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How to Stay Positive and Motivated When You Hate Your Job


There are very few people on earth who loves the job that they are doing. So, if you are one of them, then you are amongst the lucky few, but for most of us, we wake up every morning with the dreadful thought that we have to go back to work.

Some stick to the job because the salary that they are getting is good enough and for some, they are taking some time to gain some experience so that when they decide to move out, they will seek for something better.

Most of us hate our jobs because of our boss. They make the life a complete hell at the office and even when we are back home, they make it a point to ruin our weekend too with their share of work bestowed on us so that they can enjoy the weekends freely.

The main problem is that the economy is in such a state that people fear that if they leave this job, then there are high chances that they won’t be getting any job.

There are very few people who get paid to follow their passion, in most cases work has become a requirement.

It is nothing like people don’t change their job at all and stick to the same job for a long period even when it sucks, instead there have been cases when they have changed for the worse unintentionally.

So, most people continue with their job that is paying them at the end of the month. Now let us see some tips for staying motivated when you deal with a job you don’t like.

How to stay positive when you hate your jobWhat to Do When You Hate Your Job?

Here we are providing you with some tips on how to stay positive when you hate your job so that staying positive at work is possible even when your job sucks –

1. Keep away from troublemaker:

There is always some trouble maker in every office and if you can stay away from them, then half your worries will be reduced.

It is always better to concentrate on your work and don’t get engaged in something which can turn sour and make you a trouble maker instead.

2. Make friends:

If you have some friends at work, then you will feel like going to the office and will also have a career satisfaction.

You will have someone with whom you will be able to share the woes and feel relieved after a hard day’s work.

3. Have a realistic approach:

When you are looking at your job it might seem that it is the worst one on earth but you must get a reality check.

There is hardly any job that is perfect, so you must look for something in your job which will bring a smile in your face even when the other things are not that bright.

There are some jobs which pay you well and then there are some which will provide you good perks. So, if you are in a job where the work you are doing doesn’t excite you enough, then you must look for something which will help you stick to your job until you get a better opportunity.

Most people decide in a haste and they end up making the wrong decisions, therefore it is better that you take your time and research thoroughly before opting for a job.

4. Don’t keep on jumping from one job to another:

It might seem to be the perfect choice to opt out from a job that sucks, but if you keep on doing this every four months, then it will alarm your next potential employer.

You must have good enough reason to second your decision of changing job. You just cannot say that you didn’t like the role that you were given or because one of your colleagues were making your life miserable.

That seems too childish instead you must try and stick to a job once you have taken it up.

5. Talk to your boss early:

Talk to your boss early

Have a talk with your boss when something is concerning you because may be he might have a solution for that.

You never know, so before saying ‘quit ‘ it is better to have a heart to heart talk with your boss and see what he has to say about the matter and whether he will be able to solve the matter or not.

6. Prepare a backup:

If you feel like quitting the current job because you have tried everything but your worries doesn’t seem to end, then it is important that you have a job in hand.

Before you hand over your resignation you must have an appointment letter in hand.

In case you feel you need to enhance some of your skills so that you get something better than the current position, then take the time and work on your skills and when you get something better you can hand over your resignation.

7. Are they paying you well:

If your bank account gets heavy after each month, then it is one of the reasons to be taken into consideration before quitting the job!

The salary is one of the most lucrative things of any job because it allows you to buy those designer dresses and shoes. Enjoy all the luxury that you have been doing for so long.

8. Dress up yourself for better:

You will feel the change in your mood when you dress really well and you look good. You don’t need to do that to impress someone instead do that to light up your mood in the office and make yourself feel good.

Walk tall and be confident and try to talk softly, even to the person whom you feel like killing the very moment you see him.

9. Must not let negative thoughts take over completely:

If you keep on whining, then there are high chances that you will end up being negative about everything. Though it is said that when you share your worries, it reduces but not always.

If you keep talking about only the worries, then it seems that you don’t have any good thing left on your life, so in order to tackle the negative thoughts going through your head, it is better that you look for something nice to talk about.

Try thinking about something better rather than thinking about how your job sucks.

10. There must be something good about your job:

Not everything can be bad for your workplace. There must be something good in there, it might be your colleagues or the work environment or even the job responsibility that you have.

There ought to be something which you really like about the job. Try to make a list of all those nice things and keep it in front of you so that it makes you feel better.

11. Smile always wins hearts:

smile makes you stress free

Smile is a great way of dealing with stress so you can keep on smiling and it will rub off on your colleagues as well making it a nice place to work in.

12. Live your life:

When you are out of your office premises do whatever you feel like. Engage in some activities which will make you feel good and you really enjoy doing.

It might be something like enjoying a movie with old friends or even work out is also a great stress buster, so dig in deeper and see which is that one activity is that makes you really happy.

13. Vent it out:

The people on whom we vent our anger is our family, but we must remember that they are also working and they must have gone through hell themselves and now when we are whining the same thing to them, then we are making their life even more miserable.

Therefore, instead of venting it out on them it is better that we do it online. There are sites that allow employees to say it loud whatever they want about the job that they are doing. It is a great way and it helps a lot. You can try it out all by yourself.

14. Move forward:

When you are walking out of your office premise, it is always better to leave the misery there only. It will help you to enjoy your day when you are with your family and friends.

15. Reasons to hang on:

If you are sticking to a job that really sucks, then you must think hard about why you are doing so.

If you are not getting any better opportunity then it is better that you stick to your old job because at least you have a source of income with it. The reasons might be any but it is important that you take that into account before deciding anything.

16. Everything changes with time:

Everything changes with time

We all know that time changes and this goes well off for bad time too, but as of now, you have to stick to the situation.

There are people who have been changing jobs every two to four years, so if you are finding it difficult to hang in there, then you can reason yourself saying that this phase will also change.

But this might not be the case always because that will leave a wrong impression about you when you appear in your next job interview. Therefore, though it seems to be the perfect getaway you must hang on in there for long enough before you decide to change the job.

17. Add some fun elements:

It is not possible for you to work the whole day without getting a break. Therefore, when you take a break make sure that you catch up your favorite sports on your smartphone or listen to music so that you can relax a bit.

Do something which will rejuvenate yourself and you will be ready to go back to your work with the same energy.

18. Sense of humor is important:

You cannot lose out your sense of humor because that would mean killing a part of yourself. It is really important that you see the brighter and funny side, even in the most disgusting situation.

You can go back to your home after work and watch a romcom or sitcom to enhance the mood.

19. Do your job and leave:

It might happen that your colleagues are your concern at the workplace, so what you can do is concentrate on your work, give your best shot and maintain the productivity and then just go home without wasting time in the office.

If you are concentrating only on your work, then it will help you in gaining experience and it will in turn make you a better professional as well.

20. Avoiding depression:

avoid getting in to depression There are many professionals who suffer from depression just because their work sucks. So, you must make it a point to seek some experts help whenever you feel like your professional life is taking a toll on your personal life as well and you are feeling completely stressed out.


In case there are some psychological issues that you are unable to handle, then it is better that you ask some professionals to help you out from the situation.




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