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How to Set up Better Goals For Your Job Search ?


If you have been looking for a job for a long time, then you might feel lost in between.

But, if you set up daily job search goals, then it will keep you motivated and your job search will be much more streamlined than before.

You will be able to measure how productive your job search was if you follow these goals.

Daily planning as well as daily intent will help you in making the job search of your move forward at a great pace.

Nobody is aware of the fact about where their best leads will flow from; therefore, it is important that you pursue whatever you can.

daily job search goalsWhy Setting up the Job Search Goals is important?

Organizing the job search is very important for any job seeker. They can either set up weekly or daily goals and depending on that the daily activities can be scheduled. This will ensure that your job search for the day was a focused and purposeful one.

The process of goal setting is as follows –

  • On Sunday, you will set the weekly job search goal
  • Daily goals need to be created and along with that, the activities that you will have to do on Monday needs to be finalized. It will help you to start off on the right track on Monday morning itself.
  • At the end of every day, review the progress you have made in your job search. If you have achieved certain results, then don’t forget to reward yourself
  • Maintain a goal sheet that will help you in determining the goals that you need to achieve the next day.
  • In case, you haven’t achieved all the goals set for the day, then carry it over to the next day and try to meet on that day
  • Create the schedule that you want to follow the next day.

Selecting your Job Search goals:

A strategy is imperative for your job search and when you are setting up your job search goal, then it should support the strategy.

Your goal might include things like sending out 20 resumes or targeting the companies of your choice and building connections with them within a specified time frame.

Some other job search goals, include –

Making Job Search Goals work:

If you do not act on your goals, then there is no use of making those goals in the first place. Therefore, what you need to do is –

  • Print the goals that you have set for your job search and post them in a place where you will be able to view them daily
  • Sharing the goals with your friends and building accountability is one of the most important things
  • Plan small actions for your big goal
  • Allocate some time of the day for reviewing the progress and planning for the next day

When you are able to achieve at least one goal of yours, then reward yourself with something really good.

It will work as your motivation and you will work even harder to achieve all the goals on a daily basis.

Achieving the Career goals you set:

Now you are all set with your goals, but how will you know that you have achieved them or not!

How do you measure your success in achieving the job search goals?

Here are some of the ways that will not only help you in setting up the goals in a smart manner, but will also help you in measuring the success level as well.

  • You can start your day by searching for jobs that identifies your strongest skills and also the work culture that you are looking for
  • Then make sure that you update your LinkedIn profile with true facts. Emphasize on the skills and professional summary
  • Write 3 recommendations and ask for 3 letters of recommendations each week
  • Make sure that you attend at least 1 networking event from where you will be collecting a minimum of 3 business cards of people who will be from the same industry

The achievable Job Search goals:

If you follow the job search goals, then the whole process will be more relaxing and you won’t be stressed out at the end of the day.

You will know how much you have progressed as far as job search is concerned.

1. Deciding on the number of contacts:

The success of job search depends on the number of contacts that you are able to make.

Opportunities might come from anywhere, therefore, the more contacts you make, the more opportunities you have in gaining success.

2. Grabbing attention:

In order to enhance your chances of grabbing the attention of right hiring managers, you will have to ensure that your resume is all over the place like,, LinkedIn and several other job sites.

In order to maintain the freshness of your resume, change at least a single word in the resume and re-post it almost every week.

3. Explore other options:

Don’t assume that the internet is the only way of applying for jobs or looking for the right opportunities.

There are several other ways of finding a perfect job for you, therefore, allocate 3 or 4 hours daily on the internet. For the remaining time period, explore other options as well.

4. Make it a habit:

Your job search must become a habit for you. If you are making a connection or sending a resume or following it up, just note it down. It will help you in the long run.

5. Work on personal branding:

You will have to market yourself well. You need to stand out in the crowd and communicate concisely your worth as a professional and the value you will be bringing in as a potential employee.

For personal branding, you need to work on your resume and cover letter. It must be like a 30 second TV commercial that will highlight all the good things about you.