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16 Resume Tips for Older Workers or Job Seekers


Trying to get a job at any age is a tough thing indeed, and for older workers who crosses a particular age, being able to bag a job becomes nearly impossible. Companies dislike hiring individuals who are above a given age because they believe that such people will be set in their ways and are unable to take instructions which are given to them. Having a well written job resume is something which is very vital indeed if you are someone who is seeking employment. Given here are resume tips for older workers or job seekers.

older workers resume tips

Resume Writing Tips for Old Workers:

The following mentioned are a few professional experience resume for older workers. They are

1. Make a rough draft of your career graph over the years:

As a mature old worker or job seeker, it is natural that you are bound to have a lot of work experience. Prior to sitting down to write your resume, you must ensure that you make a career graph, where you enlist categorically all the places which you have worked for.

Be sure that you make a note of all the dates on the resume as well. Once you do this then only can you narrow down upon exactly which jobs you would like to mention on your resume. It is very important that you only include the work experience in resume which is relevant to the job which you are applying for.

2. Think about what your focus is going to be:

Nowadays companies like to hire those people who are goal-oriented and know exactly what you want. This having been stated, when you are writing your resume for experienced, you must think in advance about what your focus is going to be and what strengths are you going to play upon.

If your resume does not have a proper punch then you will not be able to create a lasting impression in the mind of the recruiter. The more powerful your resume is, the better things are going to be for you. Show that despite your age, you are a great thinker and dreamer, who is not afraid to accept challenges.

3. Do not submit an old resume where information hasn’t been updated:

Many older workers and job seekers make the big mistake of submitting an old resume which they had written many years ago, when they had applied for a job. In this day and age, there is immense competition between employees and trying to pull something like this is certainly going to get your resume thrown into the bin.

An experienced recruiter can easily tell when someone has worked hard on a resume and when someone has just treated the resume as a joke. If you really want the job, you must be willing to do your bit to seize the opportunity.

4. Don’t blow your own trumpet too much:

As we all know when we write a resume, you must go out of your way to state how perfect you would be for the job and how you would be very happy to work in such a reputed company. Playing on your strengths is a good thing, but that does not mean that you make it seem as though you are blowing your own trumpet via your resume.

Irrespective of how experienced you are and how much you have achieved you must ensure that you are being professional in what you write and you aren’t simply saying ambiguous things about yourself.

5. Avoid making use of outdated words and phrases:

As an older worker or job seeker you must try extra hard to show that you are someone who still has what it takes to be a relevant part of today’s corporate world. You must prove that you are a force to reckon with, via your resume.

Making use of outdated words and phrases will not make you sound smart, rather it is going to make you come across as being rather senile. As an employee in a company, you will most likely be expected to interact with customers, so you must show that you can communicate your thoughts clearly and well.

6. Take your time to make a good resume:

Writing a resume after all these years might certainly seem like a scary task for you, but things are not as daunting as they might seem at the given moment. As someone who is a little advanced in years and with so many things to mention on your resume it is obvious that you are going to take a fair bit of time to prepare this document.

So be sure to take your time to do so and when you sit down to work on your resume do so with a relaxed mind so that you are able to reflect on what you would like to include and what to exclude.

7. Do not shy away from being creative:

Previously it was believed that a resume was a boring and dull document which states ones abilities as well as educational qualifications. Yet nowadays, things have changed and people have begun to view resumes entirely differently. Even before the recruiter meets you in person, he takes the time out to read your resume.

It is only if your resume is well written and presented that you will be called in for an interview. So ensure that your resume matches up to the capable person you are, so that you do not let a job opportunity slip through your hands.

8. Make use of technology to show you are not outdated:

What better way to show that age is just an insignificant number, by proving that despite your age you are able to effectively make use of technology in order to help you along the way. Many older workers and mature job seekers make the mistake of submitting hand written resumes, but this is something which is absolutely unacceptable today.

Companies want to hire only those employees who they know are capable of making use of modern technology and even have a powerful online presence. Today if you are not active on at least one social media site it reflects very poorly on you.

9. Furnish all details of awards you have won:

If you have been working for a number of years and have managed to win a number of awards or certificates then it is vital that you include these details in your resume as things like this carry a lot of weight. Simply praising yourself is not going to mean anything; it is only when you furnish details like this will you really be able to show yourself to be a good worker.

Be selective in the things you would like to include. Even if you include a few things and present your details well, then that is going to set a good impression in the mind of the recruiter.

10. Learn to play your cards right:

It is quite a misconception that all companies hate hiring older workers and job seekers. There are some companies who prefer to hire young workers, but this does not hold true for all top companies. There are many companies out there who value experience and are eagerly waiting to hire those employees who are good at what they do irrespective of their age.

Ensure that you play your cards right and focus on your ability rather than your age. If you have no faith in yourself then how can you expect others to place their trust in you and hire you?

11. Lay maximum emphasis on the past ten years or so:

In the event of trying to be thorough, you need not mention all the jobs which you had since you were a graduate. Companies are much more interested in things which you have done in the last few years.

If you are an older worker or job seeker it is likely that the recruiter will be looking to see if you are someone who has become better with time or whether you have remained stagnant and in the same position for many years. Prior to making your resume, it is advisable that you take some courses and then enlist those things on your resume to really play to your strength.

12. Write a compelling cover letter:

Having a powerful resume is something which is very important indeed, but in addition to this you must ensure that you prepare an equally moving resume cover letter as well. In this cover letter for interview, you must address the issue of you being an older worker and job seeker.

Yet state in clear terms that you are someone who is an eager learner and you are able to pick things up quickly. You have fresh and vibrant ideas and the experience to back you up. State that you experience over the years has made you wise and taught you to always do your best, no matter what.

13. Let you passion shine forth through the resume you submit:

Your resume should be well thought out and easy to read. If you are unable to get your point across in a proper manner then you will never be called in for an interview.

As an older worker or job seeker it is advisable that you mention in your resume that you are passionate about what you do and you believe that it is never too late to try new things and have more adventures.

Any company would like to hire someone who is passionate about the job and has experience and educational qualifications to back him up.

14. If changing your career, mention transferable skills:

People change their career field for different reasons and at different points in their lives. Taking such a leap is never an easy thing to do. So if you are an older worker who is applying for a job which is something entirely different from what you have been doing all these years, then think about how you can make the most of your previous work experience.

Make it a point to mention the transferable skills which you put into practice in your old job and which can aid you in doing this job in a more effective manner as well. Doing this is bound to give you an edge over the others applying for the job. Always make sure to update your resume with work experience you have gained so far.

15. Keep it short and to the point:

Getting a job when you are an older worker or job seeker is a tough ask, but that does not mean you lose hope and start resorting to things like begging and pleading. Be professional no matter what and ensure that your resume contains not one unnecessary word.

Keep the document, short and impactful rather than long and lack luster. Remember, no one has the time to read a long resume which has too many details and high sounding words.

16. Get feedback once your resume is completed!

Finally, an important tip which you need to remember is that just because you are an older worker or job seeker that does not mean that you ought to know it all. If you have a question and confused about what to do, there is no harm in seeking help from someone.

In addition to this, once you have completed your resume, you should ask your mentor what he or she thinks about it. If you wish, you could even avail of the services of a career counselor who will assist you.

Resume Tips for Older workers:

It is true that getting a job for older workers is not that easy as employers mostly prefer young candidates who are energetic and motivated. Saying this doesn’t mean that it is impossible, it is just a little difficult.

Also, it is illegal to show age discrimination among employees during recruitment. The reasons most employers avoid older workers are because they are expensive and do not stay with the organization for a longer period. Hiring them also can lead to workplace conflicts as they do not abide by the modern-day work ethics.

Though some of them are true, doesn’t mean that it stays true for everybody. There are also older workers who are ready to match up to the current workplace and technology and moreover are enthusiastic and energetic, thus helping the company to achieve success. Age is just a number for such kind of employees.

If you too are one such employee then this article is the perfect solution to you. Now the initial

change to remove the “too old” tag from you, is to begin by editing your resume. Make your resume crisp enough so that it can match up to the job requirement. The following mentioned are few resume tips that can help you overcome the age factor and showcase the true employee skills and abilities, helping you get the job.

Tips for older workers:

  1. Include the relevant work experience
  2. Make your resume well presented
  3. Avoid other experiences not matching the job
  4. Try not to mention the dates
  5. Prepare a targeted resume
  6. Highlight your achievements
  7. Prepare a combinational resume focusing on skills and accomplishments
  8. Mention your social profiles to show that you are good at networking
  9. Publish your resume to top job portals and websites

Few other resume tips for older workers with skills to spare are

  1. Write down a proper career summary
  2. Avoid functional resume formats as they fail with ATS software
  3. Go back, but not too back
  4. Focus on success and growth
  5. Address the tech giant if its a panel interview
  6. Shower up the pros of hiring you.
  7. Show them that you interested in the job


These are some of the main resume tips which you ought to keep in mind if you are an older worker or job seeker. Write your resume keeping in mind your field of work and your career graph.

Writing a resume after all these years might seem like a tough task to do, but taking out the time to write a perfect resume is something that is bound to help you a great deal in the long run. Remember, age is just a number and if you are good at what you do, any company will be willing to hire you.