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How to Remember What you Study? 25 Best Tips


Are you one of those who study a lot before and during exams and still fail to remember what you study during the test?

Do you work hard but still fail to find desirable results?

Are you tired of putting in extra effort and working your butt off without any benefit?

how to remember what you studyIf the answer is YES, then you have to read this article. Today we are going to give you some quick and easy tips and tricks that will not only help you remember everything you study but also boost your memory. So without further delay, let’s get to it!

How to Remember What you Study Easily:

1. Make things meaningful while studying:

Your first tip is to make things meaningful while studying. You should be able to enjoy what you are studying. It is not all about mugging up and learning all answers. It is also about getting to know the text and finding out something new. It is always fun to explore. You never know what can come your way while learning. So keep your eyes and mind wide open. Plus if the subject is foreign to you, try to become more familiar with it. Use some code words and rhymes to help you remember what you just learnt.

2. Have separate study sessions:

When you are studying, try not to learn everything at one go. That would be just horrible! Not only will your mind get blocked but also stops your brain from processing anything important. So when you are studying, don’t study maths, English, history and sociology one after the other. Study one subject thoroughly and plan on other study sessions if you would like to remember all of it in the long run. You should also get up once in a while, go for a walk, drink some water and try a healthy snack.

3. Take Breaks:

Most studies and researches have suggested that when you try to study things without taking breaks every one hour, you tend to forget what you learnt. So try to avoid that! Your brain will always strengthen memories when you are taking breaks. When you are trying to cram everything at once, your mind will get all jumbled and you won’t be able to process a thing. If you can study for long, try taking an 18 minute break every 3 hours. That is surprisingly very helpful.

4. Drink some coffee:

Coffee breaks are important. In fact, you can also drink some coffee while studying. It will boost memory and help you remember almost everything you have learnt. Caffeine will always recharge your brain, body and mind and help you think faster while studying. But try not to make it a habit. If you are health conscious, drinking black coffee without sugar would be good.

5. Try a nice makeover for your notes:

You can always learn things better when you try doing them differently. Our suggestion to you would be simply giving your notes a whole new makeover instead of simply jotting them down on a piece of paper. Also ditch the laptop. Use different colored highlighters. That would be smart too. If you are artistic, try to be creative and make your notes look funny. If they make you smile, they can help you remember too.

6. Get rid of all procrastination:

You should also get rid of everything that stops you from studying. Things that make you delay study time are just horrible for your mind. They never help you remember a single thing. You should make a list and plan your study time. Keep your phone away and make it a point to keep miles away from all kinds of distractions. Some of you tend to let your mind wander a lot while studying. That happens if you don’t study on a regular basis. But you can also develop that by simply telling your mind to getting back to your study material.

7. Be Loud:

This could sound funny but will definitely help you while studying. Remember to read out your notes loud and clear while studying. People who do so are always able to learn and remember better. You can pair up with a friend and read your notes together. It will reinforce learning in a whole new way and help you keep your mind clear and fully concentrated.

8. Write It:

Writing helps you remember what you learnt. People who have tried and tested this earlier have always succeeded. You can always store information in your brain if you simply remember what you jotting it down in your notebook. Start off by writing down all important points and see how it goes.

9. Tell yourself a story:

If you want to remember what you just studied, tell it to yourself in the form of a story. Most researchers have recently stated that people who teach themselves and create interesting ways to remember things while studying are always more successful than those who aren’t. You can create a story out of the first letters of a difficult formula you wanted to learn. That could help!

10. Treat yourself:

It is also important to treat yourself once in a while when you have been preparing for an exam. It always helps. So when you have finished four chapters of history, treat yourself with a hot cheesy slice of pizza or some nice ice cream. It would definitely be a good treat. You will feel good about it and be ready to take on the next. A good feeling will always help you remember.

11. Work Out:

Working out is good for all those who want to remember what they study. This applies to almost every student who are constantly wondering whats missing in their lives. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise is not just good for the body but also helps your brain to process things in a better way. So always make it a point to get some good exercise every now and then. You could simply jog around or go on a long brisk walk. Take your dog for a walk and you will be sweating within ten minutes for sure.

12. Eat more Omega 3:

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for boosting memory power. Its best sources consist of fish, nuts and olive oil. It will build cognitive abilities and allow your mind and brain to think better. One study recently found that those who eat omega 3 before an exam tend to reduce anxiety and stress that is often related to most tests.

13. Read Thoroughly:

Before you are about to memorise things, make it a point to read thoroughly! Most of us make the common mistake of learning things before reading them properly. This creates confusion because obviously you haven’t understood anything. So take some time to just read what the material in front of you so that you know what you are learning when the actual study time begins.

14. Dance:

Trust us when we say this! Dancing can help you take away all stress and anxiety! And this is a must for all those who are currently getting ready for an exam. One of the reasons why people fail tests is nervousness and jittery that they forget what they have learnt. So don’t let it happen to yourself. Listen to your favourite music and feel free to dance away. That should help you a lot.

15. Take some time to breathe:

Breathing can help you ace an important exam! Did you know that? Some researchers have recently stated that essential oils like rose and lavender have wonderful aroma which takes away stress and helps you feel better. It boosts cognitive capacities and helps you remember things before an exam. So skip the frantic few minutes and try some aromatherapy too. That would help!

16. See what works:

While some people study better at night, there are some who are better off when they wake up early in the morning. There are some who like background music while studying while others need silence. So make it a point to observe yourself a bit and see what works best for you.

20 Study Hacks to Improve Your Memory:

It is a well-known fact that machines and computers are a great source for storing information as its memory is vast. But fortunately we humans are no less than it, Though nowadays everyone is dependent on gadgets to store things we are not working much on our brain.

The best example is the mobile phone, with the evolution of mobile phones in our life we have shed the habit of remembering or memorizing phone numbers.

Memory problems is not only seen in adults but also is very common in students mostly during their examination time.

However it is never too late, we have several ways to improve our memory that help us in our daily life and in exams especially for students. Now here we have enlisted few tips and tricks to study better and perform well.

  • Practice meditation
  • Group study
  • Making use of scent or chewing a gum help you improve your memory
  • Trying new study methods
  • Having a good night sleep
  • Practice, practice, and practice
  • Ensure that your study space is portable
  • Right type of music also help you improve memory
  • Take regular breaks in between
  • Make use of flashcards
  • Also, try google for more information
  • Watch a documentary relating the topic
  • Use apps that help to block distracting sites
  • Times New Roman is the Fastest Font to Read
  • Drawing diagrams also help
  • MaKe right connections
  • Explain to others what you have learned
  • Reward yourself with a treat
  • Speaking out loudly would help
  • Walk or simple exercise before an exam is beneficial


So this completes our top list on how to remember things while studying. Of course we understand that learning isn’t always very easy and it does take some time to develop good habits. But you will get there if you always keep trying and focusing on what we just told you. These tips are definitely going to help you reach the top and you will hopefully do well in all your future tests.