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What to Bring to a Job Interview (And What NOT To Bring)


When you are going for an interview, then it is quite obvious that you would love to go there all set.

But in order to do that, you must have an idea about what to carry for an interview along with you. Otherwise, you might send in a wrong signal to your potential employer.

There are some Do’s and Don’ts that you need to follow when you are going for a job interview otherwise your first impression might turn out to be a bad one, which you definitely do not want for sure. Therefore, it is very important that you know both the aspects.

Never ever bring in a candy or gum along with you during an interview. Even tattoos, earrings and friends might affect the first impression therefore, it is better that you hide them.Even wearing a hat or maybe cap might go against you.

So why take chances instead play safe with your appearance, so that by the look of it the interviewer doesn’t get any wrong impression about you.

Here is a list of 25 things that you shouldn’t forget to carry at the time of job interview

25 things to bring to a job interviewWhat to Bring to a Job Interview?

1. Multiple hard copies of Resumes:

It is always good to carry extra copies of resume with you because you never know when the requirement pops up.

In case, you have made any changes since the time you uploaded your CV, then it is good to have the hard copy of the updated version ready with you for reference.

Even when you have uploaded the updated version, it might happen that the hiring manager has not taken a print out of your CV, then you will be ready with one showing them how prepared you are for the interview. Moreover, if you come across extra people, then you can hand them over your CV.

2. Note down the direction well:

You must take down the address and the direction of the venue carefully, so that you do not wander around and then call them up to get the direction. This will put a wrong impression of yours in front of the interviewer even before you appear.

Therefore, it is very important that you do proper research on the location that you have to visit well beforehand so that you are right on time for your job interview.

3. Take down the details of an interview:

take down details of an interview

When you are going for an interview, then it is better that you go through the job description thoroughly and take down all the details, including the name of the interviewee manager, phone number and guidelines along with the time.

In case they have mentioned someone’s name as a point of contact, then you must note down the name in bold.

4. Might sound silly, but do carry some extra pen:

This is one thing that most candidates forget and it sends out the wrong signal to the interviewer. You might need the pen to take down notes or if you are asked to appear for a written test.

If you do not carry one, then it will show how irresponsible you are and you definitely do not want that.

Instead, you can help the hiring manager in case he needs one and ask him to keep it because you have spare one. This will show your preparedness and how organized you are.

5. Don’t forget the wallet:

You have kept everything in place, but have forgotten the most important thing that is the wallet.

Have you ever realized what consequences you might face for this one fault?

You will find it difficult to pay the fare and will end up losing some quality time. It is also embarrassing when you reach the destination only to find that you are not carrying your wallet, then how are you going to pay?

So, this definitely is one of the most important things that you must never ever forget to carry on your way to the interview.

6. Must carry the telephone:

Some suggest that it is better not to carry the cell phone with you, but it is important that you carry it with you because in case the interview gets delayed, the interviewer will be able to inform you.

But, you must remember one thing that your ring must not be loud because that will be distracting for everybody.

7. Groom yourself:

Groom yourself for the interviewIt is important that you look good and confident when you are appearing for an interview, therefore, you must carry a mirror, comb and a makeup kit for the final touch up so that your appearance speaks volume.

8. Pack a quick lunch:

Nobody can say how much time will be consumed in the interview process, therefore, it is better that you keep something with you so that you can grab a quick bite while waiting for your turn.

A sandwich or an energy bar might do the trick because if you are hungry while appearing for the interview, then it might end up distracting you and ending the hope of getting selected.

9. Restrict the number of bag:

Do not carry too many bags because it looks all cluttered and messy instead try to chip in everything that is required into one bag. It will also keep your hands free.

10. Notebook:

carry notebook to interview There will be times when you will have to jot down some points, therefore, you must keep the notebook handy

With due permission you can take down the important points that are discussed for reference.

In case, they are asking you to produce some details for the next meeting, then it is important for you to note it down so that you do not forget all the necessary things.

11. Make a note of questions to be asked:

In an interview, the interviewer also expects some meaningful question from the candidates so you must come prepared for that session.

You have to do your homework well and jot down the questions that you wanted to ask the interviewer. But make sure that you ask really relevant questions and not just about anything.

The questions that you will ask will reflect your attitude towards the job and your approach. Your question must reflect how focused you are and how you can contribute to the growth of the company.

12. Take care of the basic :

You must carry a bottle of water and if possible, you must also carry some drops or tablets that will soothe your throat in case you get sudden cough.

Hand sanitizer is a must and when you have all of these handy in your bag, then you can be rest assured that in case you get sneezes or cough you will be safe and sound.

13. Prepare yourself for the interview:

You must not think that the interview will be easy. You must prepare well for the behavioral questions that are generally asked in the interview.

In case you want to go through them at the last moment, then you must jot down some important points on paper and keep it to yourself so that you can go through them even after you reach the venue.

We all know how this small thing impresses the interviewers when they see that you have come full prepared. They mostly see whether you are ready to answer all the questions with proper real life examples or not and when you do just that it really impresses them a lot.

14. What you wear does matter:

what you wear matters for an interview The accessories starting from belts, bags, rings and clothes everything is taken into account and it is very important that you take care of all these things when you are appearing for an interview.

If possible you can carry a spare dress, in case you have spilled something on your dress, then you don’t have to worry about the stain all through and whether the interviewer has been able to spot it or not.

15. Shoes also matter a lot:

They might offer you a tour inside the building, so you must wear something that is comfortable as well as formal because it is not a good idea to drop in wearing a sneaker.

16. Never look down or up:

You must look straight into the eyes when you are speaking. Maintaining eye contact is very important when you are appearing in an interview.

If there is more than one interviewer, then you must try to maintain eye contact with all of them while answering.

17. Wear the smile on your face always:

A smile wins the heart and in case if you want to buy some time before answering a question, your smile will be the perfect getaway for that.

A warm smile will make you look confident and will also lighten up the stressful environment of the interview room.

18. Confidence is the key:

If you are not sure about yourself, then why do you think others will be? Therefore, when you are entering the interview room, wear your confidence up on the sleeves.

While answering the questions you must be confident and must have full faith in you, that no one else can be the perfect choice other than you.

19. Reference letters very much required:

Recommendation letters do earn you some brownie points, therefore, it is very important that you carry two three reference letters or recommendation letters.

In the course of the interview you might require these letters to second the thought that you have shared. It is a good way of supporting yourself.

20. Photo of yours:

Even when you have attached photographs on your CV still it is better to carry some spare copies just in case any requirement comes out. You must be fully prepared with everything so that it conveys your positive attitude.

Some organizations have come up with an application form which the candidates need to fill up and there they have to fix the photo. So keeping some spare in handy will save you from embarrassment.

21. Certificates and prizes:

Carry certificate to an interview

If you carry the best employee certificate with you from the previous office, then it will show how dedicated and good you were on the previous office as well.

Action speaks louder than words, therefore, it is best to carry some of your achievements along with you so that you can present them in front of the interviewer and impress them.

22. Control the emotion and check the fact:

Never lie in an interview because even if you do, then eventually it will be found out and you might get thrown out of the job. When you are answering the question of the interviewer you must do that calmly void of any extra emotions.

You have to deal with the past experiences and if there were any mishap that you were part of in the previous office, then you must be the first person to tell them that rather than they finding out the truth about you.

23. Work references:

While preparing for an interview, you must keep all the examples of your work in the bag. If it is a long list, then make sure that you have the best work examples ready for the interviewer in your bag.

24. Have a note ready:

After coming out of the interview room, you must make it a point to slip in a Thank You note to the interviewer. It will surely place you in the good books and that is the reason you must come prepared with it.

25. Laptop or pen drive if appearing for technical round:

There might be something that you need to show your interviewer in case you are appearing for a technical interview, therefore, it is completely fine if you carry your laptop or pen drive with all required documents in it.

What NOT To Bring to an Interview:

  1. Bad Attitude
  2. Candy/Gum
  3. Competitor’s Products
  4. Drinks
  5. Friends & Family
  6. Hats
  7. Messy Hair
  8. Pets
  9. Piercings or tattoos
  10. Reading Materials
  11. Smartphone
  12. Strong perfume