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Having a Bad Day? 11 Things You Need to Keep in Mind


Life may not always come with a pleasant surprise, it may be harsh at times. There are times when stress, disappointment, failure, a thing of past may ruin our mood and everything may seem impossible and depressing at that time.

However, here are some tips that would be of great help when you face that tough day!

having a bad day

Are You Having a Bad Day? Ways to Get Over It:

1. The hands on the clock never stop, so why shall you? Stay positive!

At times it may seem to us that the world has suddenly stopped and the tough day is not passing by but it does.

Have you ever seen the hands on the clock stop?? No right? So is life. It will never stop, all you need is a positive attitude and a zeal to make things right. Nothing is permanent, not even your situation. So be kind to yourself and do not let any situation be it bad or even worse, defeat it with your positive attitude.

2. Lesson or regret? The choice is yours:

A tough day maybe because of a past moment or mistake that has come to your mind suddenly and which is a tough thing to get over with for sure. But is it right to lose against the past?

You need to give it a real thought about it. The negativities of remembering the past misdeeds are many, the worst of which is regret but the best of it is the lesson of life learned from it.

You may sit and ponder about past and depress yourself and ruin your precious day with regrets but remember, you always have an option to learn from it and let it go. Make it disappear and just keep the notes of the lessons you learned.

3. Guilt deserves an icing of some gestures:

The most common reason because of which we face a gloomy mood is because of some recent events that may have put us on the wrong end of our relationships.

Remember, it is not the end of your relationships, you just need to show some gestures that will for sure rectify the situation and will bring smiles all over again. We might forget to wish a friend on his birthday or say sorry for some harsh words said, but it is a mistake and not something you did out of intention.

And always be sure that you would never want to hurt someone’s feelings by choice. All you need to do is take some time out and say sorry. This word will reconcile every broken bond which you thought to be an impossible task.

4. No, not at all, failure can’t drag you down, never!

Failure may seem like the most unacceptable thing that has come across our path and that too without warning.

Yes, true, you will never get a warning letter before you fail but it should also not dishearten you to the core. Failure is an experience that allows you to climb high only if you succeed in the art of positivity. Failure must be taken as an experience that is to be used positively to move ahead further in life.

We may fail at a task several numbers of times, but remember, every time you fail, there is something yet to be done which is, taking some time. But as soon as you reach the all perfect level of your work, you will love yourself for what you have created and how perfectly you have completed the task.

It may take some time to succeed but once you do, you will realize how beautiful it feels. However, you must stay positive and never lose your confidence.

5. Asking for help will always help you!

If you feel that asking for help will reveal your weakness, you might be very wrong here. Think about it again, if you would not share your feelings with someone, you might suffer from the most dangerous feeling of loneliness.

It is always a better option to tell someone who you feel will understand and can advise you. Talking to that person alone will work as a magic spell on your mood. It will lighten your burden, enlighten your mood, boost your confidence and heal your pain to a great level.

Do not be afraid of asking for help because it is the best decision you make while you are engulfed with the pain and depression that you are not able to let go of all by yourself.

6. It is just the cover. Do not worry!

We, as humans, have a very common tendency of judging our life’s happiness by comparing it to that of others.

However, it’s not the truth and not the wise thing to do. We know about other’s person’s life only by its covers. It may seem perfect and picturesque from where we are standing and watching it but if we go close we will be able to realize that life cannot be perfect.

No one on this earth is completely pleased with his or her life and they want it to be better, they want more things to happen, more friends to come over for the weekend, the most amazing lifestyle, the most reputed job, and the list go on.

No one is happy with what they have and it is again human nature. So instead of depressing yourself with this feeling, enjoy your life and always know that you have things that are picturesque for others.

7. Appreciate your treasures!

Treasure? Yes, all you have in your life is nothing less valuable than the gems and jewels we find inside a treasure.

Whenever your mind ponders about things you don’t have, try and make a list of all that you have. The things that give you sheer joy whenever you think about them. It might be the best friends you have, a loving family, a successful life, name, fame or past achievements that make you feel proud of yourself.

Loving yourself is the easiest and important thing in life. Once you can love who you are and what you have and what you have achieved in life, your life will again be like a flowing river that never stops.

8. Do what you love! The only therapy!

Everyone in this world feels happy when they do something they love. And while you are having a tough day, it is a therapy that has the power to give you joy and happiness.

Playing guitar, a stroll in the woods, a silent corner of your room, dancing, painting or reading, it might be even something apart from these which gives you happiness. Apart from sitting and pondering over things that may drag you down, you might love to indulge in any of the activity that makes you forget the world for a while.

Sometimes the depression overpowers us just because we get busy in our strict schedule and forget to relax ourselves doing what we love. This is the best way to relax if you are in stress.

9. Be your Godfather!

It is not always right to wait for someone to come and save you from the situation. It lowers your self esteem.

To just sit and ponder over things and the people who you feel is responsible for your situation. Remember, this will not help to change your situation, rather it will decrease your confidence.

You are your godfather and you alone can push yourself out of this situation. Cursing the ones who might have been the reason for your upset mood will only increase your sorrow. Go ahead and decide about what you should do right away!

10. Have faith!

There are situations when you might feel low about yourself and even worse, you might have lost the faith in yourself. We might feel at times that we cannot achieve anything better in life.

It is really hard to gain self confidence again, but it is not something unachievable. You are the best and you can again be confident you! Unleash the achiever in you and see how things turn beautiful around you!

11. Smile!

Smiling can work wonders on your mood. You might not feel like smiling but search for reasons that will force you to smile. Yes! force yourself to smile and feel the difference. If you try and smile every time, it will bring down the intensity of your tough day.

Talk to someone who can make you smile, try a new dress and feel beautiful, eat something delicious and appreciate it, many other things make you smile, find them and a reason to smile!


So, now since you have a list of things that you can do, take care of your mood in case you face some situations that may be out of control. Remember, everything and every situation are meant to change, it is the law of the universe one can say.

What you need is your self-confidence, your esteem, and zeal to move ahead in life leaving behind all the negativities. And this can be possible only when you love yourself, appreciate the gifts you got, the achievements you made and then, everything will be fine.