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How to Make Your Passion Your Profession: Steps


Passion and purpose are something that one may like so much and does it as a volunteer. Passion deals with a kind of power that brings happiness to the minds of people when they are involved in it completely. It enables us to overcome the obstacles that make them self-confident and trust over ourselves to work on it which in turn become one’s profession.

make your passion your profession

What is Passion?

Passion is an energy that includes life, work and it rules the entire life. It shapes the existence, fuels the inspiration, excitement and opportunities of life. It brings the authentic feeling for oneself and the enthusiasm that one may align the energy for. It is fabulous energy that enables one to overcome the obstacles of life.

Ways to Discover your Passion:

Starting to do things even without depending on any kind of business plans is also a way to discover passion. Following the curiosity and pursuing your passion to unlock the exact path helps in sorting out the passion. Initially, don’t try to make money on primary consideration which will divert one’s passion. He/she should try to treat the economic concerns as secondary while doing the loved activities. Don’t wait for someone to empower about one’s passion.

As it is described earlier, passion is to focus on the thing that excites one’s mind. It mainly focuses on the things such as:

  • To figure out the activities that one is good at. Generally means the things that one will enjoy while doing it. So, the best way to figure out things is to think about the jobs, projects and even the hobbies.
  • To clarify the happiness and the excitement that one deserves. It deals with the time in which one may spend in volunteering it. Sometimes, the excitement depends on the things which one may not have experienced it but eager to do it.
  • To spend hours in researching about it. Reading and researching about it for countless hours is a good indication that one is so much passionate about it.

Follow Your Passion:

The people who are hardworking, committed and persistent towards their passion often settle as a good professional. Here are few techniques to follow one’s passion:

1. Starting the passion with right perspective which means believing in strong opinion. Analyze the people experiencing one’s own passion and strengthen the minds to aspire it.

2. Few experience a passionate life in reality even at the peak moments.

3. Look for the resources to start the life that one wishes to live.

4. Distinguishing between hobby and beneficial passion helps to understand the actual process and make money out of it.

5. Enjoying the things that would actually turns one’s life.

Importance of Passion for Profession:

Passion will make one to feel proud of the work and even more enthusiastic. Even though we may not achieve a meaningful career, he/she will achieve a well paid career. When are inclined into career to work harder and to get paid, passion will help in showing more interest towards work.

Driving Force Towards Profession:

Usually driving forces will increase with the increase in challenges in technology, meeting the deadline and eroding margins. When the competition becomes intensive the interest towards passion will increase. It helps one in finding the path to earn livelihood which turns out as a profession. The courage and persistence towards work will strengthen to conquer the obstacles and hustles.

Advancement in Profession:

The person should concentrate more on professional objectives. Know your passion and pursue it with robustness, that will help in representing career mission. It depends upon one’s technical competence, unique talents, values and interests. If a person wants to become an entrepreneur and to view the job as a long term commitment, he/she must check for the advancement in profession.

How to Succeed in your Passion against all Odds:

In rare cases the dreams and goals will come true with no trouble, without any delays, hurdles etc. More higher is the dream, tougher is the challenge. The person should be more ambitious to achieve the goal by overcoming all the struggles. Only a less percent depends on luck. The journey towards success depends on more stubborn and the unwillingness to give up.

1. Select the work that matters:

It means the work may not be world changing or life saving. But the work that one may dream about or the passion that they thought about need not be world changing. He/she should be stubborn enough to handle the assigned task.

2. Do love the profession:

Everyone has to experience the work that when we get involved in it we may forget the world around us. It may be cooking, writing stories, painting or programming. When we involve deeply we may be excited that we come out with different ideas.

3. Focusing on the interested activities:

If he/she is interested in concentrating on the work that doesn’t suit then the person will land up in worries. For example, if a student who is not good at mathematics has received a job as an accountant, it will spoil his career. He/she should pay more attention towards the passion which they might not have paid earlier.

4. Looking for flip side:

One should be capable of looking bright side of the things rather than being pessimistic. It will help the person to rush up with other motives and different ideas.

5. Take some career development risks:

The career development risks are to be faced by the people who follow passion. The quality of work that they undergo should match with the high-quality work. It sometimes, deals with the richer promotions. It is necessary to setup career path for the better management of professional choice and the career work regarding it.

6. Try to ruin the situation:

When the job is claimed one should check whether it is reaching his/her gut point. Logics will play its role in decision making process but broadminded thinking can reach a balanced perspective in advancement to one’s career. One should trust that the path taken or handled is well taken so as to ruin the situation.

7. Competence may not give what one deserves:

When the competence given is worthless then the employee thinks that their boss is unaware of what’s the best. But in few cases it can be rewarded on going beyond and above. One has to ask himself/herself about the career advancement and about what has to be done further for the improvement in profession.

8. Interconnected network:

A developed network usually contains friendship, mentors and referrals. It enables one with opportunities and problems. Job security should be enhanced by a network that provides valuable network.

9. Negotiate to get a win solution:

Even though the opponent is more primitive, not only breed on long term relationships but desire for a range. It promotes long lasting relationships with the dependent organization.

10. Making the passion fake until the achievement:

Faking the passion enhances self confidence that the person experience with positive behavior. And behavior is considered as an action which will take out negative thoughts and in the same way it always reminds one to be filled with positive thoughts. Fear can be overruled once the passion for the profession is fixed.

11. Life should be filled with combination of work, fun, education:

The art of combining career with education brings leisure in the entire life. They build the entire lifetime on their own. Individual’s passion towards the career and transition creates talent management.

Staying on Track:

Checking the articles periodically. Being sportive and self motivated helps in defining time spent on working towards the goals. Being patient and believing in oneself makes one to strengthen and to gather much more information about their passion. Mainly expressing gratitude is to transform the negative thoughts to the positive thoughts. Before achieving success one has to visualize it. Meditation also helps in achieving goals in future.

Pursuing Creativity:

Pursuing creativity in passion helps one to achieve the goals easily. It is concentrated as to be planned, waited, worked and revised the previous work done. Creativity includes passion for business. An entrepreneur or even the small business owners can try to change the passion into career.

Passion as a Profession:

One should try to learn the entire life’s process concentrating on the career development such as work, transitions, leisure and evolving in preferred future. Nowadays students are more involved in the objectives of career development. As all of us are created unique as a fingerprint, each individual will have different passions which are hidden. This can be achieved by five steps. They are:

1. Discovering oneself
2. Exploring options
3. Taking right decision
4. Planning the action accordingly
5. Evaluating decision

1. Discovering oneself:

Discovering oneself involves concentrating more on the interests, values, personality preference and strengths i.e. replaced by the word passion. These should be nurtured young minds where the students will get a clear idea of what has to be done. They should discover their passion based on the above mentioned techniques.

2. Exploring options:

Exploring options will teach the people to gather information about the professional options. They should aim for the classes that can help them develop activities to strengthen their passion so that the students can fly out with colors. They should also be aware of the internships, learning new proposals which will help them grow as a professional.

3. Taking right decisions:

Taking right decision deals with the investment of time and energy towards profession that is based upon one’s own passion. It also deals with the people those are involved during the pros and con with the evaluate system.

4. Planning the action accordingly:

The actions are planned accordingly when the strengths are ready for the profession. This can be enhanced by the other activities that are related to passion.

5. Evaluating decision:

Evaluating decision contributes to realistic option to achieve the goals. It also analyzes whether there are any barriers that are to be overcome by assistance.

Factors that corresponds passion to profession:

  • Belief
  • Facts
  • Plan
  • Perseverance
  • Commitment

Co-creation cancels the collaboration, learning and production. The process involves specialized tools and process that would be more expensive, limited and inaccessible. Manage learning that is personally determined in involving the other regular activities.

Choice of Profession:

Profession is a paid occupation with a formal qualification. The professional community will keep essence of the humanity alive. The work preparation has independence that will be paid and respectable. Once there will be successful profession there will not be any consideration. One has to work hard to achieve in preparation for successful profession. Working as a professional relating to passion will describe the bright future.

Making Room for Passion in Profession:

There are various techniques to settle one’s profession with passion.

  • Simplifying the expenses deals with the loved living on less income. One should follow the passion so as to find whether it is full time or part time.
  • Organizing the home and workspace is to get rid of the things or objects that one will not require.
  • Managing the skills is to get rid of the burdens in life.
  • Stay focused. Starting to organize things in to do list.
  • Let go fear and the focus on being curious than anxious.

While finding the work one likes, he/she find a developmental innovation and resources. It is just finding the natural work flow and the corresponding works. An intersection of passion, opportunity and talent will bring the way for profession. Being good at something is not enough; one has to concentrate more on loving and pursuing it. By setting the intentions one has to concentrate on the profession.