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How to Write a Synopsis for Project Work: 24 Tips


First, you need to know what the project synopsis is and what is the main purpose of writing a synopsis is. What things should a synopsis include and what things should not be mentioned in the synopsis for the project?

What is Project Synopsis?

Synopsis of the project is the gist of the entire project you did like the main aim of doing the project, its objectives, the details of the team and so on.

Have a look at what things a synopsis should include and how one should write a synopsis for the project.

write a synopsis for project

How to Prepare Project Synopsis?

The term project synopsis mainly defines the core of any project dealing with. To understand and have a brief idea regarding the project, the synopsis of the project works well. The projects can be of any type, be it academics or professional, preparing a synopsis is very much essential.

The length of the synopsis should not be too much, an average of 2-3 pages will be sufficient but can be modified or extended depending upon the project. The main aim of preparing a project synopsis is to provide an objective and working procedure of the project.

For preparing a synopsis, there is a particular protocol that needs to be followed. Some of the important things that need to be included in a project synopsis are,

  • Title of the project
  • About the Problem
  • The primary reason to chose this particular topic
  • The main objective of the project (a clear picture of the project)
  • Scope of the Project
  • Working Methodology (the summary of the project must also be incorporated)
  • Details about the Hardware & Software used
  • Listing out the Testing Technologies
  • Limitations of the system proposed
  • Specifying the contribution that the project would make
  • Conclusion

24 Guidelines to Write a Synopsis for Project:

The following mentioned are a few tips on how to write a synopsis and hypothesis of a project.

1. Give the title:

The first and foremost step is to write the project title. The project title says all about what your project is based on.

The title must be short and related to the content in the project. Going off the track will lose the interest of people and this is something you do not want, so, make sure the title of the project is under the content and context of the matter inside.

2. Who all contributed to the project:

It probably would not be only you who contributed the efforts for the making of the project, so make sure you write all the names to let others know who all contributed to the project work.

If it is a team effort, the whole team must be attributed and no one should be left behind. Whenever contributors look at the project, they should not feel abandoned; rather they should feel happy by seeing themselves accredited by you.

3. The team details should be given:

The team details will include the total strength of the team like 4 or 5 persons, also mention the modules like how the work was divided and who was given what sort of task to accomplish.

Give proper details, you can also mention the effectiveness of the work done by whom and how long it took to complete the project.

4. The main reason behind making a project:

The main reason would be the aim and objective of doing a project. The motive behind doing the project should be clearly defined and the intent of why you wanted to do this project should be crystallized in the synopsis.

This will let the readers know what was the main motive behind making a project and it will arouse a lot of interest in the people. In the aim, you can also mention the target audience you wanted to reach and also the reason behind it.

5. The reference books or if something else considered/ bibliography:

You should not forget to mention the reference books you took the help of while making your project.

All the names of the books along with the names of the author. Make sure you do not miss the other references if you had like the use of the internet or any of the technologies used. This usually happens the project makers make use of more than one technology.

When you mention all the references into the research synopsis, the project becomes credible and easy to believe in by the readers.

6. The category of the project:

What is the category of the project like, is it something related to business, research, management, multimedia, communication, commerce or anything else.

The category of the project must be mentioned immediately after writing the title of the project. The category of the project will only invite the related readers and will not waste much of their time by going through the project.

7. Mention the resources, but with the limitations:

While you write the resources for designing and developing the project, also write the limitations of the technologies and the resources you made use. This will provide larger respect and the credibility of the project will enhance.

Also, the other people who would like to make projects will take precautions before starting any of the projects with similar technologies and resources. So, through the synopsis, you become the doctor for others.

8. Divide the different modules:

The different modules here mean the following: the module introduction or the admin module, the module intro with the management comments. Both the modules should be written in detail. The admin module will include the following:

  • Strategic Management included
  • User roles must be assigned
  • Assigning permissions to the roles
  • Managing the styles and themes for the blog
  • Adding and removing the categories for the post

9. The present status of the development of the project:

The current status of the development of the project must explain properly in this section.

If you are starting from the very beginning, then make sure to mention that the project is in the planning stage and then afterward you will be starting the development efforts.

If the project not completed, then make sure you mention that the development process is afoot.

10. Statement of the problems:

The problem you have highlighted in the project should be precise and written. When you understand the problem you are highlighting, then you can conduct a well planned and successful research that further helps in formulating the hypothesis.

The problem should be relevant to the present, must be mentioned in the synopsis.

11. The hypothesis must not be rejected:

A hypothesis is the presumed explanation of the different variables at a time.

The hypothesis helps in setting the own benchmarks based on which you will be able to do the research work. The research hypothesis must give in not less than 200 words.

12. Be precise and short:

While writing the synopsis for the project, make sure you are writing in a precise manner. This is because, if you will write in a lengthy manner, you will be able to go through the whole conclusion of the project.

Your project may be of more than 500 words, so the synopsis should not be the same or you may lose the reader.

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13. Prioritize the things while writing the synopsis:

Many things included while you write a synopsis for a project, so make it a point to first see your project. Whether the project is short or very long, write according to the length of the project.

The short project would probably not include the different modules, while the long project would certainly include the modules, the references, the review of the literature and so on.

14. Give the gist of the whole project:

Synopsis refers to the gist of the whole project, so you should keep in mind that the synopsis for a project that you write is short and crisp, and not a whole lot of paras that are not even worth going through.

It is the conclusion of the whole project and the conclusion should be in either one or two pages and not longer than that.

15. Target audience:

The people whom you have decided to target with the project should be mentioned. Whom the project will be beneficial to, must be given in the subheading target audience.

You need to write to the audience you would like to cater to the project, to get it to read again and again.

16. Better to write in the very starting:

The synopsis that you write for the project should be there at the very starting of the project. This is because the gist in the starting will help readers go through the project.

It helps in getting hooked to what next could be there in the project. So, the synopsis is for arousing interest for the reader to go inside the project.

17. Work professionally:

Working professionally is an important key. You should be able to write a synopsis for the project in a manner that everyone gets a clear idea of what you have done and what message are you going to deliver to the audience or the readers.

18. The direct idea behind the project:

The synopsis should give readers a direct and simple message behind the project. The message should be clear cut, brief and easy to understand.

Make use of simpler language while you write a synopsis. The synopsis will decide how good and interesting the project inside is.

For example, if your project is good, but the synopsis is very attractive, it will certainly push the reader to look at what is there inside, but if the synopsis is not attractive, no matter how good is the project, will not get the required attention.

19. The outline of the project:

The synopsis is the blueprint of the project work. It tells us all about what is the project about, along with highlighting the problems, the solutions, the books, the technologies you took help of, are written shortly and crisply.

This is something that helps the reader to know about the project suddenly without going through the whole project.

20. Write to save the reader’s time:

The synopsis should write in a manner that saves the time of the reader. It should act as a mirror to the rest of the project.

Going through the synopsis should make the reader know if the project is of his genre or no. If the synopsis is explaining something related to business and the reader is from a medical background, then there will be no use of the project.

So, it should reflect the whole idea of the project to the reader and only then you will be able to help the reader save the time.

21. Let it be in the front:

The synopsis for the project should write on the front. This is because in the very beginning only the readers will get to know about the whole project, whether he or she needs to go through the project or no.

So, it must present in front of the starting of the project to help readers know the idea of the project work.

22. There should be no errors:

There should be no errors while you write, it is also a form of communication. Especially the spelling mistakes, grammatical errors should not be there. The more the errors, the more readers will reject the project. This is something you do not need.

You want maximum readers to go through your projects. So, make sure you have no errors while you write for the project.

23. The first impression is the last:

The first impression created by the synopsis as it is something writes in the first of the project work. If there will be many errors, many readers will leave the project unattended.

So, make sure there are no mistakes. The synopsis should look attractive so that the first impression creates the last impression. You can make use of different colors while writing as it makes the thing look attractive and luring.

24. Write in paragraphs:

Do not write everything in a single para, but make different paragraphs for everything you write.

Suppose you write the names of the people who contributed to the project, write them in one paragraph, while other details in different paragraphs. By writing in different paragraphs you will be able to help readers quickly go through the whole matter.


So, the above are some of the points that must keep in mind while writing the synopsis for the project. You just need to work professionally as you did for the project. Synopsis forms a major part of the project as well as technical and professional work. Give the clear idea behind the project, conclude the whole project in terms of a synopsis.

Writing no synopsis gives a non-professional touch to the project, which you firmly do not want. The synopsis of the project will assist you in deciding the success and the failure of the project. It acts as a window to the project inside. So, if the things are crystal clear from the window, only then the view will lure the readers.