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List of Top 20 Good Reasons Why to Quit your Job Gracefully


Quitting your job is more than just saying I quit.

You have to prepare yourself for that. In the course of time, we get so comfortable even in the worst job on the planet that we fear, “what if we don’t get a better job than this?“.

It is just a thought but slowly it creeps into our mind and sits there occupying our whole brain and this little thought doesn’t allow us to explore the opportunities that lie in front of us.

What if I don’t get a better position than this?

What if the hike that is provided is not that much?

What if they ask me to change my location?

What if, continues in our mind like an unending running game where there is no finish line.

If we keep on thinking like this then what will happen is that we won’t grow in our career instead we will be stuck with the same company and witness the young people getting promoted whereas you are sitting comfortably in the same designation.

It is just a matter of coming out of the cocoon and exploring the opportunities.

If you are too scared by any reason to quit your job without getting something substantial then, go ahead and appear in some interviews, get selected and then tell your boss – I Quit.

reasons to quit your job Gracefully

In today’s fast-paced life there is no value of loyalty if you leave a golden opportunity to show loyalty towards your company, then within a few years, your company will make you realize how foolish you are to have missed an opportunity like that.

The companies aren’t really bothered about you, instead, they are only worried about one thing and that is meeting the target and garnering maximum revenue.

So why will you invest your time and energy in a place where you are not being compensated well or maybe you are getting the best package, but they have completely turned you into a machine by making you work round the clock without any personal space.

If you start thinking about reasons to quit a job you will get hundreds of them so think about it seriously and when you feel the time is right then just go for the kill.

You need to plan your exit properly and in order to consolidate your thoughts on reasons for quitting a job we are providing you 20 good reasons to leave a job.

Just go through it and by the end decide when you want to breathe fresh air.

List of Reasons to Quit Your Job:

The following mentioned are a few lists of reasons for leaving a job and what to say when you quit your job.

1. Planning to Start Family

Planning to have a Baby

If you are thinking about starting a family then the first thing that you need to do is quit the job. Still wondering what pregnancy has to do with your work!

While you are working in a job you have to go through all kinds of stress and sometimes your boss will be shouting at you without any rhymes or reasons making you feel sick.

But if you are pregnant, then the doctors will be asking you to lead a normal life without much stress, moreover, if you have some kind of complication then it becomes all the more important to quit job and enjoy your pregnancy rather than going out there and being yelled at.

2. Identifying Your Personal Needs

Identifying your personal needs

Why do you go to work every day on time and perform to the best of your ability?

The answer is to meet you and your family’s needs. But are you satisfied with that? Ask this question to yourself.

Whether the current job that you are doing is satisfying your needs or is it just satisfying the need of the company by meeting their target!

You have been waiting for the family to get together for years and now when it is finally happening you are stuck in a project which compels you to work overtime unless you won’t meet your target.

Is it really your target? No. Your target was to attend the family get together but now you have to miss that for a stupid job like this.

Not only this gets together if you sit back and think then you will realize that you have missed out on every single thing that you really wanted to do instead you were locked in your cubicle working on numbers.

3. Boss is the real villain

Boss is Real Villain

There is hardly anyone in this world who has something nice to say about his or her boss. They are the one who is making your life miserable at the office.

Just when you think you will wrap up your day at the office, he will call you in his cabin and give you some very important work that needs to be completed by tonight.

At that moment don’t you feel like a slave who doesn’t have any say about anything! So why to be a slave and suffer all through your life instead you call it quit before it is too late.

4. Fear of being Unemployed

Fear of being unemployed

This is the worst fear that almost all of us have but you just have to believe in yourself and leave the job that is making your life a living hell.

With the unemployment rate on an all-time high people is scared to leave their respective jobs.

Be confident about yourself and take the correct decision of quitting the job which is eating upon your personal space.

5. Working on a Business Plan

Working on a business plan

You have been toiling with a business idea for long but due to some reason, you are not able to finalize on one. It can be due to the work schedule that you have.

At the end of the day when you return home, you are so tired that the only thing that you can think of is the dinner and then go straight to bed.

Therefore the time has come to bid goodbye to your regular job and concentrate on the business plan that you have.

6. Getting the Right Salary

At the end of the day what we get into our bank account every month is what we all work for but if the amount is not what you deserve then the motivation level also goes down.

You don’t feel like performing because you have realized that there is no reward for working hard. So the next best thing that you can do for yourself is quitting the job.

7. Retirement plans

Planning for retirement

You are working towards your retirement and want a hefty bank balance when you finally complete your tenure. But in reality, do you really think that is possible?

In your mind you know it is not a feasible option so why even bother yourself now, just quit the job and look for other options that will secure your future.

8. Pleasure or Money

Pleasure or Money

You have two options in front of you, one will provide you enough money but the other will endow you with satisfaction. Which one will you choose?

The answer should be the one that gives you satisfaction because it might happen that the job you are doing is offering you huge money, but you are highly disgusted with the work you are doing so it is better to quit the present job and opt for the one that will ensure that you are happy with your performance.

9. The Ugly Side

No recognition for good work

People are playing politics against you so that you don’t get to the next level. Though you have worked hard, but it remains unnoticed every time.

During the bonus or promotion, you see that every other colleague of yours getting promoted even when their performance was worse than yours.

Do you still want to continue with the job which doesn’t appreciate your true value! Just say the magic words and move on in life.

10. Bringing you Down

Not allowed to use creativity

You were a creative person, but the job is taking you down so what you do now is prepare yourself to quit the job and do whatever you feel will give you happiness.

Preparing yourself for the big day is important so that you get it across to your boss in a suitable way.

11. Concentrating on the Numbers

Concentrate on the Numbers

If you are a star performer of your company, but of late, you have realized that your effort is not compensated well, then you give them the number that you are expecting else leave the job right away.

The company doesn’t want to lose their star performer therefore they will make an adjustment, but you must remain adamant about your expectation and you will see how things fall into place.

If they are not bothered about losing a performer like you then why you should be bothered about the company, go ahead and say goodbye.

12. The Clock is Ticking

Training someone for your position

If you have a very good relationship with your boss, which is very rare, then you can quit your job this way.

What you can do is share your thoughts on the good reasons for leaving a job on a particular day with your boss and tell him that before you leave the job you will train someone completely so that he can take your position.

In this way, you can be on the good books of the company and you will be parting ways in an amicable way.

13. Follow your Heart

Do you love your job

It must have happened to most of the professionals that they are doing a job just for the sake of it and not because they love the job.

But to be honest, none of the companies in the world would love to have an employee who is not giving his 100% of the job.

Therefore, why stick with it, move on take the bold decision and see what life has in store for you. You have to quit the current job because you are wasting your time and your company’s money for something which is not productive for either of you.

14. Company Downsizing

Company Downsizing

Before the company sacks you, it is better that you leave the company, then it will not affect your confidence also.

If you are witnessing that your company is on a spree to cut down the number of employees then it is better that you resign before they ask you to leave.

Just make sure that you put it across correctly so that you get some benefit from the company when you leave.

15. Got into Mortgage

Got into Mortgage

Many of us have gone into this mortgage thing and that is the reason we are stuck with this old and boring job which is taking everything out of our life.

So the easiest way out for this is don’t get into any mortgage unless you are doing something which you really like and is rewarded by a handsome paycheck every month.

16. Colleagues

Colleagues or Family

Do you think your colleagues are the most important people in your life, then why are you spending half your life with them neglecting the ones whom you really love and care for!

Your family, kids, and friends are all that you want so why waste more than half the day with people who have almost turned into machines.

17. No more Sleepless Nights

Sleepless nights due to work tensions

You have been working through the nights more often now and that is affecting your health very badly and you still think that you need good enough reason for quitting your job!

18. Your Popularity Hurts

Employer envying your popularity

If you are a writer in major news publication and due to your talent you are getting more popular than the publication, then you will be a sore eye for them.

They wouldn’t enjoy your popularity and would find out ways to curb it down so it is the right time to quit.

19. Diversification Required

Have your hands full because if you are not satisfied with one job, then you can easily quit that one and dedicate the time in other works that you are involved in.

This will also help you to make the decision of quitting the job real quick.

20. Jailbreak

Being handcuffed at Office

If you are locked up in jail, then how are you supposed to see the sunny side so it is very important that you break free from the regular routine and realize what you are good at.

Be with your family and friends who really matter and enhance their life from your experience.