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How to Answer ‘Can We Meet You?’ Interview Question


Interviews are something that makes even the most experienced of individuals feel nervous.

However, when appearing for an interview one thing you must know is that there are some standardized questions which interviewers usually ask.

One of the first questions that you are likely to be asked in any interview is,

Can we meet you?

Rather than feeling nervous and answering in an incomprehensive manner, here are some simple tips that can help you.

can we meet you question

14 Tips to Answer the Question Can we meet you in an Interview:

Employers initially for an interview ask some obvious and common questions like when can I meet you, your preferred time for the interview, etc.

One such question is ‘can we meet you’ and here we have provided a few tips on how to answer it.

1. Answer in brief:

Needless to say, those interviewers are people who do not have a lot of time on their hands.

They allot a maximum of ten minutes per interview so you should make sure that you answer all questions in brief.

In the business world time is money and words hardly mean anything, actions speak much louder than words.

Interviewers are greatly taken up those by those individuals that are able to give a power-packed answer within a few words. So make sure you use words judiciously.

2. They just want to gauge how well you can communicate:

‘Can we meet you?’ is usually an ice-breaking sort of question which gives interviewees a chance to settle themselves in and gain composure.

The answer to this question can easily be obtained from the CV which you have already given them, but by asking this question what they want to do is see how well you are able to communicate.

Companies prefer to hire those individuals that are able to put forth their views in a clear and comprehensive manner rather than stammering or stuttering.

3. Try not to give unnecessary superlatives to describe yourself:

To interviewers, it really means nothing when you give superlatives to describe yourself!

Rather than doing this at the very onset it would be better if you provide your strengths when and if they choose to ask you a question to state your strengths and weaknesses.

An interview is a great time to gauge a person’s skills of comprehension as well as his or her skills as a listener.

Being asked something and answering something else entirely is something that will not sit down well with interviewers

4. Give your full name and age:

The first line of in response to the question, ‘Can we meet you’, should always comprise of your good name as well as your age.

When it comes to answering interview questions, sometimes trying to be different is a good thing, but not in this case.

Rather than trying to begin your answer in a new way, in this case it would be better for you to just stick with the basics and not overthink it.

In an attempt to sound different, you might come across as being both juvenile and weird.

5. Educational qualifications:

To bag a job, it is very important to make sure that you have the right educational qualifications that would make you suited for carrying it out. Without the proper credentials chances are that you might not be hired.

So stating your educational qualifications as well as stating in which educational institution you studied really helps in creating a good impression right at the very onset.

However, just remember qualifications are no testimony to how good you are as a worker!

6. Previous employees and why you left:

When asked the question, ‘Can we meet you’ you are expected to provide a brief but fitting introduction of yourself.

Your answer must be an amalgamation of various pieces of information neatly strung together and one for the chief components should be where you were employed previously.

If you are a fresher, then you ought to state that, however, if you were employed elsewhere then give the name and if you think of fitting, also state why you quit or plan on quitting the job.

7. Mention few of your hobbies:

When you state your hobbies within this answer, you are silently communicating to your bosses that you are not a unidimensional individual; rather there are many things which interest you.

In this day and age where competition is so tough, it is of paramount importance, that employees have hobbies which they actively pursue, these hobbies serve as great stress busters.

Your hobby could be singing, blogging, sewing or even doing calligraphy. Mentioning merely one or two would be just fine.

8. Mention talents that are relevant to the job:

In addition to mentioning your hobbies, when asked the question, ‘Can we meet you’ you are also expected to state in brief, some of your many talents, rather than stating talents which are in no way related to the job.

It would be preferred to mention only those talents which are relevant to the job.

For example, if you are joining an advertising agency, then you can enlist talents like photography, graphic designing or even animation.

9. The interviewer indirectly means, ‘Sell yourself to us’:

Today, even for an ordinary job position there are innumerable applicants.

When an interviewer asks the question ‘Can we meet you’, you should take it up as a real opportunity to wow them with your answer.

Wow-ing does not mean you were to speak in too candid or animated a fashion, but rather just speaking very lucidly and speaking in good English.

After glancing through your CV they probably want to meet you in person to see if you fit the bill, so you should try your best to impress them.

10. It is also another way of saying why should we hire you:

When asking the question ‘Can we meet you’, it is just another way of asking why should we hire you and why do you think you are perfect for the job?

Sometimes in an interview you must try your level best and look below the surface, questions might not always be as clear as night and day.

If you pay a little attention and try your level best in giving your 100%, you are bound to yield positive results. By answering well what you do is, you give them a reason to hire you!

11. Maintain eye contact and observe their countenance:

During an interview, it is of paramount importance to maintain eye contact at all times as well as observe the face of the interviewee to try and gauge his mood and present frame of mind.

Through his or her face you will be able to tell whether they are in a hurry or not and accordingly you can decide, whether or not your answers should be long or short.

During an interview, you must make it a point to have your wits about you so that you can give answers as per the demand of the particular situation.

12. Summary of your CV:

When asked the question, what you have to do is give a brief summary of what all you have mentioned in your CV, however, it is very important to note that even if you think you are repeating yourself, you should not shy away from giving your complete credentials.

If the interviewer did not want you to repeat yourself, you would not have been asked such a question.

So do not think, taking brevity to the next level is going to earn you extra points, you might just end up selling yourself too short.

13. Prepare a ready answer for this question:

Rather than attempting to tackle this question right during the interview, it would be better if you plan out an answer well in advance, because there are just too many things that you need to remember and you might end up missing out on several key aspects which you ought to have included into your answer.

After planning out what to say, think of ways in which you could effectively deliver your answer. Try practicing your answer in front of friends and they will give you inputs and advice.

14. Try ending your answer in a unique way:

Finally, try ending your answer in a unique and novel way.

It creates a very bad impression when you send your answer saying something as unprofessional as ‘so.yeah’ or even ‘that’s about it’.

You end your answer on a good note when you say something like, ‘that’s all for now’, or ‘once you hire me, I will work hard and try to not disappoint you’.

Whatever answer you give, try at all times to be professional and do not attempt to sound too cheeky as it may come off as disrespectful.

Final Words:

So these are some of the best tips you ought to keep in mind when an interviewer asks you this question. Rather than becoming nervous, if you appear composed and well prepared for the interview then you are most certainly likely to bag the job at any cost.

Once the interviewer notices that you have the proper qualifications and you also are able to speak well then they are bound to hire you.