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Difference between Employee satisfaction and Job satisfaction


When a job is obtained and pursued further, there are figures of factors for a job to get completed. There are many components which satisfy a task, and some which do not.

An organization to show up good production and profit, employee satisfaction as well as job satisfaction is required.

With the number of facts that lead to job satisfaction one should be aware of all and make a survey to measure the accurateness of job satisfaction and employee satisfaction.Employee satisfaction and Job Satisfaction

What is the Difference Between Employee Satisfaction and Job Satisfaction?

1. Definition of employee satisfaction:

An employee satisfaction can be assessed as the happiness of an employee in an establishment. The occupation, organization and workplace can be a few satisfying factors for the employee, though the employee is not absorbed in the study. With such an aim towards satisfaction, the clients are not gained.

Thus an employee satisfaction can be assessed as a gratification that is derived from the working conditions pay and reward structures, playing conditions, and how employees are overseen in the system.

2. Job satisfaction:

Job pleasure can be assessed as an individual’s fulfillment towards the business. They are the ones who desire to love and do work on their businesses.

3. Satisfaction level of employees:

An employee may be pleased with an intermediate point of performance when employee satisfaction is believed. For job satisfaction the employee works harder, stays for long hours and puts in an increased attempt to reach his goals as easily as the organization’s goal.

With an increased degree of job satisfaction, enhanced level of organizational performance is achieved and this in turn improves customer happiness. Satisfied customers become repeat customers and assist in enhancing profit.

4. Job and employee satisfaction affect turnover:

Turnover is a healthy factor for any company. In this manner talented and motivated people require job contentment. They are employed, empowered and motivated and pushed in this mode.

Employees who are gratified with their jobs are happy with their operation and their job; they do not add value to their businesses. There is not a big addition to the turnover of the company from happy employees.

On the other hand, job happiness is where employees are contented with their responsibilities. They add value to their chores and add value to the turnover. Their strong work is what reaches the companies turn over enhance.

5. Level of employees:

Level of employees Employee gratification is the basic foundation upon with job satisfaction can be achieved. Job fulfilled employees are more involved and interested in their study and contribute more to the system.

Job modified employees possess enhanced retention, offer raised productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction and also quality.

The primary advantages of a work gratified employee are that they need less training, possess enhanced motivation levels and face fewer accidents. Employee fulfillment is therefore an entry floor to develop job satisfaction.

6. Focus on increasing levels of employee engagement:

A pleased employee would mean to take off on time and leave the office on time and would induce a low degree of engagement in his oeuvre.

Whereas job satisfied employee puts in a great deal of elbow grease and works towards an aimed goal, aside from this exceptional workforce and performance goes to more honest outcomes.

7. Key difference between employee and job satisfaction:

The happiness an individual increases from current job and its weather is called employee fulfillment. This term does not take into account the effort put in by the employee.

The emotional commitment of an employee to the arrangement is mentioned as job satisfaction. The fullest effort of an employee is spent on the chore for the company’s success when job satisfaction is kept.

8. Drive bottom line results:

To drive bottom line outcomes, a motivation process beyond basic happiness is mandatory. These impacts business outcomes and also drive bottom line outcomes.

9. Job and employee satisfaction key driver:

By offering career development and opportunity both aspects can be accomplished. The employees and managers can play together for weighing goals, development activities, and competencies that drive people to achieve corporate objectives.

10. Aspects for satisfactions categories:

Satisfaction Categories A few facets that play a key part in employee satisfaction which in turn enhanced job satisfaction are job security. When job security takes in an enhanced percentage satisfaction level rises as well.

11. Factors contributing to job satisfaction:

There are a few elements which contribute towards job satisfaction and maintain the employee seated in their seats with interest.

The compensation or pay is very important which leads to the pleasure level, organizational levels and relationship with the immediate supervisors are other key ingredients which lead to the same.

Aside from all these aspects the work by itself, benefits and communication that takes place between the employee and senior management add to the success rate satisfaction of the task.

12. Promoting employee to fulfill with their business:

There are many sketches which have been carried on and gathered up with exact answers and reasons for people who perform well and cleave to their system. A satisfied employee can be transformed to be satisfied with their business in many ways.

For an individual to get satisfied with his job, the employee should know the substance for his task and challenges that come up and should be ready to start all the hurdles.

Training and career development opportunities would change an employee to get engaged in job and achieve goals of the system.

13. Team experience:

When playing as a team, job satisfied employees make sure to involve and motivate the squad as well as come up with ideas that contribute to the project.

An employee who is gratified with the job is not more intended to add success, but does his job perfectly without requiring much effort.

14. Pay plays a central part:

Salary also plays a key role for an employee to be gratified with his business as well as study. Latest word on times job opens up that employees pass on jobs due to low pay.

A recent survey has also published that 32% of employees resigned their previous job due to low pay. So perks, benefits and salary hike are important aspects for the employees to keep them involved and interested.

15. Interest of employees on the organization:

feel of belongingImage credits: Flickr Creative Commons, @ Calita Kabir

Job satisfied employees are more concerned in the organization’s success and keep themselves updated about the position of the society.

Whereas employees who are just satisfied are not more involved and preserve improving their track of study.

To Wrap Up:

There are many aspects which bear upon the satisfaction levels and also boost employees to turn better. There are many studies and polls which indicate that people are gratified with their jobs with many agents such as pay, work culture, study load, communication with higher officials, vacations and great deals. With all these facets in mind job satisfaction and employee satisfaction can be assessed.