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How to Remember 90% of Everything You Learn: 15 Best Tips


There are many individuals who find it very hard to retain as well as remember whatever they have read. Sometimes remembering the gist of things isn’t enough and you need to remember practically all you have read, as you have read it.

If you are someone who has a very tough time remembering 90% of what you read then maybe you ought to make use of these tips and steps in order to help you along the way. With a little practice over time, your memory will be amazing even in your old age as well.

How to Remember Things

How to Remember Things 90% ?

1. Always ensure that you eat good food:

Having a healthy diet is something that is very important indeed. If you fail to eat foods which are good for you then your mind will fail to function properly. It surely let you down at a time when you need it most. In order to recall 90% of what it is that you have read, you need to eat proper foods which will sharpen your mind and help you to be mentally able. So if you are confused about what kinds of foods you ought to be eating on a daily basics then you can always consult a dietician and he will give you a proper food chart which will surely help you to achieve your goals.

2. Drinking a lot of water is very essential as well:

Most people who have a busy lifestyle often end up forgetting to drink water through the course of the day. Experts suggest that you should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water, if you want your body to function in a proper manner. Our body is made up of 70% of water and if you do not drink water regularly then the various systems of the body will be unable to function properly.

If the body is weak or dehydrated then retaining anything of what you have read is absolutely impossible. So ensure that you drink enough of water throughout the day.

3. Exercising is a habit which helps the mind and body in many ways:

In addition to ensuring that you eat the proper foods it is advisable that you do exercise on a daily basis. If you are unable to exercise on a day to day basis, then you should try to do so at least twice a week. Once you start exercise you will see the positive benefits of doing so in a matter of few weeks.

Exercising not merely makes you stronger but it also helps to be a happier and more positive person. People who are content and happy are able to soak up knowledge and information better, given the fact that their body is not preoccupied with other thoughts.This is one of the best ways to remember things.

4. Alcohol negatively affects the functioning of the brain:

It is rather unfortunate, that when people know how bad alcohol is for the body that they continue to consume it at such alarming rates. Besides the fact that so many accidents are caused annually because of drunken driving, the other negative effect of consuming alcohol is that it negatively affects the functioning of the brain.

The people are intoxicated, they are not in control of what they say or do. In addition to that if people tell them something then they are unable to process and retain the information. So if you want to retain 90 percent of everything what you have read then do stay away from alcohol.

5. Consumption of drugs is never a good idea at all:

Many youths today cannot deal with the pressure of life and they believe that the best way to deal with all the pressure which they are going through is by the use of drugs. Smoking is something which is terrible indeed, but consuming drugs is far worse.

Once you start consuming drugs you get addicted to it and you are unable to focus on anything else except the drugs. Your mind keeps thinking about how you will procure your next lot. So no matter what people may tell you and no matter how much pressure you are under to retain everything which you have read, avoid consuming drugs at any rate.

6. Reading slowly will surely help when you remember what you have read:

Rather than trying to read very fast and in a hasty manner, in order to retain what you have read you should read in a slow manner. If you read fast, chances are that you will not be able to give due importance and time to each word and sentence which you have come across. Reading fast is a talent in itself but it will not allow you to retain 90% of what you have read. So even if it does take you a little extra bit of time, be willing to go that extra mile in order to retain things a little better.

7. Pay attention to what you are reading:

Reading things mechanically will not enable you to remember everything of what you have read. So to enable you to reach your goal of understanding 90% of what you have read, you should pay attention to everything which you are reading. Along with simply reading things, you must ensure that you understand it as well. Even if you are unable to understand one word on a page, you should make it a point to look that word up. That way you will be learning new things and you will also be remembering what you have learnt in a complete manner.

8. Ensure that the atmosphere around you is conducive:

If your aim is to retain 90% of what it is that you have read then you should ensure that you are reading in an atmosphere which is conducive for reading and learning. If there is noise all around you then picking up what you have read will be an absolutely impossible task. Rather than trying to read on the bus or in a noisy room, try your best to find a quite place. Read within the confines of a room or try out a library and that will surely help you a great deal along the way.

9. Meditation will help your mind in numerous ways:

Having a related mind is something that will surely help you to retain 90% or even more of what you have read. Meditation is something that has numerous benefits so if you have some time on your hands do try your hand at it. You will surely be surprised at the ways in which it will improve your life.

If you have never mediated before in your life, then all you need to do is play some comforting music and sit in quiet contemplation with yourself. Yoga is something which many people have benefitted from, so don’t shy away from trying that.

10. Do as many puzzles and crosswords as you can:

If you wish to retain 90% of what you have read then you need to do things which will keep your mind healthy and attentive. Once of the best things to help your mind is doing crosswords and puzzles.

There are plenty of puzzles available online but if you do not want to look online then you can walk into any book store and purchase an inexpensive puzzle book. So try and do at least one or two puzzles a day, if you want your mind to be at the top of its games for a number of years to come.

11. Avoid wasting time online or on social media:

Nowadays many people waste so much of their time online or on social media. Randomly browsing your news feed for hours on end, is something which is not merely a waste of time but it is also incredibly mind numbing. So in order to avoid your mind from becoming so lazy it is always a good idea to avoid social media as much as you can.

We do live in an age where technology is a big part of our lives but that certainly does not mean that you let it take control of every aspect of your life at any rate.

12. Ensure that you get a minimum of eight hours of sleep:

Sleep is something that is very important indeed. Not sleeping enough is something that will surely affect your mind and body in terrible ways. If you choose not to get enough sleep then you are doing nothing but hurting yourself. It is often said that all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy so avoid over working yourself and take a step back once in a while.

Once you are well rested, your mind will automatically be better able to retain what you have read in a proper as well as coherent manner. However over sleeping is not something which is ideal as well.

13. Indulge in stimulating conversations with friends:

In order to keep your mind at its best, you should do as much as you possibly can. In order for you to keep your mind fit and active, you should try your best to have stimulating conversations with your friends over some mutually agreed upon topic. Once both of you have read up on the same topic then you can discuss things together. This will help you to keep your mind healthy and this kind of activity will encourage you to remember all that you have learnt. Along with that, even if you do not remember something your friend is likely to remember it and mention it.

14. Think of some unique tricks of your own:

Rather than trying to put into practice theories which you have read or come across online, you can always have some reading and learning tips on your own. You can try and remember all that you have read by stringing all the words together into a song. This is something which may seem rather childish but it is very effective indeed. These tricks are very fun and will surely make reading time very fun for you. So do see which unique trick is most effective for you and try and implement it in your work.

15. Do not read too much at one time:

One of the biggest mistake you can make when trying to retain a lot of what you have read, is simply reading too much at one go. If you read too much at one sitting by the end of it, you will remember nothing at all. So at one sitting read only so much as you find interesting and do not read on and on for the sake of it. Doing so will only be a waste of your time as well as your energy.

Things might seem to be highly complex and difficult at first, but once you have gotten into the habit of doing the above things, you will surely be able to recall and remember 90% of what you read. It may not be possible for you to do all these things which have been mentioned above, but the more things you do, the better it will be for you in the long run. If you do not keep your mind proper and functional then over time your memory powers are going to deteriorate a great deal. So never let yourself go no matter what and always try to be as attentive as you can.