is not the one who can offer you with the right kind of job. The way the interviewer conducts himself is a sign in itself about how the culture of the company is.

It is not that you are the only one who must be well behaved, even the interviewer must also portray the same discipline and principles as well.

9. Company going down:

It is not a good idea to hold on to a sinking company. If the company is sinking, then it is best that you put on your life jacket and jump into the water.

10. Affecting your health condition:

The stress is killing you and it is having a negative impact on your health. The people in the company make you sick with their negative thoughts.

Moreover, it is not just you, but also your family is getting affected by this. If this is the scenario, then it is a sign that you must make a move.

11. Encouraging split personality:

If your office culture is such that you are bound to behave like a completely different person than you actually are, then it is definitely not a good sign for you.

Moreover, it is too taxing to keep mum in the office environment, if you are a kind of person who is full of energy and loves to chat.

12. No career progression:

no career progression You are stuck in the same position for years and they are not offering you any growth at all. Then, do you think that it is the right job for you?

No, your company must come up with a way where you can show your skills and move forward in your career.

13. Not what was described:

During the interview, you were explained certain job responsibilities, but now when you are working on real, you are witnessing that it is completely different from what you were told. It is a great disappointment for you, and it will provide you an image of the company as well.

If they are not able to live up to the words they have provided you, then it is not a trustworthy company at all.

14. Draining your energy:

You come all pepped up in the morning, but as the day passes by, your energy level drops drastically.

Generally, when we work on things that are our favorites, then our energy level remains the same, but in case you feel that your energy is going down, then it is the sign which says that you are stuck with wrong job.

15. Bored to death:

The task that you are assigned doesn’t challenge you, instead it is boring and even when you have been asking for something new and challenging you are .

When you see that the company doesn’t have anything new to offer, then you need to move towards greener pastures.

16. Praying for things to get over:

Praying You are assigned a job which you are praying to get over, you might be in the wrong kind of job.

There are times when things are so difficult that people hope that the sooner things get completed the better, but if it becomes a habit, then you need to rethink the decision.

17. You are not getting any importance:

Even when you are offering them a good idea, nobody wants to listen, or you are not being acknowledged for new developments that you have incorporated, start thinking about changing the job because it is not the right one for you.

18. The pay doesn’t match your responsibilities:

The Company keeps on increasing the job responsibilities without increasing the pay. Another scenario is that your company is growing, but your salary doesn’t reflect that.


You have to look for signs and when you find one, you must prepare a plan before leaving the job on how to get that right job.

In order to help you with that, write down the positives and negatives of leaving the job you are doing and when you have evaluated all the points, you must take the next step.

It is done so that you can get a better perspective and also make sure that you are getting into the right job this time around. Otherwise, things will continue going round and round.