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14 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Employees Regularly


An organization is said to be successful and complete only when all employees are happy and content with their working environment. And especially most of the organization structure is designed in a way that all the managerial employees are responsible to take the team in same path motivated and cheerful. Not all employees will have same feelings or emotions, every single person will think differently from each other.

It is the duty of the boss or the manager to understand their expectations and take them along the way. In order to know each other better, manager’s can ask few questions regularly to know their employees intentions and their expectations from the management. Read this post to know more about the questions you should be asking your employees regularly.

Questions to Ask Your Employees

Helpful Questions to Ask Your Employees Often:

Management is far more difficult than being a production or a development team. In order to keep their team happy managers should know good management techniques which suits for their team members. The very first step is to know their team. Here are the few most common and brilliant questions which every manager should ask their employees regularly.

1. What is your working style:

Leading a team is only possible when you know your team’s interest and working style. Before assigning them a task, ask for their opinions about the time limit. And also their preferences about the working style. It does not mean you have to go with their opinions all the time, but you can help them work explaining the difficulties and at times you can make them work according to their own style.

For example, few employees wish to work at night, few of them love to hear music so you can allow them to wear headphones, few of them might feel like taking small breaks to relax. So, as a boss know their working style to get the best out of them.

2. Do you have any preferences about rewards:

Every employee works not only for salary but also there are many things which excites them to give their best. It is good to ask them about some of the few expectations they have with rewards. Like for example, few employees expect for team lunch, team outings etc. So, as a boss know their small expectations, do your best to motivate them. When at times if it is not possible according to organizations policies try explaining them and sort it the maximum what you can do to it.

3. How do you expect me to lead the team:

Being a boss nobody will not like to get input about your management style. But, it is very important to do this because a team will work efficiently only if they are happy about their boss. This question will surely help you to know how they expect to allot work, to schedule meetings and also about time limit flexibilities etc.

4. What are the small changes you want to bring in the way we move as a team:

There are many occasions where your team member might have good suggestions, better understanding about the members and also about getting job done from every one. So, these type of questions will motivate them to do a better job as well help them develop some team building skills, leadership qualities etc. The sense of responsibility has to be taught by giving them a chance to tell their suggestions. Ask these type of questions frequently to your employees to keep the team as one.

5. Give me some suggestions for making your job easier:

Every employee has a different style of working. To get their best it is important to know what they exactly need from you. You can ask these type of questions about their suggestions for making their job easier.

For example, few employees might need constant support and guidance to do a work. Where as, there are few employees who feel asking for updates might look as micro management. So, try knowing about things which makes their jobs easier and act according to it.

6. Give me your opinion about communication style you expect and want to follow:

Communication is a toughest part and most important thing which every manager has to concentrate. Every manager or a boss should know what type of communication is favorable for the team. Sometimes, constant group emails, many one on one meetings, product discussions will stop the work flow. On the other hand, few people think it as a string for attachment towards the project. So ask questions about their preference for communication.

7. Are you happy with everything going around:

As a boss, this is one of the important questions which needs to addressed to your team often. Concern of the boss is most expected from all level of employees. Be it a small issue or pretty big thing when it is addressed by the manager, it gives a good support to the team. So keep asking this question frequently to your team to know their current situation in office. As, a manager even though you could not solve it up to their expectations the question matters more than needed.

8. Do you have any hesitations with the work:

Some times other than mental struggle of the employees, there is lot of stuff like related to the project which hesitates them from speaking up. For example, there are few employees who feel ashamed to share their in ability about the project, or they might have struck in between with the error occurred which they hesitate to speak up. Be it a happy mood or not favorable emotion always try to put up this question to relieve them from hesitations at work.

9. Give me a hint about your last week’s performance:

Personal judgment of their performance is the best to make them realize what they are up to in their work. Instead of pointing out their mistakes or trying to ask about their failure in recent activities you can very well put up this question in a positive way to make them realize your intention and concern about their performance.

10. Is your job flexible enough to cope up both personal and office:

Not all will come up with personal issues to be discussed at office. But there might be times where your employees might be down with personal issues. So, try asking them indirectly “is there anything which is bothering them apart from office?”. Have a personal touch to a certain level to make them feel committed towards you as well as the team.

11. Are you stressed about any particular explosions in office:

Office fights are very common and nowadays it has become a day to day stuff with most of the employees. That too riff raff with some colleagues will create lots of mental disturbances. As a boss it is good to ask them about certain issues you felt abnormal. But make sure you do not give judgment as it will motivate them more to raise issues with colleagues.

12. Is the work assigned challenging to you:

Personal satisfaction with jobs is most important than any other thing. Even though many employees love their role, at a particular point they feel bored to do the same thing. Where as, few will always want to stick to the same routine. As a boss or a manager try to know how excited they are about their job often so that they do not lag because of their interest.

13. Are you having good times:

Fun questions are also very much needed at times to motivate employees. Be little casual and go to type to make them comfortable at office. Ask often about having a fun team outing or fun activities to be be conducted with the team members. It is one way of approaching your team to be together.

14. Any expectations from your side:

Last but not least, even though this question belongs from human resource department it is a very common question which address their office issues, or any kind of personal stuff running inside them can be expected. Try putting this to make your employee speak their heart.

There were times were employee-boss relationship is something which is very strict and formal. The trend has changed and now it is generation were speaking their heart out from both sides work well for the team. Hope this post gives you a clarity on how to approach your employees with questions regularly to know them better.