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How to Write Bibliography for Project Work: Tips


What is the Meaning of Bibliography in the project:

The bibliography is a summary that lists the sources utilized for completing a book, article or project guide. Generally, a bibliography is mentioned at the end of the content.

While planning a project, it is essential to take notes of sources/references, so that it will be easy to mention when preparing a project guide. It facilitates the reader to utilize your sources so it should be precise and in the standard format.

The following mentioned is a complete bibliography guide on how to write a bibliography for the project:

writing bibliography for project

Complete Guide for Writing a Bibliography for Project:

The bibliography should briefly reflect the content:

Do not exaggerate the context, it should be short and simple. Do not add up extra information, list out the major highlights of the project and note it, this will help the head of the project to outline the references or sources that helped to complete the project. Focus on standard words with simple and identifiable words

Firstly Mention the author name, the title of project, date:

The foremost line comes with the author of the project. Specify the author who is preparing the guide, mention project name and date initiated the guide.

Example: ‘sony’, ‘mechanism of engine’, ‘1/11/2016’

Always remember to list only the reference that can be identified easily by the reader:

Do not confuse the reader with deep information just precise with information which is identified. Sometimes readers may not be aware of certain articles or books so just try to mention the famous and simple words. Readers may not try to copy the same reference, but this will help to produce an idea in his/her upcoming project

Example :””

In case there are two or more authors mention them by their last names:

For example, there is a topic about Internal combustion engines. One person might explain rotating engines in the project guide and others might have explained about reciprocating engines. Then the author will get confused to mention the name in that case, the below example will clarify the doubts

Example: (Rinky, Pinky, and Soni 45)

Also, list in alphabetic order all the sources:

The bibliography writing should be in proper standard so it should be listed out alphabetically so that the reader can just quickly look at the reference which he wanted to go through. It is always catchy to search by alphabet.

Example: ‘A machine’,27

A resource may be a website, book, articles, newspaper, internet:

A project may be assembled by different resources so do not forget to mention the outmost sources and quickly mention day today while preparing the project, so that you do not end up with no information. Different type of sources helps to complete a project, follow the below format for each source

Example: ‘Times of India’, 1/09/2016
https://ic engines/256667
‘Machine work’, ‘times’

Separate each source with a comma or a full stop:

When two authors along with the date or article along with the reference page number can be mentioned in one line in the below format. For proper understanding, the sources must identify between two different references separately using punctuation marks or a semi column or inverted quotations. This provides a clear understanding of two sources in one line
Example: ‘How to start the Internal combustion engine’, ‘engine working principle’

Do not add too many things just mention the main resources useful for the project:

The major concept that carries the project, only that content with references should be mentioned. Each topic collected from different sources, an author need not mention the full details, it’s important to give only the project main points

Collect all the references at the beginning of a project like a website name or books or newspapers or persons who helped to complete it:

Sometimes a resource might be a different person who is not involved in a project you wanted to be thankful then mention the names with a related matter. While starting a project the leader may have few ideas to deal with, at that time author should collect data from all the team members of the project. Brief out the reference links and archive the data

Example: Books Nandita, Ian, ‘Engineering materials’, ‘Design & manufacturing’

While preparing the project, update the bibliography daily:

In case failed to update daily, the information used to collect data may be lost. So it is important to note every point. The members of the team can’t remember all the data that used for completing so keep track of sources and at the end of the project simply write the details in the guide, this helps a lot to the author

Specify the page no’s at the end of each line, this will indicate the reference used for particular topics:

This is the main part of the bibliography of the content in the project mention by a page number so that the reader while referring to the content should understand that this reference relates to the particular topic mentioned on the page number. This is the best idea to easily go through the topic and find its reference.

Example: ‘Strength of materials’, ‘pg no. 26’.

In case the page number cannot identify mention the topic name:

Sometimes page number cannot give to a particular topic and the author wanted to indicate reference, in that case, a topic name can be mentioned. As the topic will be already mentioned in the index the reader finds it easy to find matching the reference. This opts only when an author does not find the page number

Example: ‘’, ‘IC engine disadvantages’.

If the reference is indirect, indicate as quoted:

If the project member does not get direct resource data there is another way to mention the reference. In that case, the author can simply mention as quoted in. This will define the reader that it is an indirect resource. Make sure the indirect resource is very clear and precise

Example: ( seminar 24)

Finally, impress the reader by following the above steps, do not write a bibliography just for the sake of mentioning. A project should be brief with content also with bibliographic references, detail and summarize. These steps help to provide information for beginners. Lastly, coordinate with team members, it will reflect the best results.