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13 Ways to Stay Awake at Work without Caffeine


Staying up all night is the hardest thing too, especially if you are at work. Even though stay awake at work late is not the healthiest thing to do… we surely can’t avoid them. It could be for an important presentation or something urgent that came up at work.

There are so many things that could keep us busy as a result of which we have to stay awake all night to finish it. If you are facing the same situation these days, then we empathize with you.

Even though it is hard, we can tell you for sure you aren’t the only one. But of course, there are ways in which we can simplify your life. The following tips to stay awake at work in this post will teach you how to stay awake without caffeine and finish all your work on time!

Stay Awake at Work

How to Stay Awake at Work:

The following mentioned are a few tips on how to keep yourself awake.

1. Get a whole lot of rest the night before:

If you want to stay up all night at work, you have to make sure you have got enough rest from the night before. It is very important for your body to feel energized and relaxed so that they can carry on for the next day.

Our suggestion in cases like these would be to sleep well the night before. If you happen to wake up at noon, there are chances you will be very less tired and as a result, you will stay awake at work for long.

Also if you want you can take a nice long nap for a couple of hours. Doing things like these will always boost energy and keep you healthy and fit. So make sure you get enough rest, the night before.

2. Eat properly:

One of the things to keep you awake at night is eating healthily and eating light. You should have a big and healthy breakfast in the morning. Having healthy carbohydrates such as oatmeal, wheat-based cereals, turkey and fruits along with some veggies are some great ideas. Apart from that, you can also have some cottage cheese or yogurt.

Your lunch should consist of whole wheat bread, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs. It should energize you for sure. For dinner don’t have anything greasy or fattening. That would just make you feel bloated.

3. Don’t have any sugar:

One best way to stay awake is by saying ‘no’ to sugar. Don’t have sugar at all. The larger the number of sweets you have, the more you will prepare yourself for a good night’s sleep. If you go by our suggestion, we would tell you to have some black tea without sugar or better have some green tea.

There are other tea choices you can try without sugar. They are a healthier alternative and don’t have any caffeine. Plus these drinks are always good for those who are trying to stay awake all night without risking their health.

4. Drink a whole lot of water:

Drinking a whole lot of water is also helpful and one of the best ways to stay awake at work all night. Water keeps you refreshed and flushes out all toxins. Also, water stops you from feeling sleepy at any cost.

So make sure you are having a whole lot of water the entire day. It will keep you healthy, fit and active at night as well! 10 to 12 glasses of water a day are more than enough.

5. Don’t do the same task:

Doing the same task all the time can get a little monotonous and may bore you to death. A smart and easy alternative to this is switching tasks whenever you have the opportunity. Don’t do the same thing for a long time. You can do one for an hour and then do the next for another. Also, remember to rest your body a little in the middle. That also helps a lot!

6. Let the lights stay bright:

The worst thing you can do on the night you are about to stay awake is keeping the lights dim. Plus dim lights always ruin your biological clock. You can improve your health and be up all night by simply keeping the lights bright.

7. Prepare Your Mind For It:

You also have to prepare your mind if you want to stay up all night. Keeping yourself mentally engaged is something that works. Here are some natural ways to stay awake or in which you can keep your mind stimulated.

The first thing you should do is pay attention. Always notice the things that are going on around you. Second, if you have a partner or a friend around you, then speak to them for a minute or two or make some conversation.

You have to stay engaged. Let your mind keep working always and don’t ever let yourself drift off into another land. Even if you are watching a bit of TV or speaking to someone, you have to stay focused and not daydream.

8. Get some exercise:

It is also very helpful if you get some sort of exercise for your body. It always stimulates your mind and allows you to stay awake at work. You should get as many exercises as you possibly can. Step out of your workplace and walk for 10 minutes.

If you are alone, just walk around there or ask your friend to just walk around with you. You may also sit alone and meditate for a couple of minutes.

9. Keep away from alcohol:

You should also keep away from alcohol. Alcohol is simply bad for your health and can ruin you completely. You can stop yourself from feeling like this by keeping miles away from alcohol. In that way, you will stay up all night and avoid sleep as well.

The worst thing about alcohol is that it ruins your health and makes you feel tired. You can stop that by drinking all the right liquids.

10. Choose healthier snacks:

You can also choose healthier snacks if you want to stay up at work and avoid caffeine. Those who have low blood sugar can become all tired and not complete any work on time. You can, however, keep your energy going by choosing some healthy snacks.

If you want, you can eat all those snacks that give you energy. And no we are not talking about carbs at all. There are fresh fruits like apples, grapes and of course, there is fat free yogurt. That doesn’t have sugar at all. Lean protein is also a very smart alternative.

11. Make sure the environment is good:

You also have to make sure that the environment is good. If your AC is too cold, you will probably fall asleep. You can, however, avoid that by keeping the AC at the right temperature. Try some cold compresses on top of your wrists. You can do it on your head as well.

That would do wonders as well. So make sure your environment is good. After all, you will be working on it. If you are going to be awake working all night, you need to be comfortable but not too comfortable. So be very careful!

12. Prepare Your Body:

It is also important to prepare your body. There are so many small tricks that you may try if you would like to keep yourself alert throughout the night. We have some super fun things you can try to stay up and stay awake. First of all, you should stretch. Your wrists, calves, and hamstrings should be stretched as much as possible.

Don’t make them too tight. Just stretch them in a normal way. Give yourself a quick hand massage if you want. Also if you want you may chew a few gums. But make sure they have no sugar in it.

13. Keep yourself busy:

A final thing you should remember to do is keeping yourself super busy throughout the night. You have to keep working throughout so that you don’t fall asleep or even think of sleep for the matter.

Also, keep yourself ready for 4 am to 5 am because that happens to be the sleepiest time of the day. People tend to fall asleep a lot during this time. If you can combat this, then nothing like it.


With that being said, the post will now be called to an end. Waking up all night is hard but if you keep all these points in mind, you will surely be able to find some help. Even if you are working very late, you will be able to adjust yourself with these tips.

On that note, we would like to wish you luck. Also if there are some tips to stay awake at work all night and ideas you would like to give, feel free to comment below. Your feedback is very important to us. You may also send some of your questions if you have. We will try to answer all of them.