Job seekers are always on lookout for recruiters and recruiting agency. But many people mistake the recruiters to be agents. Recruiters work for clients who want to fill vacancies in their firm or organization. They are otherwise termed as facilitators for the job filling process. To a job seeker, recruiter is sure to add value to a job search by helping them to get introduced to client and sometimes prepare for the post. Looking further into their portfolio, it is often seen that sometimes recruiters and recruiting agencies are not able to succeed. There are many reasons for it. Let’s review some of them.

why recruiters fail

Why Recruiters and Recruiting Firms are Failing:

1. Lack of vision:

Anyone or any business must be having long term defined vision. Without having a vision, people working in the agency or recruiters wouldn’t be having any purpose to work or any specific achievement to seek. It’s like walking lost in the forest without a pathway. Recruiting agency need to set a vision of what they would like to see themselves after a certain period of time. There wouldn’t be any payoff and no connection between the works done today with tomorrow’s accomplishment.

2. Not sticking to objective:

Every company have objectives set to run their business. Actually all businesses are run based on specific objectives. Same holds true for recruiting agency. Usually objectives are broken down to activities or tasks that require involvement. In case the recruiter doesn’t match their tasks with the objectives it is sure to bring ‘incomplete’ work. That’s where the objectives don’t get fulfilled and it is sure to have incomplete process loop. Without closing the loop there is no fulfillment of agency recruitment. A successful firm is one who sticks to their self-imposed objective to carry out what they have learned till it is completely done.

3. Due to monotony:

Every process of the activity has a certain sequence of steps to be done. When the job is repeated day in and day out, monotony sets in and this brings in boredom. To make the process lively there needs to be frequent get together and feedbacks. As it is obvious that monotony brings in repeated work without involvement, errors are sure to pop in or no fresh ideas flow.

4. Not making necessary calls:

Being a recruiting agency it is mandatory to look out for opportunities at companies who would be having various open positions. If the recruiter doesn’t make the calls regularly with companies they will not be aware of the opportunities that may be lurking within and know whether they are intending to hire. Some recruiters don’t take pain to call once in every fortnight or month. Having frequent touch with client will help to enhance relationship and also build strong bond with them. In fact, they themselves would prefer to inform them before the agency itself calls.

5. Lazy to carry out:

Recruiters who don’t carry out their functions for the day but postpone it further do not make any progress. Here in recruitment process every job seekers career life is dependent on the work that recruiters have to take care. If they falter or delay or are lazy enough, it jeopardises the future of the job seeker and also the recruiting agency. The name of agency is affected. Ultimately it causes the defamation of the agency. In fact any work has to be completed on that day or at least within specific time frame to complete the loop on time.

6. Not taking responsibility:

Recruiters mostly who work with passion and take responsibility they hold are sure to bring in more clients. If the recruiter is only after rewards without paying heed to the responsibility they hold, then they are not taking accountability of their work. This would cause the failure of the company wherein objectives that the recruiting agency has endowed them with, is not fulfilled.

7. Envying the successful:

There are many recruiting agency in the market with each having their own specific agenda and portfolios. By envying the ones who are successful is not going to change anything. The best way is to study their strategies, their traits, their habits and what makes them wanted. It would help the recruiter or agency to make necessary changes within the process and learn what has to be modified. Even a small change in the way of handling job seekers will bring in more clients. So stop envying and learn from others.

8. Not amending within:

There are many methodology that the recruiter would be confronted with during course of study. Having to adopt some of those methods within the process might require time and sometimes a difficult process too. But not making attempts to have those changes made within the process cycle is utter foolishness. It may seem uncomfortable or tedious to carry out, but if the recruiter knows it is sure to bring in good changes then they would need to make efforts to implement them.

9. Not analyzing within:

The recruiter would need to see for themselves where they have shortcoming and make efforts to understand what is needed to enhance those shortcomings. If trainings required then they must not wait for the company to pay for it, instead take initiative to seek the training required for their success. They should not be afraid to invest in for themselves. If they take ownership of their own performance, they are sure to make improvements within themselves.

10. Getting distracted:

Its seen that objectives are the pillars for getting tasks accomplished for the project. But if there is distraction for getting those done it is sure to hinder the progress. Hence, recruiters need to make objectives for week and see that those are justifiable or achievable. By reviewing them at the end of the week, it would motivate and also keep track of the steady progress needed to achieve their prime objective. Keeping track regularly helps to avoid distractions that is blocking stone to success.

11. Feeling discontent:

Getting too involved with the outcome is not going to help. Always looking at the outcome and making comparison with the others is not going to make any changes. The feeling of dissatisfaction is surely going to affect the way you work. Every day is not going to be the same way. There would be hard times and during that period you as recruiter would need to be motivated. For this you would need to find some way where you can strengthen your mind and heart.

12. Ego based decisions:

Many a times we have seen ‘ego’ factor ruins the business principles. As recruiting agency or recruiter doing things that satisfies ego would harm the success factor. It is necessary to see what is required from the clients or the job seeker point of view before doing any presentation or speeches. During such occasions, boasting about oneself is not going to get you ahead. They are interested in getting know what content do you have and how could you help them. It is imperative to take decisions that would enhance financials. By doing your service you are sure be recognized for the work. Recognition comes by itself.

13. Not understanding the job:

Recruiters often fail when they are not sure about the job they have to advertise. By making vague descriptions of the job will not attract job seekers. If the recruiter is not clear about the job then he/she would give out unclear descriptions that would bring in wrong candidates. The job description needs to be fully briefed upon before the process of recruitment begins.

14. Not understanding candidates requirements:

Each role required for the job needs to be skill specific and educational requirements. Recruiters would need to assess what type of person is required for the job. By getting to know the candidates experience and their educational background, the recruiter should be able to find out which job would be suitable for them.

15. Wrong advertising source:

If the recruiter does not make use of the proper advertisement resource, it will surely not attract the right candidates. The recruiter must be able to know the target audience and know whether to advertise offline or online or other publications. Depending on the category of job and the intended audience, the recruiter need to analyze where to publicize their advertisement. Most of the times, online sources are sought for where applicants can complete their recruitment process there itself.

16. Site not updated:

All job seekers keep themselves updated and also expect the recruitment company to be the same. If the recruiting agency is not enticing or not able to catch the eyes of the candidate, then it is sure to lose high caliber candidates.

The job seekers expect the recruiting agency to update their website and keep their social media up to date. This way the candidate gains trust on the agency that the job postings are the updated ones. If they don’t do so then it becomes obvious that the job postings on the website are outdated and there won’t be much visitors to the site. The less the visitors then your agency will lose its shine.

17. Not making improvements:

Most of the recruitment agencies request for feedback from their clients and job seekers. The purpose is to know where the agency stands and what further action they need to take so that it becomes job seeker friendly or client friendly. Feedback provided should not be discarded but taken seriously. By studying feedback, recruiters would know where they need to make improvements to get their agency ahead.

18. Not providing right information:

There is discontent among many job seekers that information regarding the scope of work, pay, working hours, condition of work, etc. are not truly shared with them before recruitment process. If the recruiter provides the right information before the recruitment, it will avoid lot of embarrassment. Recruiting agencies too avoid disclosing right information to candidates.

19. Not detailing enough:

During the recruitment process, if the recruiter does not know what questions to ask and what details to gather then they are sure to lose right candidates. As recruitment process is crucial part for selecting the right candidate, the recruiter must be able to formulate the questions based on the type of job advertised and the post applied. It is required to gather as much information to see that the right candidate fits the post. Recruiting agency needs to work out specific set of information to be gathered for every type of job. Only special type of jobs require, special type of details.

20. Give up easily:

As recruitment process does not always brings in cent percent result, the recruiter must not show signs of giving up. This type of situation is experienced when there is need for senior level positions. By just picking someone who would not fit the post and completing the recruitment process shows that recruiting agency wants to just fill for the sake of it. The trust in the agency falls and causes further damage. Hence, recruiter shouldn’t give up if the candidate is not selected. Through other modes of advertisement, there are chances to find the right candidate.

As you can see that recruitment process is a costly and time consuming process, selecting the right candidate is essential as they are the future assets of the business. So recruiters and recruiting agency needs to pay attention to all the details given to see that they do not fail. If care is taken from the outset, there are many chances for the recruiters to bring name to their agency and make them sought after firm. The trickiest part is that sticking to what the intention is no matter what the diversity or negativity be, makes them to be the most successful ones.