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How to Memorize Things Fast and Effectively?


Memory is a part of the functioning of a human mind where it stores all the information and helps to regain memory on its own terms. Sometimes a person forgets certain things to do and some things he/she needs, that is because the person might have experienced some kind of external effect on his/her memory power. If you are wondering how to memorize things fast then there are different types of memorization techniques and methods which help to improve concentration and memory power.

Here are the best ways to memorize things faster for certain important things in daily life.

how to memorize things fast

How to Memorize Things Fast Easily:


To memorize things better one will cultivate certain study techniques while studying or doing any work. The following mentioned are few tips that explain on how to memorize things easily and faster to remember.

1. Be attentive:

Most of the time while performing certain work, a person might be less attentive to it and because of that he/she may forget the thing or work later. This kind of behavior may create a certain kind of memory issue. There is a possibility that the person might forget what actually he/she was supposed to do. This kind of memory loss can happen only because of inattentive behavior. So being alert may save forgetting things easily, concentrating will not allow the mind to ignore it.

2. Involving visually creative ideas:

Sometimes human mind plays a certain kind of tricks to the human body, and the result of that can be little tricky. At times people try to remember something important, but because of some issues, he / she may forget to remember that thing, by visualizing things one can restore the memory. This can happen when a human minds stores the image of that thing in mind. So developing ideas is one of the tips for memorizing things in a smart way.

3. Write down some things:

A person with bad memory tries to regain memory. Certain ways can help him / her to remember certain things in their life which may be helpful with only one thing, that is writing down those things. This can be used as a reminder and even if he/she forgets that thing then they can regain that by reading where he / she have written that as a reminder.

4. Try to repeat yourself:

Repeating about something in mind is an easy way to memorize it, this is one of the effective ways. This kind of technique is used by those students who want to remember certain chapters for their exams. Repeating certain things, will be helpful for them only for a small period of time and to make that repeating thing work for a long term basis, that person needs to understand it first so that he / she can remember it later. Repeat doesn’t work for every person, but initially they can start.

5. Try and memorize it by involving in your daily things:

Most of the people try to remember stuff by involving them in their practical life. Holding a good memory of something creates difference with the human intelligence. A person with good memory power can be smarter than others. Therefore, those who have an excellent memory power, it is possible that they involve their memory power in daily life on a common basis.

6. Make use of your active working hour:

Most of the time, students who study in schools and colleges try to make use of this method. For example, when a student need to memorize certain chapters for exams or a quiz or something, then he/she try to read or memorize the stuff in their active working time. That may be early morning, afternoon or late night.

There are different timings for things to memorize in an effective manner. One should analyze what makes them memorize well, what things helps not to forget easily. So one of the best way is to do works in time, this stimulates the brain to work effectively.

7. Listen properly:

Listening skill also plays an important role. There is a high possibility to forget things if didn’t listen completely. Most of the time this happens when a person is busy with something and someone tell him / her to do something else but because the person heard it incomplete, the person might forget it eventually and that can create problems for them or others to whom that certain thing mattered the most. So listening carefully things are important memorization tricks.

8. Maintain healthy sleeping hours:

If a person who is active at night may make use of his/her sleeping time in memorizing certain things and which can affect his / her sleep, then eventually he / she may get to a level where they may feel a little lazy and unhealthy because of their lack of sleep and this leads them to lose their memory accordingly. Stress generally will be the reason for improper sleep. So having a sound sleep avoids memory loss and is proved as best tips on memorizing..

9. Memorize it by relating it to something common:

If a person needs to memorize certain things, then he/she can memorize it by relating them to something common in their life. Most of the people try to make things easy for them incorporating it into their daily life so that they can get used to it. Similarly, a person needs to improve his / her memory by incorporating it into their daily lifestyle. Therefore, these kind of habits can let a person maintain a healthy memory power.

10. Create abbreviations:

Memorizing by abbreviations is best ways to memorize . Creating a certain type of abbreviation can be helpful if a person cannot remember the whole thing, making some abbreviations for them can help them remember it later. Most of the students use these methods when it comes to studying for exams. These kind of methods can be useful while writing a difficult paper. Therefore, it is better and manageable if a person creates certain abbreviations for their own purpose.

11. Create a checklist:

If a person is having a poor memory power and it is affecting his / her personal and professional life, it is better to maintain a checklist of daily things which he /she is supposed to do on a daily basis. This could be one of the best way to study and memorize. Creating a checklist can help a person to not skip anything important. They can strike out things which are done. One can note it down as soon as any task is assigned to them or just whenever they remember something just adding that to the checklist will sort their problems with memory loss

12. Healthy Exercise:

A person can even improve his/her memory by maintaining a healthy exercise routine every day. A healthy body can result in a healthy mind and this can help a human mind to function in a better manner. Most of the people who experience laziness and boredom, it is possible that they can experience some kind of memory issues in their daily life. That’s why it is advisable that if a person need to have an excellent memory power then they need to keep their body healthy by exercise or anything which is healthy for the body.

13. By making things interesting:

If a person really needs to work on his / her memory power, they can remember by making them interesting.  This is the best ways to memorize things. For example, while performing certain dance acts or drama, people try to incorporate something interesting which can grab the attention of the people. Once the person is successful in grabbing the attention of the people, then it is not possible that anyone can forget such interesting performance in their life. So infusing these innovating ideas will let them free from bad memory soon and be competitive with others.

14. Involving healthy foods:

It is not the mind that helps a person to maintain a healthy memory power. A person needs to understand that to build excellent memory power, he / she need to eat healthy foods which can help them to improve their memory power. For example, involving almonds can be helpful for those who want to prevent their memory issues. There are people who believe that eating soaked almonds first in the morning can create an excellent memory boost

How to Learn Faster and Remember More:

Learning is a never-ending process, Be it a student or teacher, a fresher or a professional, learning something new every day can help you grow and improve yourself in a better way. Learning can be anything like a musical instrument, a new language, a new technology, etc.

This not only makes you confident but also helps you develop yourself and become strong. Though it seems to be time consuming and boring, the benefits you reap out of it will be numerous.

Ways to memorize things faster and optimize learning.

  1. Work out regularly
  2. Writing about the things that need to be memorized
  3. Practice yoga
  4. Study during the afternoon
  5. Relate new information to what you already know
  6. Avoid multitasking
  7. Share what you have learned

Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory:

Though there are different brain hacking techniques and ways to sharp your brain and improve your memory power, it is also advised to use some natural ways to attain the same. The brainpower usually depends upon the generics and as per research, your lifestyle can have a great impact on it.

Use this 14 best tried and tested ways to improve your memory naturally.

  1. Minimize the intake of sugar
  2. Practice meditation
  3. Take out time for exercise
  4. Make use of fish oil supplement
  5. Maintain a healthy body weight
  6. Be mindful and try to focus
  7. Have adequate sleep
  8. Consider Curcumin
  9. Lack of vitamin -D
  10. Have a limit on alcohol consumption
  11. Consume Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  12. Train your brain
  13. Do not consume refined carbs
  14. Adding cocoa in diet can be beneficial to the brain.

Benefits of Brain Exercises For Memory:

There are different types of memorization methods which can help in improving the memory power of the person. To grow in one’s career and to push themselves from all the hurdles and defects one should develop below activities and get recognized in their environment.

1. Learning something new:

When a person incorporates himself/herself in some of the memory-boosting activities or memorization skills, then it is possible that a person may experience something new and different in their life. These memory boosting activities will make a person realize the value of good healthy mind and body. They develop learning new things which help to remember effectively.

2. It creates excitement:

As it is explained earlier, incorporating something new and different in our daily life, can create a difference in our own lifestyle. For example, if a person who used to forget things a lot and never able to complete his / her daily work without forgetting things, then it is good for them if they start involving these activities in their daily routine to improve their memory power. Eventually, improved memory power creates excitement in our daily routine.

3. It builds appreciation:

Most of the people who used to get into trouble because of their forgetful nature or behavior can try to think of using these memory boosting activities. Once they start working these activities, then it is possible that they can receive some kind of appreciation for their efforts to make their memory power better. Therefore, this kind of appreciation can build a certain kind of confidence in a person’s life without any issues or problems.

4. Maintains balance:

Most of the people think that memory can be something which makes a person confused about a certain part of their life. They even think that forgetting things can make life better, but it is not true. If a person needs to purposely forget things, then it is impossible because making an effort to forget things can make things worse, instead of that he / she can involve these activities to improve balance of their healthy mind and body.

5. It is challenging:

Incorporating memory boosting activities can be challenging for those who are comfortable in forgetting things. Most of the people who used to be comfortable in their lazy and forgetful life, will consider these memory boost activities as a challenge. And eventually, they come out in flying colors by overcoming this challenging task. Therefore, if a person need to push his / her limits, then they definitely need to challenge themselves to be successful in their life.

6. Improves good habits:

It is better to memorize certain things in their active working hours whether it is early morning or late nights. But sometimes this kind of habit can create imbalance in the human body. Half minded people will be lost in some other thoughts and deviate from something important this generally leads to big errors, and they may suffer badly due to this reason. It is one of the healthiest activities which can benefit both the mind and the body.

7. Creates excitements:

Once a person start regaining his/her memory gaining power, then the possibility of maintaining daily work will be easier. Ultimately, it improves excitement in one’s personal and professional life.


The above mentioned are few tips on how to memorize something fast and how to memorize things better. However, after understanding all the above mentioned details about the memory power, their fast and effective ways, tricks to memorizing can make things better for everyone whoever considers it useful.

Maintaining a healthy memory power can be a task of both the mind and body. And to make that happen a person needs to keep a healthy mind and body. Therefore, to work on that, a person can follow all the mentioned ways on how to memorize things fast and effectively.