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Top 10 Jobs with Happiest Employees: Highest Job Satisfaction


There are a large number of diverse jobs and careers that provide employee satisfaction on many levels. The areas can include careers in the field of science, accounting, real estate, hospitality, medicine and so on.

One of the main reasons why many employees do not feel satisfied with their jobs is that most of them choose the wrong job, and they do not fit into the work culture of the respective job.

Finding the right job for you is one of the main requirements for acquiring a satisfying and well paid job. You just have to look for the correct job in the right places.

Happiest Jobs in the World

The Happiest Jobs in the World:

All of these jobs are well diverse and vary a lot, concerning the responsibility, the activities and the daily tasks that the job consists of. Some of the jobs high paced and fast moving, while some provide very slow and stable paced jobs. These jobs also vary in the amount of pay that the employee receives.

Some jobs well paid with a large number of incentives, while some just low and poorly paid jobs. Finally, what is more, important is that these jobs allow the employees to grow and develop as an individual and also allow them to do something that they are passionate about.

At the end of the day, what matters is that whether or not the employee has the chance to do something that he or she interested in.

1. Personal assistant:

The stereotypical image that many have of an assistant is usually a young, recently graduate individual. This might be because of such an image portrayed in various movies and books. But this is not always usually the case. Many professionals have reported that they satisfy with their jobs when compared to their peers and other working individuals of the same age.

In reality, each job has its image, and the job of a personal assistant consists of constant judging and verbal taunts stereotypes by the client. But excluding these factors, many personal assistants stick to their jobs and receive a good amount of money as payment.

Moreover, personal assistants capable of solving any unexpected or unwanted situations on the go, since they always prepare and ready with solutions and remedies. This helps the client to perform smoothly in their respective jobs with the help of a personal assistant.

2. Plumbers:

It is true that the job of a plumber is hard and that they have to face a lot of difficulties while doing their respective works, but their jobs relatively easy and satisfactory when compared to the various other jobs present in various industries.

Plumbers are usually the masters of their trade and they do not have any bosses or superiors that they have to listen to while doing their jobs.

They are themselves in charge of their trade and are responsible for the work that they receive. These types of jobs are much more preferable than trapped in a closed office cubicle surrounded by loads of office drama and corporate politics around us.

Also, keep in mind that the job of a plumber is one of the most sought after and high demand jobs that every household needs and thus, there is no shortage of jobs. At the end of the day, the job of a plumber well paid and stable as long as the individual interest in working efficiently.

3. Scientists:

These consider as one of the most underrated jobs since many people fail to recognize them as highly satisfactory. The job of a scientist is one of the few jobs that allow individuals to continue to achieve what they interested in.

Scientists are people who spend a large number of their years studying subjects that they interest in and make a living out of them.

The career of a scientist can be hard since they constantly have to check for funding and capital to support their studies and work and depending on government funding may not always be the best option since they are not easily available and stable most of the time.

But, now with a high rate of development in areas like science and technology, many scientists recruit by a large number of private and public corporations to work in a large multitude of fields and areas varying from farming, consumer products, medical science, and pharmacy and so on.

4. Gardener:

Gardening is also a job that many people would like to do as a job. But, due to its low pay, many people do not take it as a form of career. Gardening is a common hobby that allows relaxation of mind and body while being surrounded by nature. Many individuals working in the corporate industry take gardening as a hobby, since gardening helps them to relieve their stress and helps them to more calm and composed.

Another factor that makes gardening a highly satisfying job is that many gardeners get the chance to see the success of their labor and toil in the form of fully blooming flowers. It is not a common occurrence that a job will allow the worker to create something beautiful and useful by getting their hands dirty. Gardening allows that, and that is why it is a popular stress buster.

5. Doctors:

Doctors have the power and ability to save lives and thus making them an important part of society. They consider as lifesavers and social workers who work hard for the upliftment of the society. Medical practitioners spend hours and days to ensure that they provide the best medical service and assistance to their patients.

Another factor that makes this profession highly satisfactory is that to become a doctor it requires years of hard work and patience. If you are truly passionate about saving the lives of others, then it is worth trying this profession.

Medical practitioners have a high percentage of satisfaction since the social status and pay that the job accompanies is very high and doctors trusted by a large group of people. So to help them save their lives is the greatest sense of satisfaction and achievement that a doctor can achieve.

6. Marketers and PR agencies:

Marketers and advertising agency professionals very much satisfied with their jobs since they allow to exercise their ideas and creativity to come up with new marketing strategies and plans. Another factor that makes this industry more and more attractive to innovative professionals is that their jobs are not predictive.

Each day at the office is a new experience since the pace is always changing and nothing is monotonous. Each job has its obstacles and creating and reviving a brand is not always easy at least the result is fruitful and fulfilling for those who work behind the scenes for the brand.

Also, marketing agencies have become a trend among the newer generation and the millennials, since they gave a fair salary and good working environments. More millennials interest in this job since the newer generations more exposed to brands and advertising in this age.

7. Teachers:

Teachers are one of the most underrated and unsung heroes that any child could have. Also, teachers play a vital role in playing as a Good Samaritan in the child’s early years of learning and understanding about the world.

Teachers consider as a vital source of knowledge and advice for various students of all ages. Also, teachers have a lot of strength in their tolerance and understanding about the child’s behavior which enables them to work with a large group of children at the same time.

Teachers love helping their students and they get a sense of satisfaction when their students achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Teachers consider as modern-day angels for the amount of time and concentration that they spend on a student’s mental development.

One of the main reasons why teaching is not a common profession among youth is that it is a labor intensive job with a low starting pay. But after years of experience and work, the pay scale increases gradually.

8. Hairdressers and barbers:

A good hairdresser or a barber is someone who knows how to get the job done and who tries to keep up a good conversation with the customer. This makes the customers more and more interested to go to a particular professional for their hair care. This makes the environment very friendly and comfortable for the customer.

Many surveys have shown that, to be a successful hairdresser the main requirement is to enjoy the job and that they should be satisfied with their work.

This is the main reason why many famous hairdressers and barbers have a good relationship and contact with their clients and they tend to satisfy both themselves and the customers by providing them with a perfect result.

Similar to the gardening field, when they do a perfect job they are content with their work and they feel a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

9. Nurses:

Nurses usually overshadowed by doctors and medical practitioners. But they are the ones who are the backbone of the medical industry and are the ones who are always ready and prepared for any emergency. Also to become a nurse is not an easy task. It takes years of learning, practice, and experience to be good in this profession.

Also, many patients tend to have a good bond and relationship with the nurses rather than doctors, since they see the nurse’s everyday and hence they have a sense of familiarity between them. Also, when compared to doctors, nurses consider seeing as more trusted and favored professionals.

Many nurses state that they love their work since they face a new challenge every day. The only downside is that it is very labor intensive.

The bright side is that, nurses are very much in demand and hence they are given a high salary and are provided with many incentives by most hospitals. Also, nurses have the advantage of choosing where to work, which is a rare factor that we see among jobs.

10. Engineers:

Among the various jobs mentioned, a recent survey shows that engineers are the happiest working individuals in this current age. Engineers have the job of producing answers to various problems and to achieve a satisfactory result, they must take initiative to learn and love about their jobs.

Today engineers are working on various fields such as in the automobile industries, in civil engineering, electronics, and electrical field, the software industry and engineers are even predominant in the medical field, working as biomedical engineers.

They have similar jobs to scientists, but the only difference being that they have the freedom to experiment with their ideas and have a stable income provided by the company. Like many jobs mentioned above, engineers also get a chance to see the fruits of their labor and achieve a sense of satisfaction from it.

To back up the statement, most engineering jobs very well paid and depending upon the industrial changes and innovations more and more engineers call on demand. All the above factors make this profession as one of the happiest forms of employment.

Keep in mind that, these are not all the jobs that provide maximum employee satisfaction. At the end of the day, job satisfaction for a working individual is usually based on their perspective.

So if you love your job and love what you do, chances are that you highly satisfy with your job. The immense satisfaction in your job is what makes you get enthusiastic and do the work every day.