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Top 28 Great Qualities of a Project Manager You Must Posses


What is a Project Manager?

A project manager as the name implies, is the one who manages and controls the projects of the company. Specifically the project managers are answerable for all the success and failure of the particular project. Now as we are talking about project let us see, characteristics of a great project manager and good project manager skills on must possess.

What is Project Management?

Project management process is the procedure which includes all the rules and policies to be followed by the project manager, in order to make a certain project successful.

qualities of a project manager

How to Become a Project Manager?

The following mentioned are few tips on how to be a good project manager. In order to be a project manager, one has to undertake many responsibilities like:

1. Plan and execute the projects:

Planning is the first stage of starting with any of the project. The project starts with the help of the project manager. Not only the planning is done, but also the plan is also executed by the project manager. The plan, which is to be built by the project manager needs to be very comprehensive and worthy of application. Proper planning and execution are the qualities of a good manager and can result in successful projects.

2. Management of the departments:

It is the duty of project manager itself to manage and coordinate with the different departments. Managing different departments are important as the project is not individual, rather a group activity. So, to make a project successful, you need to manage all the departments involved. After all departments have some or the other thing to contribute.

3. Management of the groups:

The work in the companies are done in different groups and project manager manages all these groups. He is responsible for facilitating the productivity, excellence in work and also the commitment of groups towards the work. He is the one who has to motivate the employees and help them remove all sorts of obstacles, in case the employees face any, while working on the project.

4. Hiring and recruiting of the staff:

The project manager not only manages the things, but also recruits the staff. He is the one who is responsible for having good, talented and experienced employees in the company. He or she has the responsibility to hire the specialized staff after scrutinizing the skills of the employees.

5. Ensuring the good work:

A project manager has to ensure the work is going good in all the directions. Also the work is done by maintaining the good standards with adherence of the proper rules and regulations. The project should be maintained regularly without any delay, is also managed and organized by the project manager.

6. Writing of the reports:

The project manager also has to write the reports for the company whenever needed. Those reports can be of any nature, for an employee, for the company or the clients. Although nowadays all the work is done on the computers, but some of the things still require some sort of paperwork and that important paperwork is done by the project manager.

7. Preparing and making estimates of the budgets:

The project manager is also entitled to prepare and make the budget estimates. Maintaining or having the overview of the records of the budget is also essential for the managers in the company as they hold a specific position in the company.

Traits and Characteristics of a Good Project Manager:

To be a good project manager, you need to have some special characteristics and traits like:

1. They are the commanders:

It means they naturally are the command authority and they do not need any sort of authority above them. They just know how to do the task and how to guide others also.

2. Good communication skills:

A good project manager needs to have good communication skills. This is because if he has to explain the work and the project to the employees, how will he do if he will not possess great and fluent skills. So, in order to communicate, he or she must have verbal skills. This is one of the important project manager skill.

3. A farsighted vision:

A project manager must have a far sighted vision. A far sighted vision means he must have ability to see whether the plan will work this way or no. If he thinks it will not work, he must have the vision to change the course of the action. So, having a far sighted vision is a must.

4. He must be energetic:

Imagine a manager lazy and dull. This attitude of the manager will only let him go down in case of the image. So, a manager must be very enthusiastic and energetic. He must have the loud spirit to work and at the same time, he or she must have the energy to be a guiding force for others.

5. Competitive attitude is a must:

If the driving force will not have a competitive edge, then how will the employees of the company work. No one would be able to work if there will be no competitive spirit in the company. So, to motivate all the employees, the project manager needs to have a competitive attitude towards the work.

6. Work distribution:

Dividing the work is easy, but delegating the task equally and as per the position in the company is very difficult. This task has to be done by the project manager only. So, to ensure that all the work is going smoothly, one must be able to delegate the work according to some important factors like salary, status, position in the company, the quality of the work and so on.

7. Ability to handle pressure:

Every project manager is at a higher position so, at higher position the responsibilities also get double. Due to double responsibilities, the pressure of the work is more and so the project manager must know how to handle the pressure effectively and give the best output though.

8. Tackling the problems of the employees:

The project manager must know how to deal with what kind of the employee issue. The project managers have to take the complaints of the lower level employees who work for the project in unison. So, satisfying them with the best and right answer is also one of the important trait and characteristics of a project manager.

9. Building a team:

The project manager is the one who reunites. This is one of the best traits of a good manager. So, the project manager must have the ability and characteristic to unite and build a team spirit in everyone. Everyone must be able to work in a team and those skills are to be given by the project manager.

10. Adhere to the strict communication schedule:

The delivering of the right communication schedule every morning is the task of the project manager. So, it is the duty of the project manager to adhere to the stern communication schedule on a daily basis. So this is also one of the trait that a project manager must possess.

11. Authoritative attitude:

For becoming a project manager, he is supposed to have an authoritative attitude naturally. This is because he or she has to command the employees to get the work done. They do not need to beg others to do the work. They just know how to make them work. They are the optimistic leaders who, although themselves are positive and also make the work environment positive too.

Key Attributes of a Project Manager:

No matter how experienced a project manager, you are. If you have enough tools, great methodologies, but are not able to satisfy the stakeholders, sponsors, users, then it means you lack the necessary attributes to be a good project manager. Look here what are the key characteristics of project manager:

1. They know how to deliver the work:

Work can be done by anyone and that too in the most effective manner. But here the thing is, that the work needs to be sent to the specific clients. If your work is not able to deliver the satisfaction the clients need, then there is no need of working too hard in one project.

2. They can anticipate the dangers as well:

The project managers are able to know what can happen the next. This is because of their experience. The good managers are able to anticipate the deadlines, the budgets and also the results.

3. Doing multi task at a time:

Often the project managers are given a number of things to do at a time. Also, they have to complete it anyhow with the equal and efficient result. So, every project manager needs to be a multitasking if he or she wants to be successful.

4. Timeliness should be there:

The project manager must be timely in his or her work. A good project manager must deliver the work on time and also he should communicate the projects with the other people on time. It is essential for the success of the project. If the project manager has exemplary skills, then, he can receive the number of recommendations for that.

5. You must know how to be balanced:

Maintaining the balance is a must. This is because at times he is subject to permanent pressure from everywhere, be it customers, the office, the sponsors and so on. So, at times it might become difficult to strike a balance among all of them. So, one should learn how to stay balanced and accurate. This can be done when the project manager is ready to listen to the issues of the employees and also give solutions to them instead of ignoring.

6. Learn to trust your own instinct:

This is something that should be there within the project manager naturally. One should learn to trust his or her own instinct. This is because if you yourself will not be confident then how will you be able to make others confident.

7. Inspiring the team:

Trusting the team is one thing and at the same time the project manager needs to inspire his or her team. The globalized approach must be there and the manager must lead the team with examples. Also the project manager needs to show respect to the one who is dealing with, on the daily basis. The work must be done with honesty, fairness and deep understanding of the subject or you may fall apart from the success of the plan.

8. Do not panic in the difficult times:

The difficulties are the part of the life. But how those difficulties are tackled by the project manager is the real attribute. You dare to preserve yourself even in the most adverse situation of the life. Although everybody cannot be pleased, but your positive attitude will do all good and will also keep up the good spirit.

9. Adjust to the changing environment:

Also, you need to know how to change and immediately adapt to the difficult situation. For that, the project manager needs to think off track to improve the situation. Looking for the differences and learning from the mistakes will do more good.

10. Enough of knowledge:

The project manager needs to have enough knowledge about his own subject. He should have a keen interest in reading and learning more and more. This way, he will be able to know new things, the challenges coming on the market and the facts require to crack those challenges. So, make sure you have enough knowledge at least about your own subject.

So, above are some of the qualities, the traits and the characteristics required to become a good project manager. No matter in what type of organization you are working, you just need to have the above skills in you. Sometimes some of the skills are inherent in an individual, but even if you do not possess, the hard work and dedication will do all the good. Being a good project manager is not a great deal, it just requires little more than normal. When you achieve that, you can not only become a manager but also the chief of any company.