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15 Mistakes in Interview Everyone Makes: How to Avoid Them


We all face interviews in our life at so many levels to land a successful job. Most people face interviews more than once in their life and every time make same mistakes in interview. Giving an interview is one of those stressful situations you cannot avoid no matter who you are and what you do.

Most mistakes generally people do in the interview are common because every interview is same when it comes to finding a job no matter how many times you have given before.

There are mistakes people do again and again even in their third or fourth interview. What are these common mistakes?

Mistakes in Interview Everyone MakesHere in this article, we are going to discuss those mistakes everyone makes in an interview no matter who they are or how much experience they have so that you can avoid these mistakes and get the job you dream of without any hurdle and mistakes.


Read this article to know more about these mistakes we are talking so that you have a better idea of what we are saying.

Most Common Mistakes in Interview to Avoid:

1. Too early or too late:

It is a good habit of turning up few minute early before any big event, like your job interview and it is okay if you are few minute late due to any genuine reason.

Your interview is the window of opportunity from where you can fly high and can get your dream job but it doesn’t mean you reach there an hour before the interview or after an hour of the time interview schedule.

Turning up late or too early will make your interviewer turn his back on you or leave a bad remark on your profile. The right choice is to prepare well in advance and be there on interview place few minute earlier than the scheduled time.

Being on time shows how responsible you are and how important it is for you. So be on time.

2. Poorly Dress up:

Your interview is not some sort of party or you are not going for a walk so that you can dress the way you want. Dressing properly for an interview is as important as giving the right answers.

When you turn up wearing something inappropriate for an interview it turns your first impression into a worst impression or maybe you got rejected without an interview.

Dressing properly is very important when you are going for an interview. Being poorly dress shows you lack dressing skill and disrespect toward the company.

For an interview wear something casual business dress with appropriate accessories and don’t overdo anything not even your perfume, you don’t want to smell like a flower shop.

3. Unprepared:

Do you think you know everything and don’t need any preparation? If yes then it is time to change your thinking and prepare for the interview well.

Being unprepared is one of the most negative things for the person who is going for an interview, you cannot land your dream job if you are not prepared well before an interview.

Do necessary preparation before your interview. If you prepare well before interview it shows that how serious and responsible you are for the job and they are not doing any mistake by selecting you.

So prepare well before your interview, you can take help online to prepare for your interview.

4. Not greeting properly:

The way you greet your interviewer shows your etiquette and your attitude towards job and company. It is said that your first impression is your last impression, so apply that in your interview as well.

When you reach there and greet your interviewer properly it leaves a lasting and positive impression on interviewer as well as work in your favor to get you the job you desire.

On the other hand when you greet rudely or arrogantly it leave a negative remark and declare you unfit for the job even before the interview start. So know the importance of right etiquette.

5. No research about company:

Another mistake most people do when they go to their interview is not researching about company properly.

It doesn’t take much effort and time when you have internet access on your fingertip, no excuse will work in your favor when interviewer ask “what you know about our company” and you have no answer to give.

Not researching about the company you are going for interview shows your lack of responsibility and how uninterested you are in your job.

Research about the company a little more than what shows on the company website, know their achievements and goals and their policies beforehand so that you can come as well prepared and interested in the job and also you will know if you wanted to work with the company or not beforehand.

6. Nerves get the better of you:

Are you nervous for the interview? We all are. Being nervous for the interview is common for everyone but letting nerves the better of you is the mistake that can cost you your potential job.

Yes, it is too hard to not show your nerves or control that feeling but you can prepare well to control your nerves in advance. Controlling your nerves seems very difficult but you can do that with a little practice and self-control.

Your interviewer also knows that you are nervous but the way you control and hide shows how effective you are to work in pressure. It also shows your confidence in you.

7. Overconfidence:

If you are confident about yourself then it is good but don’t overdo it. Your overconfidence can ruin things for you.

When you show your confidence it looks good on your resume and leaves positive impression on interviewer but your overconfidence lets you do silly mistakes and leave a negative impression.

It often happens that, try to show how confident you are people leave their tongue losses which make them do some mistakes which are more costly to pay. Show your controlled behavior and how responsible you are to take on the job.

8. No eye contact:

You are well prepared and you know you are the right person to get the job even you know everything about the job then why you are hiding?

Most interviewee does the silly mistake of not making eye contact. Why are you hiding? Have you done something wrong? No then make eye contact, take the interview head on.

When you make eye contact with your interviewer it shows that you are not hiding and have guts to do the job, on the other hand when you try to take your eyes elsewhere other than interviewer it shows how uncomfortable and unsuitable you are.

Don’t make the mistake of not making eye contact.

9. No question in return:

Most interviewee does the mistake of not asking a question in return. If you think asking the question only applies to an interviewer then you are wrong and going to lose the interview even before they consider hiring you, why?

Because asking question in return shows your interest in the company and in your work, it also shows that how serious you are for the job and had done the homework in researching about the company.

Asking right question to the interviewer takes you one step closer to your dream job. It also satiates your curiosity if you have something you didn’t get an answer online. Ask right and an appropriate question like their policies, job schedule, there plans of expanding etc.

10. Criticizing about the previous workplace:

Do you hate your previous job? Don’t you like your previous workplace? Why are you leaving current job? Or you think your boss was an idiot? If yes then do not tell this to your interviewer.

Probably we all do have some complaints about our previous job and workplace but showing your negative thoughts in front of your interviewer is one grave mistake.

You interviewer can think you will do the same with their company as well, so avoid criticizing your previous workplace.

Criticizing your previous workplace will do more harm, keep your tongue in control and say positive things only about your previous colleagues, boss, and workplace.

11. Show off:

Showing off is another mistake we all do when you go for an interview. The interviewer doesn’t have any interest in you other than what you can do in their company and how good you are in doing so.

When you show off about yourself it gives the image of an arrogant man who thinks himself higher than anyone else so don’t do this. Try to be humble, polite and easy going so that you give the impression that you are easy to work with and approachable.

No company wants an employee who is arrogant and too over confident to accept his faults and weakness or his mistakes.

12. Lying:

Do not lie to your interviewer ever; do not say something you cannot do or not true about you. Lying to your interviewer represent you as fraud and cheater, someone who can even sell them off to get the job.

So avoid saying something you cannot do because when you caught it will just erase all your quality from your resume. Saying truth always works in your favor, accept if you cannot do certain things or do not know particular things.

We all have something we do not know or we cannot do and accepting it doesn’t make you any less.

13. Rude or arrogant remark:

Do not say anything rude or arrogant about the company you are giving an interview for as it shows that you don’t have respect for the company.

Show your respect, how much you admire and like to work with the company because this is what your interviewer want to listen not something rude about company as they already know their weakness and faults and they don’t need you to point out.

And also you are here to work, not to give rude remarks about company so avoid doing so.

14. Only focus on money:

We all work to earn money and it is the universal truth of doing the job but if you say this to your interviewer it will look bad on your resume.

When your interviewer ask why you want this job then say something positive about company and things you like about company which make you want to do the job here as well as things you are going to learn etc.

It is good to say truth but its impact depend on how you are saying it, so choose your word carefully and don’t come off as greedy and money-minded.

15. No thank you note:

If you think your work is to go and give an interview and that’s it then you are wrong. After giving interview follow it with thank you note or email that shows your positive attitude as well as your genuine interest in the job.

It doesn’t matter if you got the job or not, leave a thank you note and thank your interviewer for the time and opportunity properly before leaving the place.

When you leave thank you note after the interview, it gets you in the notice and improve your chances of selection so do it.


These are the mistakes almost all interviewee do in their interview whether it is their first or fourth because of the anxiety of getting job and nervousness but to get your dream job you need to prepare well. Avoid these mistakes and learn from these points so that you can excel your interview.

We know it is easier said than done but true effort makes everything possible. If you try and practice you can easily follow these steps to avoid making these mistakes. We wish you all the best for the interview and hope our points can help you in getting your job.