Searching for job may cause different kinds of problems. In this competitive world searching for jobs may be considered as a tough thing. Not only for a candidate’s dream job, but for searching any kind of job. During job search there is a similar method which we follow in general. There are certain kinds of best job search strategies. And those strategies are proactive job search strategies and reactive job search strategies.

proactive reactive job search

Proactive Job Search Strategies:

This kind of job search is very rare in practice, as most people prefer reactive job search strategies. Proactive job search strategies may be considered as a strategy of searching those particular jobs, which a person needs in a particular company. These kind of proactive job search strategies are seen normally during government jobs. There are certain people who will be willing to work in a accompany for a certain position which is their dream.

Steps to Successful Proactive Job Search Strategy:

There are certain things which is necessary to be followed while searching for a job using proactive job search strategies and they are as follows.

1. Identify that particular company which you are interested in: Most of the time while searching for a job, a candidate searches for a particular type of job which he is interested to work. These kind of proactive job search strategies helps a candidate to search for that particular job which he / she want to work in. Therefore, to start with a kind of job search strategy a candidate need to identify that particular company job which interests him / her. And ultimately that candidate applies for that company job.

2. Collect information about the company: When a candidate identifies that particular company which he / she interested to work with then that candidate needs to collect information about that particular company. It is necessary that a candidate should understand all the details about the company. These information about the company can be collected through the company online website. Or else if a company is holding any official blog, then a candidate can search all the information about that company.

3. Build a network: If a candidate needs to work in a particular company and identifying all the relevant information about the company, it is time to start inquiring about the requirement in that particular company. To start with the requirement search process, a candidate need to build a network where he / she can be notified the availability of the job requirement in that particular company. There are some of the network partners for that company, if a candidate seeking job convinces them to notify him / her about the requirement, then there is a possibility that he / she may end up applying for an interview.

4. Final application for the job: After completing all the necessary steps of proactive job search strategies, it is time to apply for that company job. And these job applications can be sent through those network partners with whom that company has tied up for the purpose of sourcing suitable and potential candidates for that particular position in the company. Therefore, these all steps of proactive job search strategies will take a bit long time to get a job. And that’s why this strategy is very rare in the job market.

Reactive Job Search Strategies:

Reactive job search strategies may be considered as a strategy where in which all the candidates searching for a job use a certain career search tool and try to find jobs according to their preference. These kind of job search strategy is very common and most of the people use this strategy to find easy and suitable jobs. As mentioned earlier, these strategies are called as a reactive job search strategy.

Steps to Successful Reactive Job Search Strategy:

These reactive job search strategies are very commonly used in all the job market. Here are some of the methods or steps to follow while searching a job through reactive job search strategy.

1. Understanding the job advertisement: While using reactive job search strategies a candidate should understand the job advertisement. It is necessary that while applying for a certain kind of job a candidate needs to understand the job description so that the final decision about selecting that particular job would be easy. Therefore, these things of reactive job search strategies can help a candidate find a perfect job without wasting much time of unnecessary interviews.

2. Research all about the company: Once a candidate decides about the company which have advertised their available job requirement through some kind of advertisement media, make an accurate decision about the job. It is necessary to collect all the information about the company. Therefore, while researching all the details about the company a candidate need to learn more about that company.

3. Target a main authority of the company: After decision making as mentioned above, the candidate applying for that particular position in that company needs to keep in mind that if he / she really needs to work in that company then he / she should maintain a good relationship with that company. Therefore, to start with application processing the candidate should address those job application letter to the main authority of the company. This can help the company to make a correct choice while searching for a suitable candidate.

4. Learn more about a particular area of work: For example, if a person interested in working with a particular company and even applied the position in human resource department, then that candidate needs to start studying about the human resource department in a better way. These all steps of learning more about a certain area of working can help a candidate to be prepared of all the uncertainty of the situation. Therefore, it is better if a person starts taking more interest in his / her area of work for future purpose.

5. Maintain a follow up: In reactive job search strategy, a candidate who has applied for a certain job needs to maintain appropriate follow up procedure for the purpose of successful acceptance of the job application. By maintaining a certain level of follow up a candidate can be assured of the decisions of the company which he / she have applied their job application. Therefore, these strategies help them understand more about the decision making.

6. Be professional: While applying for a job which has been advertised in some of the job portals, it is necessary to keep all the procedure in a professional manner. It is very important to know that the candidate applying for that particular job needs to maintain a professional approach towards the job requirement. By being professional about these job requirement can build a professional environment. Therefore, even respected company expects some kind of professionalism from their applicants.

Reactive Job Search Strategies Vs. Proactive Job Search Strategies:

As mentioned above, there is a drastic difference in understanding the reactive job search strategy and proactive job search strategy. These differences help all the job seekers to maintain a professional job approach while applying jobs. Here are some of the differences stated below as follows.

1. Target opportunities: As mentioned earlier, the reactive job search strategy makes use of certain advertising media through which the candidate can pick such job offer which favor them for their future. Whereas in proactive job search strategies, there is a possibility that a candidate would focus on such company where he / she needs to work. Therefore, these strategies work in complete opposite directions as seen earlier.

2. Effort on strategies: In reactive job search strategies a candidate can only deliver his / her 20% of the effort while applying for a job, but whereas proactive job search strategies are concerned, the candidate delivers more efforts on searching such kind of job. These efforts on searching job can be compared and it is easy to decide that reactive job search strategies are easy going methods of job search.

3. Accessing the job market: While using proactive job search strategies it is very common to know that job availability can be a bit tough as compared to other things and especially in a proactive job search process  the access on hidden job market will be very high. But when it comes to the reactive job search strategies, the candidate exposes himself / herself direct into an open job market which is available very easily.

4. Limited job availability: As mentioned above, if a person uses a reactive job search strategy then there is a possibility that a person can end up having a number of jobs which he / she needs to pick from but whereas in the proactive job search strategies, the candidate need to understand that there will be limited job availability in the company in which that person needs to work in. There is a vast difference between both of them as it comes with limitations.

5. Competition: When it comes to reactive job search strategies the level of competition will be high as per the availability of the jobs in the job market, but whereas when a candidate maintains a proactive job search strategy then there is a possibility that the candidate might be able to experience low level of competition as it mainly deals with the hidden job market. A person who is really into that company will look into job at that particular company.

6. A random approach: When a person starts searching a job using reactive job search strategy, the candidate prefers a random approach on searching a job, but when it comes to the proactive job search strategy a candidate might not be so random while picking up his / her working company which interests him / her. Therefore, it is a common thinking that most of the job seekers prefer choosing reactive job search strategies.

7. Finding a good fit: There is a difference while making such decision about job requirements. For example, a candidate applying for a job using reactive job search strategies is very rare to find a job which is good fit for the concerned person qualification. But in proactive job strategies there is a good chance of searching or finding a good fit while applying for a certain job in that particular company.

8. Aggressive follow up: While making certain follow up during a job search, most of the time people prefer reactive job search strategies because the level of followup for the particular job is very comfortable. But when it comes to proactive job search strategies the candidate might take aggressive ways to follow up to be a part of that company which is not comfortable of the nature of the candidate and the others.

And the bottom line is that while searching a job most of the candidates try to figure out their requirement in the concerned area of work. It is possible that a candidate searching for a job may end up finding a good fit or complete misfit. Choosing strategy while searching a job may be unconscious state of mind which most of the researchers have proved in most of the areas. These strategies are commonly used as proactive job search strategy and reactive job search strategy. Therefore, it is up to the candidate that what kind of strategies does he / she wants to use while choosing a job option. To make that decision easy the candidate can follow all the above mentioned effective job search tips to decide the perfect strategy for the perfect job.



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