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What to Expect from a Third Job Interview?


People often find the third job interview or final round of the job interview extremely challenging. This is because the rounds get tougher and more competitive.

The candidates remaining in the final round are usually as capable and talented as you. You are aware of the high-level competition and this makes you tense.

It is often this fear or tension that makes you lose the battle. If you are better prepared and less scared, things could be easier for you.

Here we have listed the different questions that you may expect in the final round of interview and the best way to tackle these questions.

expect from third job interview

How to Prepare for a Third Job Interview?

Have you ever had a difference of opinion with your ex-boss? What was the reason for disagreement?

When candidates are taking up responsible positions in a firm or organization, it is quite possible that they have a difference of opinion with their bosses.

Individuals who are mature and can handle higher positions usually make sure that the difference of opinion does not affect a business relationship.

When such employees have contradicting views, they simply present their viewpoint with supporting facts and justify the reason for a contradicting opinion.

Experienced employees know how to tactfully present the facts so that they are taken in the right way. Most of the experienced employees also possess the ability to convince their bosses to make a decision that benefits the company.

By asking such a question in the interview, the interviewers wish to know whether you are a responsible employee. They wish to understand how you tackle such situations.

If you were given a chance, what would be the three things you would change in your previous company?

The recruiters wish to employ the best candidates in their firm. This can be possible only when the candidate understands the firm’s working and takes initiative to alter its ways if required.

They look for candidates who possess the ability to identify the flaws in the system. The candidates who just adjust to the ways of the system without having an opinion is never ideal for senior level positions in firms.

The firms require candidates who can make the right decisions. They try to understand your decision-making skills by asking questions like these.

Here is a sample answer that may please the interviewers.

My firm is a great service provider and our customers are always happy with our services. This is because our employees take special efforts to keep the customers happy.

While we enjoy working for the firm, if I were the manager or the deciding head, I would acknowledge the contribution of employees at the lower level.

Their contribution counts a lot when it comes to providing the best service.”

You stayed in your second job for just 3 months. Were you fired from the job?

While appearing for third job interview, the toughest thing is surely to accept that you were fired from the previous job.

Sometimes firms may just tell you to resign because they cannot afford to pay you. This can affect your resume in a bad way as the overall impact is that of getting fired.

When the interviewers ask this question to you during an interview, make sure you be honest with them. If you try to conceal the facts, you become a liar. This may impact your resume adversely.

Here are some answers that could be acceptable.

“I did not enjoy the work culture in the firm and so could not perform my best. This affected my performance and finally I had to quit.”
“Getting fired was a blessing in disguise. The job was anyways not suitable for me.”

It is quite possible that you switch the job when you realize you are not a great fit in the job. You don’t have to hesitate to accept this fact.

You can tell your interviewers that employees do not learn to choose the right jobs at the very beginning.

Do you hope to replace me (CEO)?

The CEOs and the officers at the higher level wish to know how ambitious you are and what your goals are.

Sometimes these CEOs may ask questions that are quite tricky. An answer to such questions may trap you if you do not handle them with enough tact. One of the common questions of this type would be the one mentioned here.

Here we have listed a few of the answers that would please the interviewers and help you get the job during third job interview.

“ Sir, I am ambitious and it is a dream every candidate fosters to be the CEO of the firm or organisation. So when you plan to retire and leave the responsibilities of the firm in the hands of someone equally capable, you won’t have to look for an ideal candidate.”

“Yes Sir, I would love to be the CEO of this firm someday but I am sure by then you would be planning to retire and having me replace you and handle the responsibilities would relieve you of the anxiety of retirement.”

Tell me three words that describe you best?

Most candidates are good at describing themselves when they have the liberty to choose their words. They may use fancy adjectives and impressive quotes to make a lasting impact on the minds of the interviewers.

Yet, when they are asked to describe themselves in few words, they are confused. They often find it difficult to describe themselves in less words.

The interviewers ask questions like these to understand whether you can speak in few words and yet convey the message. Here are some sample answers that are acceptable to interviewers.

“Confident, cautious and credible are three words that best describe me.”
“Knowledgeable, Experimentative and Confident are three adjectives that best describe me.”

While some interviewers will be just satisfied by the answers you provide, some others would probe you to explain each of these adjectives. You may have to tell the interviewers why you think these adjectives describe you.

How would you describe your dream job?

The interviewers want to know whether you will survive in the job once you join the firm. That is the reason why the interviewers ask you about the dream job.

They try to compare and analyse whether you would enjoy the position you are being offered.

The best answer to this question would be to explain how the vacancy they have is perfect for you. This answer would actually help them get rid of their queries and doubts. Here are some sample answers that would please the employers.

“I am looking for a job opportunity that offers me growth, stability and authority. These are exactly the three things that attracted me to this vacancy in your company. This is my dream job.”

“This is my dream job as it is offering me a position where I can make decisions to improve performance of the firm. I was looking forward to taking up a responsible position like this. I have observed the growth of the firm for the past 5 years and it makes me realise this is a stable firm that offers growth opportunities to its employees and that is just what I want in my dream job.”

The third job interview is the final round of a job interview. It is the deciding round and there are somethings you need to be careful about.

Here we have listed down some tips and suggestions for the third job interview round.

Maintain A Confident Attitude:

A confident attitude is the key to success. If you appear confident during the interview, it makes the interviewers believe that you know your strengths and abilities. So make sure you have the confident air about you.

If you have the habit of being nervous during interviews, you can have mock interview sessions at home to get rid of the nervousness.

Confidence should reflect in your speech and body language when you appear for the interview.

Present Yourself Well:

Presentation matters a lot in interviews. You must be wise while selecting the perfect interview attire. Select good formal shoes to go with your outfit.

Make sure you also appear well groomed. The hair should be combed well and the shoes should be perfectly polished. You must use refined language while conversing with the interviewers.

Stay Prepared for Questions on Salary:

As the third round of interview is the final round, you need to be prepared for questions related to salary.

You need to have a salary expectation in mind in order to negotiate when the question is posed to you.

The minimum salary you quote should be satisfactory for you. Do not quote below your minimum expectation.

Never Be Late:

You need to be punctual when you head for the final round of the interview. It is ok if you reach a bit early but do not be late.

You must remember that a bad impression can make you lose a great opportunity during the interview process.

These guidelines are sure to help you get through the third job interview and bag the right opportunity.