Showing gratitude to anyone, at any time is a great gesture of appreciation. Most of the people forget such kind of gesture when it comes to thanking someone for being there or for anything. These kind of appreciating gesture can always favor a person who is an employer and have many employees working under him/her. Most of the employers don’t appreciate his/her employee for the work they deliver. And some of them who do appreciate them by these little thanking gestures, would definitely be a better leader.

thanking employees make leader

Some ways to learn how to deliver gratitude:

Expressing gratitude can be hard for some people but actually it is not. Most of the people need to learn how to express their gratitude towards the people who might have helped. Most of the time these kind of expression works better for the employer which he / she needs to practice in his / her office to be a better leader.

1. Keep track of employee activities:

Most of the time the employer won’t even be aware of the fact that his/her employees are working very hard for the company. So it would be better if the employer would be aware of the fact that his/her employees are great with their work and it is time to show some gratitude for their work delivered. Therefore, keeping track of the employees helps the employer keep track of the activities of the employees, where the employer can consider appreciating people who worked hard for the company.

2. Being specific:

If the employer learns more about being specific to his / her needs and wants, then it is possible that he / she may have the possibility of understanding the matter even better. Showing gratitude is just a matter of expression, but certainly not the toughest thing to do. Therefore, if the employer learns to be more specific about the activities of the employee, then there is a possibility that he / she may understand the value of gratitude towards them.

3. Being authentic:

Most of the time it happens that the employer avoids the expression of showing gratitude towards their employees and this happens when the employer avoids being authentic about the work he / she is into. Most probably the work delivered by the employee needs motivating words so that they can work for the sake of the overall growth of the company. And the employer being authentic can help them design a better behavioral change inside themselves.

4. Build better communication:

The employer needs to build a better communicating platform within him/her and the employees. This helps the employer know his / her employees better. Most of the time, it happens in some office that the employees are too afraid of their employer and even the employer doesn’t treat his/her employee as his/her colleagues. That is why these communication differences can be reduced through constant communication sessions.

5. Share opinions:

The employer needs to provide some space for his/her employees where they can share their opinions directly without hesitation. Most of the time in some office the employees are very quiet when it comes to sharing their opinions, but where the employer allows his / her employees to feel free to share their opinion, then that place work can be better appreciated and the employer may know his/ her employees better. And eventually, the employer understands the value his / her employees.

6. Grab the opportunity to express gratitude:

Most of the time while working in the office, the employer might avoid his / her employees by taking them for granted, but it would be better if the employer grabs some of the opportunity to show some gratitude towards his/her employees to create a better working environment. Therefore, if the employer learns to express gratitude towards his / her employees then such act of gratitude can motivate his / her employees and even it can make his/her employees to work better in the company.

7. Being humble:

It is not necessary that if the employer needs to treat his / her employees as his / her slaves but instead, the employer can treat them equal to themselves so that these employees feel better while working in that office. It is advisable for most of the employers that they need to learn to be humble so that they can be better human being around the office. That is because, for instance, these employers play a role of a monster in the office and being humble can make them be grateful of his / her employees working for him / her.

8. Provide employees all the technical assistance:

Most of the employers show their gratitude by providing most of the technical assistance to their employees. And providing technical assistance can be better for the employer because his / her level of expressing gratitude can be appreciated better as it maintains the position that the employer holds on. Most of the time the employer may need to do something for the sake of the work delivered by his / her employees so at that time it is better if the employer provides technical assistance to their employees to provide them better working environment.

Things Which Make Employers a Better Leader:

When an employer wants to become a better leader then things which needs to be considered is not their leadership skills and talent. Actually the employer becomes a better leader once he / she starts caring about their employees. Employees of the company are the only important part of any company and the employer needs to do everything which make them comfortable working in the company.

1. Communicate personally with them:

Most of the employers don’t even have time for their personal and professional life and sparing a part of their life for their employees is something that is more. But if the employer need is the one who can be a better leader then he / she need to make some effort. And that involves communicating personally with all the employees of the company. This can provide all the inside and out of the employee personally and professionally.

2. Be polite and support them:

It is not important for the employer that he / she needs to support the company first then the employees. But the actual calculation that works is that the employer need to support the employees of the company so that the situations can be handled better once the company joins their hands with the employees of the company. Therefore, if the employer keeps his / her pride aside, then the chances of becoming a better leader is not so far away.

3. Maintain the transparency while working:

It is necessary that the employer should be very transparent regarding the facts which can affect the employees as well. So it would be better if the employer, discuss every single detail about the company, so that there won’t be any kind of surprise things for the employees of the company. Therefore, by maintaining such kind of transparency of the details with their employees, the employer can be a better leader to reach successful position.

4. Try to spend time with the employees:

Spending some time with the employees of the company may sound a little overrated for some prestigious people. But if the employer really cares about the employees of the company then he / she should value their employees and spending time with them. It can benefit the employer better because by spending some of his/her time with the employees, the employer can understand the opinions of his / her employees of the company.

5. Meet the promises and expectations:

Most of the time the employer doesn’t keep their promises and some expectation that they have from their employees, and eventually the employee of the company start losing trust on the employer. To overcome such kind of situation the employer should remind themselves about the promises that he / she made to the employees of the company. And fulfill all the expectations of the employees of the company so that the employer can be a better leader professionally.

And the bottom line is that if the employer learns to be expressing his / her gratitude against his / her employees working in the office, then that employer can definitely be a better leader. And here are some of the techniques that can help such employers in a way that they can learn to show gratitude toward the work that their employees provide. Therefore, these above mentioned information helps those employers to be more expressive with their employees and even it is helpful for the employees in a way that they can understand his / her employer better.