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16 Very Tough Interview Questions and How to Answer them


The interview is the most crucial round in the job seeking process. If you fail to answer questions posed to you during an interview, you may be rejected by the recruiters. If you go well prepared, you may be in a better position to answer all the questions during the interview. Yet, there are some questions that are really tough and tricky. Candidates fail to answer these questions even after proper preparation.

Here we have listed out a couple of very tough questions and the best tips on how to answer tough interview questions or ways to deal with such questions.

tough interview questions answer

16 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions:

1. What would you do if you stay in the firm for half a decade and yet do not get a promotion or raise?

Employees struggle hard and toil to ensure that they get success in their career. Yet, promotion or raise are not the only ways in which I gauge my success. If I join your firm and get to learn new things that may help me ascend in my career, it would please me equally.

Frequent raise of promotion is not possible but if I am appreciated for the efforts I put in and am given new opportunities, I would still be equally happy with my new job.

2. How would you deal with colleagues who take up all the credit for the effort you put in?

We often come across instances where colleagues try to bask on the glory of our efforts. If I have a colleague with that kind of nature in my team or work circle, I would arrange for both our ideas to be presented simultaneously to the boss. This way it will be clear to the boss about each of our capabilities. If that does not work out, I may try and have a word with my colleague to sort out this issue.

My approach would be quite different if my boss or my firm is taking up credit for the work I do. I think it is my duty to please my bosses with my work and effort. If my bosses takes credit for my effort but make sure my effort is properly rewarded, I will only be too happy.

3. You have changed three jobs in the past two years. You may leave our company when you find a better opportunity. Why should we take the risk of hiring you?

Yes, I have changed three jobs in the past two years and with each job I got a chance to learn new aspects of the trade. I thus have more knowledge than any other candidate with the same number of years of experience. This means I am an ideal candidate to handle the responsibility of the role that is vacant.

If the job is satisfying, rewarding and offers opportunity to learn, I won’t have any reason to switch the job so you can hire me without any hesitation.

4. Tell us your weakness that actually hampers your work life and does not act as a strength. Tell us how you deal with the weakness?

If I fail to complete the task at hand within the stipulated time, it makes me restless and gives me a sleepless night. It consecutively affects my health and well-being. I have now devised a means to deal with this problem. I set earlier deadlines for my team and make sure that the task is completed well in advance. I also make sure that all my teammates know exactly what and when I want. This helps me have peaceful sleep now without hampering my health.

5. What do you think is more important, being skillful or being lucky?

Being skillful is vital if you wish to survive in your profession. Yet, being lucky can be even more important at times. There are several individuals who are skillful but they land up in jobs where their bosses or their firms do not identify their true skill. Sometimes they land up in jobs where their true skills aren’t utilized.

As an employee, I have been lucky to have found the right job at the right time. I always entered organizations that appreciated efforts of the employees and rewarded them for their skills.

6. What is you dream job?

This is my dream job. The position you are offering in your company will help me to use my skills and abilities to tackle different projects. I am pretty excited about this opportunity. I applied for this job position because I saw a chance to learn many new things and also expand my work profile further.

7. How do you deal with office politics?

Office politics is a part and parcel of work life in most offices and some amount of office politics is necessary for the smooth functioning of the firm. Yet, if I face some serious problems in the way the project is being handled and notice it is a result of office politics, I would present the issue in front of my team.

I would present my opinions and suggestions with valid reasons to support them. It is sure to help alter major decisions that need to be altered.

8. Describe yourself in two words?

The two words that best describe my persona are ‘go getter’. I never give up easily. If you assign a task to me, you will realize that I put in maximum effort to ensure that the project gets completed successfully. If your firm hires me, I will prove to be a great asset to your firm due to this attitude of mine to never give up.

9. What is the one thing you wish to change in your previous job?

The style of managing projects is one thing that I would like to change in my previous company. The hierarchy caused a lot of time waste and by the time the project actually reached the technical patient, the client was already impatient due to lack of proper response from our time.

I would instead prefer to have a system where the client could directly communicate with the technical person during technical problems.

10. How do you describe or define success?

Success can mean different things to different individuals. Some people relate their success to the money they make. To me success is greatly defined by the recognition I get for the efforts I put in. If I am appreciated for my efforts and provided an opportunity to grow and I attain a senior level position in a reputed firm or organization, it is success to me.

11. Would you be willing to relocate if it was necessary for the current job profile?

Yes, I would be willing to relocate if my job demands it. I have good language skills and an ability to adapt to new lifestyle easily. These traits are sure to help me get through if I happen to relocate to a new country.

12. Are you a creative person? Can you quote a few examples of your creativity?

I have been a creative person from childhood. I always had a particular inclination towards art and literature. I have designed my website page all by myself. You can have a look to know more about my creative skills that helped me design the website page.

13. Can you explain the reason for this huge gap in your resume?

Sir, I had taken ill last year and was forced to take a break from my hectic routine. But now I have completely recovered and am perfectly fit to handle this job position. If you hire me, you will realize soon how big an asset I am to your firm.

14. In our firm, we offer incentives that completely depend on your performance. What is your opinion about such incentives?

It is a great idea to have incentives that are completely based on performance. If an individual is less skilled or lacks knowledge in his profession, he may fail to benefit from such incentives but I am confident I will be rewarded for my efforts if incentives are based completely on performance.

15. Are you prepared to work in a diverse workplace?

Yes, I am prepared to work in a diverse workplace and have known all the pros and cons of it. In fact I would be excited to work with people from different races and ethnic groups. It will help me understand how to deal with different people.

I am a secular person who believes in equality. Working in a diverse workplace will help me gain a unique experience that may help to strengthen my work profile in future.

16. What qualities should a leader possess according to you?

A good leader is a good listener. He listens to queries and tries to find solutions to problems of team mates. A leader always leads by setting the right example. He should also possess good communication and always improve interpersonal skills and also should have the ability to read people’s minds. A leader who possesses all these skills can lead a team to success.


These are some of the tough questions asked in interviews. The question asked should not hamper your confidence. If you reply boldly to questions posed to you, you will surely get the job you dream of.