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Why You Should Not Quit Your Job to Travel: Top 15 Reasons


To travel the globe is a dream to almost every human being. As children, all of us say that when we grow up we would like to travel the world and meet different people along the way.

However, as we grow up we realize that this is not possible, simply because life is not easy. If you wish to survive today we must have a job so that in our old age we can sustain ourselves.

If you too are someone who is thinking about quitting your job to travel, then given here are some of the main reasons why you should not quit your job to travel as this is just not a practical thing to do.

Quit Your Job to Travel

Quitting Your Job to Travel the World:

1. Doing this is not a mature thing to do:

No matter how much you would like to travel the world, doing something like this is very impulsive. Keep in mind that once you give up your job on the pretext that you would like to go and travel, no company will be willing to hire you back.

Once you are in a professional setting you must ensure that you act maturely and responsibly at all times. Doing something like this might show you to be somewhat unsound mentally. So despite your desire to travel and explore new places do try and look at the bigger picture.

2. It is not equally fulfilling to everyone:

Just because your friend who has just got back from a travel nature tells you that it was a very fulfilling experience for him, this certainly does not mean that you will be enjoying it a great deal as well. For some individuals traveling is a lot of fun, yet others do not like the experience quite so much.

So before you go ahead and quit your job, you should try and figure out just what kind of person you are. Do not quit your job if you are unsure about what your attitude to travel is. It would truly be disastrous if you chose to give up your job and then found out that you are not the traveling kind.

3. Traveling functions as a brake, not a way to live your life:

The thrill of travel is that it is a novel experience. The reason why people love doing it so much is that it functions as a means of escape. Yet if traveling itself becomes a daily chore, then it’s unlikely that it will retain the magic which it bears.

Many people who have quit their jobs to travel are happy with their decision however, most often than not people end up regretting the decision which they have made. Traveling alone for prolonged periods has simply made them feel alone and very isolated.

Working in a company is something that has a thrill of its own. It is only once you stop work that you will realize how much you loved your job.

4. Money is needed to live a secure life:

Irrespective of how much you love comforts and pleasures in life, you should not make money the be-all and end-all of your life. If you keep chasing after money without living your life, later on, you will have many regrets and a great deal of unhappiness.

Though making money should not be the sole reason for your existence, yet it is undeniable that if you want to live a happy life, having money is very important. People who do not have money find it impossible to keep body and soul together.

Quitting your job to travel is something you should never consider doing especially if you have a family.

5. Getting another job may not be easy:

Quitting your job is a foolish thing to do especially because once you give up your job finding another one could prove to be an impossible task. Nowadays companies have a great amount of technology to do the work which human beings would previously do.

It is for this reason that companies carefully handpick only a few employees who are sure to be a part of their team. As mentioned above, once you give up your job that company is unlikely to hire you again, but in addition to that, it is unlikely that any company will be willing to hire you in the future as well.

6. Having a job to come back after traveling is comforting:

Having a job to come back after a prolonged period of traveling is a thought which is very comforting indeed. If you quit your job then chances are that you will not feel like coming back.

Knowing you have a job, at the back of your mind is a feeling which can’t replace for the world. Voluntarily quitting your job for something like traveling is something that many would consider sinful.

Most people travel to seek adventure. But if you are truly involved in a career which you love then everyday will feel like an adventure and you need your escape from everyday life to seek such a thrill.

7. You ought not to confuse traveling and vacationing:

Just because you went on a vacation and enjoyed it does not mean that you will enjoy traveling. There is a big difference between vacationing and traveling and this is something which many individuals happen to overlook.

Traveling is something which is not easy and is something which is even more stressful than a normal office job. If you think of traveling as an escape from a life of tension and worry then you are wrong.

Think about having to survive in an unknown place, without many and you do not even know the language of the natives. A life like this is what many might call frightening.

8. A break in one’s career timeline is not a small matter:

Irrespective of what others might be telling you, having a long break in your career timeline is not something that employees take lightly.

Companies are on the lookout for people who have a great deal of experience and have been at the helm of things for a considerable period, they are not on the lookout for individuals who have decided to quit their job all of a sudden to travel.

News in the business world travels fast and once you get a bad name trying to remove the tarnish off, your name will prove to be an impossibility.

10. Unconsciously you will keep extending your break more and more:

If you do not have a job to come back to, you will keep prolonging your travel more and more. The longer your break is the more detrimental it is going to be for your professional career.

It is for this reason that giving your job to travel is something which you should not consider. The best part about not quitting your job is that if traveling does not work out, at least you haven’t burned all your boats. You will still be able to come back, dignity is intact.

A smart individual never makes the mistake of giving up his job at the risk of his future. Irrespective of how liberal you are as a person, thinking about the future is very important.

11. Travel is something which can be done in your old age:

Rather than choosing to live your life in any old haphazard way you should live your life as per some design. Childhood is a time to have fun and learn new things, Teenage years are a time to learn new things and to find yourself, the adulthood is a time to start a family and work and finally, old age is a time to enjoy the money you have made and watch your children grow up.

Rather than trying to be a rebel to the way things usually are, you should opt to work as hard as you can during your adult life, so that later on you can have a comfortable old age. Traveling in your old age is something which is a great thing to do.

12. Rather than quitting you can always opt for leave:

Rather than quitting your job, you can simply ask for some leave from work so that you get some time off to go and travel the world. If the company senior has a big heart he will give you a paid leave, however even if you are not getting paid leave at least you have something to fall back on when you return from your traveling.

The big downside of traveling is that you become distant from your family and friends and even if you have fun initially over time you will love to come back to your daily life and survive by that same routine all over again.

13. Companies themselves offer paid vacations to employees:

All big companies which value their employees ensure that they give their employees perks and bonuses to keep them happy. Rather than quitting your job to travel, you should just make use of the paid vacation option which is available to almost all employees.

In this way, you can occasionally get that much-needed break which you require to renew yourself and connect with your inner self. The best part about getting a paid vacation from the company is that you can travel without having to worry about the financial aspect at all.

14. Rather than quitting, opt for a position which involves a lot of travel:

Rather than taking the big step of quitting your job simply ask the seniors in your company to give you a job which involves more travel. This way you will be able to live out your dream and have a steady means of income at the same time. This is something that many people opt to do.

In life rather than quitting you should think of a way where you can be more accommodating. Do pluck up the courage to ask your boss if such a position is available and he is sure to tell you if any positions need to be filled. If you are a good worker, your boss might even make a new position for you.

15. Traveling is not cheap:

Ask anyone who has spent a portion of their life traveling or globetrotting and they will surely tell you how expensive traveling is. It is not like you can get by with having just a few bucks in your pocket.

If you wish to be a traveler with no cares in the world then you must have some big store of money to keep you secure and content. If you quit your job and something happened to you while traveling, think about how you would have to pay for your medical treatment all on your own.

Things Nobody Tells You About Quitting Your Job to Go Travel:

Quitting your job and wish to travel is the new trending dream of most of the youths. Though traveling is a wonderful activity that helps you learn many new things and explore new places and culture, meeting new people, etc but leaving your job and traveling full time is not possible for everyone.

There are also many people who out of excitement take up the decision of quitting the job and leave for travel, however, it would be adventurous but one needs to be ready to face the unexpected. As “all that glitters is not gold”. This is said not to scare you but just advice to make you cautious.

Now if some of you have made up your mind of taking up the long term travel decisions, then here are a few things that no one would share with you but can be very helpful to you. These are some of the changes you will experience. But do not worry as unexpected things make life exciting.

You will not be sharing this decision with anyone until everything is ready and you are good to go.

  1. You will be only thinking about your trip the whole time until you leave
  2. Do not try to plan any big event of your life while planning to quit the job and travel
  3. The last day of your job would be scary but exciting
  4. Your landing to a new place would give you multiple emotions like terror, chaos, and regret
  5. You would start missing your daily routine
  6. You start missing the homely things (meals, fun times at home etc)
  7. You would want to get fit by exercising and having a healthy diet plan
  8. Start missing the job you left
  9. Your overview of time would change
  10. You would feel that time is moving faster for you when compared to others
  11. You would start feeling traveling exhausting and tiring
  12. You feel to get a break from vacation
  13. Do not share your feeling of exhaustion to others as it was your own decision.
  14. Do not feel sad if your friend or relatives might not get thrilled by your travel experiences
  15. You will be losing some of your close friends
  16. You will also be making new friends at different places
  17. You will start getting bored after repeating the same old traveling experience several times
  18. Your sharing of stories would feel like bragging to you
  19. You start to miss your colleagues
  20. You would feel disappointed by the hostel dorms which initially looked exciting and fun
  21. You will start missing the stability
  22. You’ll begin to feel low-key nesting anywhere you travel
  23. Transporation starts looking like trouble especially at a new place
  24. “Museum fatigue” is so true
  25. Your new place excitement soon starts to fade away unlike earlier
  26. Settling back after long term travel is pretty harder
  27. The things or items you once cherished would feel like junk
  28. You feel yourself changed or grown during your travel
  29. After your first travel, you will want to start planning your next travel.


All of us would love to give up our jobs and head out into the wilderness to experience nature first hand and live life to the fullest. However, things aren’t so simplistic.

Traveling is something appealing to the young and old alike but if you quit your job to travel, then slowly but surely that magic and charm of travel are going to wear away. However, if quitting your job to travel is something which you really would like to do then you ought not to let anyone stand in your way.

If you have a passion to travel then do what your heart desires but ensure that you think before you go ahead and take any major steps.