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How to Use Law of Attraction for Job Search?


Imagine two people with the same aim of becoming a millionaire, the only difference they have is the belief.

One believes he will be able to do it, while others are full of doubts, fear, and negativity. Who do you think has a better chance of succeeding? Without any doubt, it would be the one who believes in oneself.

We have heard it many times to believe in ourselves and visualize the things you want to happen. The people who practice this have had a positive impact on life.

Law of Attraction for Job Search

Laws of the universe govern us all. One of which affects all of us without any bias is- Law of attraction.

So here comes a question as “What is the law of attraction?”. The law of attraction states that it is our mental capacity to attract negative or positive thoughts. It works on a principle that “energy attracts like energy”. Thus if we think negative, negative things will happen to us, and likewise for positive things. Positive or negative thoughts are materialized in reality.

We knowingly and unknowingly have several thoughts in our minds; they are either positive or negative. Every moment, we act as a human magnet, sending our thoughts and emotions and attract the same that we think off.

Hence when we think negative we are attracting unwanted situations to life. Applying the law of attraction to one’s life will bring about too many positive changes.

Effects of Law of Attraction for Job Search: 

a) Health:

The law of attraction helps a lot in improving health conditions. Doctors believe worry, fear and other negative thoughts make a person ill; while positivity has helped a lot in curing the patients to a certain extent.

Scientists have also experimented with the placebo effect on patients. They were given sugar pills and disguised as they are being treated. The positivity made them healthier. Thus we can conclude how strong the impact of the law of attraction positive thinking is.

b) Financial:

I have enough money”, said no man ever. The urge to earning more and more money is never quenched. Also, people often think they earn very less, they have lots of bills to pay, they have lots of debt and the like.

This negativity attracts bad things and is converted into reality. Unless you are satisfied with the money you have and be grateful, it won’t bring you prosperity. Being positive towards your finances is the fastest way to earn well.

c) Relationships:

In relationships, if you focus on another person’s good qualities then you will be able to look into other good qualities he or she has, whereas it applies to the negative aspects of the personality too. Focusing on positives and neglecting the negatives is the key criterion of relationship building.

d) Career:

In an interview, a candidate with positivity and self confidence will be liked more than a person with doubts. Believing that you will succeed in the career you choose is the first step to reach the top.

Thus we see in almost all scenarios, using the law of attraction helps. Is it overcoming illness, losing weight, breaking a bad habit of getting the job you want? Let us discuss the ways, for using the law of attraction for job search

Law of Attraction Job Success Stories and Tips:

Positive thinking acts as a catalyst to get the job you always dreamt of. The courage and confidence bring the results in your favor. Here are a few ways which you can follow

1. Decide on things you want:

You should be clear of your goals and your aim. Sit and write on paper the things you want. List your interests and preferences and research the best job available for you. Suppose you are a human resource degree holder, there are many fields in HR where you can work.

For example- if you like to communicate and networking- recruitment will be the best choice for you. If you are more inclined towards laws and policies, a personnel manager will be a wise choice to make.

Other preferences like working hours, a span of control, Company culture are also to be thought upon. These things also affect career decisions a lot. Consider all the factors, research on the companies that can provide you the opportunity, so that you can target them.

2. Think positively:

Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, help to gain a positive result. The main point of law of attraction revolves around thinking positively.

Achieving what you want rehires to think positive and remove all the negative thoughts you have. Do not be afraid of failure. Do not have self doubts or fears.

In short, remove all the negative energy that surrounds you and fill yourself with positive thoughts. Have courage and self confidence. When you value yourself, then only others will. The person who thinks poorly of himself will not be good in the eyes of others.

3. Believe in yourself:

Success comes to those who believe that they can achieve their goal, irrespective of the available resources, opportunities or intelligence. Yes, you read it right, it also overcomes intelligence.

At times, failure of pasts and bad memories haunts us and takes up large mental space, which is nothing but a vast source of negative energy. Every bad experience is a lesson in itself. Having self doubt and being self loathing because of past mistakes is a harmful thing to do to you. Leave past the bad memories and move ahead with vigor and with confidence.

Also, surround yourself with positive people. The people who bring you down and demotivates. You are the people from whom you strictly should stay away from. No outside power should be able to crumble your high spirits. Believe in yourself and ignore the negative people around you.

4. Align your thoughts and actions:

The next step post thinking positive and deciding your goal is to think upon the necessary actions to be taken to achieve it. For example, let us consider an architect, he thinks of a plan and visualizes how that building should be, but later he puts his thoughts on paper and sees how the structure can be built. He makes a blueprint of his plan which acts as a guideline while construction happens.

On similar lines, we need to make a guideline for ourselves if we want to succeed. Considering a successful job search, the guidelines would involve the steps like- researching the companies and suitable opportunities, networking with the people from the industry, preparing for the interview, getting the interview call and so on.

Unless the actions are aligned with the thoughts you had in mind, success will not be possible. Positive thoughts alone are not helpful, but taking initiative and actions along with positivity will help a lot.

5. Do not be discouraged:

What if I do not speak well in the interview? Why will such a company call a person like me for an interview? Did I give the interview well? I think I made many mistakes in the interview. I think I do not have to deserve the job. What if I get the job and then realize am incompetent to do so?
These are the negative thoughts that we keep on harboring and losing our chance to succeed. We may not realize but we become our greatest critic and discourage ourselves to a level that we doubt our capabilities.

There are bound to be a few setbacks, the world isn’t perfect. But that should not discourage you. It is a part and parcel of life. Have self belief and leave no place of negative thoughts. Even if any negative thoughts come to your mind, your confidence should be able to shoot him away instantly.

6. Expect the best:

Even if you plan your thoughts and actions well, a little thought of failure can crumble the success rate to a minimum. Expect the best outcome of the things you attempt. Be it an interview, expecting a high salary or the desired role. Expect that you will get what you desire. This evokes confidence and charm which is bound to get noticed and have a positive impact on others.

7. Pay attention to how you feel:

The law of attraction is a purely psychological thing, the positivity we may have is our mental capacity, but we cannot always force our self to be positive. Hence evaluate your feelings.

Create opportunities which will make you happy and joyous, be grateful for the small success steps you achieve like networking with the employees of the company and getting to know the company better, being able to perform well in practice session or mock interview you have on your own. If you got an interview call then be grateful as if you already got the job.

8. Be committed:

Have wholehearted efforts in your job search; you must be consistent in the efforts you take. Being persistent and dedicated will bring in favorable efforts. One must well prepare for the interview, Research and try to find the possible interview question. Visualize the best replies for the same. Detailed planning and efforts will not go in vain ever.

9. Act as if you already have your dream job:

Acting as you already got the job will let you know how you will be behaving on the job. It gives you a sense of reality. Imagine yourself in the position that you desire and visualize yourselves doing the daily tasks and performing the set of responsibilities that will give to you.

You can even imagine various difficult scenarios you may come across in your job and how you will handle it. You will realize the level of communication, maturity, and skill required for the job. The interviewer looks for the right fit, the visualization will help you seem like the perfect match for the vacant position.

10. Be attentive:

Be attentive for the signs around you, it can be information you receive from the people in your network or an mail from a recruiter. Being attentive and taking actions at the right time is essential.

11. Something better is on its way:

There are several opportunities for all. There is an opportunity for every talent. Find a job that best fits you and the preferences you have. Even if you have few rejections in interviews. Having an interview is a chance of learning and improving myself and meeting new people.

12. Focus on the outcome:

The focus of a person is necessary to be in a proper place. Focus on the things you can change rather than brooding over the things you hardly have control on. Focus your energy on getting your dream job. Expect a positive outcome and the fact that you deserve to have good things happening in your life.

Underestimating yourself is the worst thing one can do. Never say you cannot do it or you do not deserve it. A ‘can do‘ attitude or ‘never say die’ attitude is something most employers are looking forward to. Employers do not see the people they hire doing menial jobs. Employers see future leaders and motivators in you. And remember a self doubting person can never lead.

Nothing is impossible if you believe, the word impossible is in itself says I m possible. God made everyone equal, the things which happen to us, are because of our thoughts, actions, and attitude. Job search is not as difficult as we think it is a dash of positivity, good networking and finding the right opportunity for you.

Recruiters keep hunting for the right talent and unemploys are busy searching the right job. Always remember, the right person at the right job will give wonderful results. Knowing what you want and knowing you can have it, is the key to success.

I am sure all the readers must be having interesting stories of how they fell and rose because of the law of attraction. We are eager to know a few success stories and also feel free to share any additional tips you know.