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How to Decorate Office Break Room: 16 Best Ideas


The success of a company is largely dependent on the employees. If the employees are good and work hard, then the company will thrive and grow from strength to strength. This having been stated, if the company treats the employees well and like a family, then the employees are going to work hard in order to make the company do well. If you are a manager in the office and are at sea about how to decorate your office lunch room, then here are some ideas which you ought to keep in mind so that you are able to suit the purpose of your employees well.

decorate office break room

Office Break Room Decorating Ideas to Improve Productivity:

1. Paint the room in a calm and soothing color:

The color which a room is painted has a lot to do with the mood of the room. If you paint a room in bright colors like red or orange, which are warm colors then the employees are going to feel rather active and alive in the room. On the contrary if the room is painted in a color like blue or green then the employees are going to use this lunch room to cool their minds off. In such a case, it is better that the lunch room in the office is painted a nice cool color so that the employees can enjoy some peace of mind when they are taking their lunch break.

2. Have a coffee machine for the employees to use whenever they please:

Most employees in any company are heavily dependent on coffee in order to keep them awake as well as rejuvenated. In the course of the day, chances are that someone’s energy levels might sag, so at such a time, having a coffee machine in the office can be of immense help. If the coffee machine is situated in the office then employees will not have to run to the nearest coffee shop in order to get a nice hot cup of coffee. To keep the employees happy, the company should offer free coffee to all the employees throughout the day so that this is something they do not have to spend on from their own pockets.

3. Let the furniture be rather comfortable and low maintenance:

Office lunch rooms are supposed to be a place where employees can unwind and even gather their thoughts in case they are having a hard day. Just because the room is known as a lunch room that does not mean the employees will only use the room for eating their meals. Getting some break room furniture and decorating the room is rather easy, just ensure that you place in it comfortable furniture. In addition to this, ensure that the office breakroom furniture is easy and cheap to maintain, just in case the employees spill some food on the sofa covers or table tops. Your aim should be to make the room as inviting as possible.

4. Place a bed or two in the room where the employees can relax:

Having a bed in the office lunch room is not something which you have to do, but it is something which is a very good idea indeed. If an employee feels a little ill and wants to take a nap, then at such a time, he can just simply fall off to sleep in the bed of the office lunch room. This is one room in the entire office where the employees need not act in a professional manner and they can take a much needed break in the course of the day.

5. Have a number of paintings or posters on the wall to brighten it up:

The manner in which you choose to decorate the lunch room in the office is really up to the company, based on the amount they are willing to spend on the endeavor. But they should ensure that they put some paintings or posters on the wall, just so as to brighten the mood of the employees when they walk through the door. If the room is drab and dull then there is no point in even having such an office lunch room. Spend purchasing some beautiful paintings by famous painters. These paintings can be a lovely scenery. Even having posters with inspiring sayings on it is a good idea.

6. Be sure to have a functional microwave in the room:

Having the microwave in the the break room is an absolute necessity. If the employees bring their lunch from home, then you ought to make provisions for them to heat up their food, just so that they can enjoy a nice warm meal. Purchasing a microwave, does not cost a lot of money, so the company should spring for a good microwave from a reputed brand and ensure that at the end of each day the microwave is cleaned. Finally there is no point having a microwave which doesn’t work, so ensure that the microwave is serviced properly from time to time.

7. Decorate the room with a gaming corner:

Various employees unwind in different ways, some unwind, by taking a quick nap and then there are others who prefer spending their break time playing a game or two with their office buddies. An office lunch room, should have some board games which the employees can play in their free time. The games should be fun and engaging. In addition to having such board games, having some machines like a PS3 or a PS4 is also a good idea. Things like this are really going to pump up the employees and this positive, competitive frame of mind is bound to bring out the best in their work and improve the bonding between employees.

8. Have some book shelves with reference books and novels:

There are a number of people who love reading, but are unable to read as much as they would like to simply because they do not get the time in the course for the day. When decorating the office lunch room, you must take into consideration the needs of such people as well, just so that you silently communicate to them, that in this room they can do whatever they want to without worrying. In addition to this, the room must also have a newspaper or magazine stand where employees can browse through the newspaper while having their lunch. Having the newspapers in the room, will keep employees informed about daily occurrences.

9. Having a mirror in the room is vital as well:

Having a mirror in the office lunch room is absolutely necessary. As mentioned above this room is not merely going to be the room where the employees gobble down their lunch, it is also going to be the place where they take some time off from their job. Even if they take a break of say, twenty minutes, they should come out of the room feeling fresh as ever! A mirror will allow the employees to check themselves out before they leave the room when their lunch break time is almost up. Looking neat and tidy in the work place, is after all an absolute must!

10. There should be a computer available in the room:

Technology has now become an indispensable part of our lives, without which we feel inadequate. It is of paramount importance to have at least one working computer in the room, which the employees can make use of, if the need arises. Chances are that most employees will not feel like using the computer during their lunch break as they are probably fed up of sitting before that machine throughout the day. Yet having it in the room is necessary just in case an employee needs to Skype with a friend, browse through a social media site or send an urgent email. In addition to this a swift internet connection is vital.

11. Having a television is a good idea:

Many people across the world prefer to watch the television when they wish to get their mind off something and simply relax. You can have a television in your lunch room, just so that if some of the employees are in the mood for watching a program then they can do so, during their break time. In addition to this, during a football or tennis match, the employees are bound to want a television set where they can quickly catch some updates on the score and match, while they are on their break.

12. There should be a lunch room table laid out with food at all times:

Chances are that when the employees enter the room to unwind, they will be looking forward to some food which they can munch on. Most often, employees do not have the time to pack their lunches from home and neither do they have time to buy something on the way to the office. Half their breaks would end if they were to go down to purchase some food. So the company should make it a point to offer some healthy food options to the employees, just so that they feel cared for. The food should be free of cost, yet if that isn’t a possibility, then the employees could be made to pay a nominal amount of money.

13. Have massage chairs if your budget is high:

Depending on the amount your company is willing to spend on the lunch rooms, you can decide to either accept or reject this idea. As mentioned above having some comfortable and inexpensive furniture is good enough, yet along with that if you would like to really reward your employees for all that they do for the company, then you should be willing to purchase these massage chairs in the room. Across the world, these chairs have proved to be a great solution for head and even back pains, which almost all employees suffer from.

14. Having a music system is very important and useful for setting the mood:

Chances are that this is going to be one of the most important rooms in the office and this is the place all employees are going to choose in the event of their being some kind of emergency. Office celebrations are pretty often, especially when it is someone’s birthday or when someone has been granted a promotion. So decorating this room with a good music system is very important indeed. Even if it is not a day of celebrations, having soft music playing all the time, is also rather soothing to the nerves.

15. Do not make the lunch room too ostentatious or grand:

One of the worst things which you can do when decorating the office lunch room is making it grand like a posh hotel. When decorating this room, the more informal things are the better. Once the décor is too grand then the employees will be very conscious of themselves and their actions, thereby defeating the purpose of the room entirely.

16. Having a clock in the room is vital so that employees don’t lose track of time:

Lastly, ensure that the room has a big clock, so that the employees do not lose track of time when they are having so much of fun. The clock should have bold numbers which employees can easily make out.

Even doing a little for the employees can go a long way in bringing out the best in them. It is often said that all work and no play makes Jack a dumb boy and that is why you should ensure that all your employees take a break from their work in the course of their day and have a hearty lunch. Without lunch chances are that they will not be able to work in a proper and effective manner. Show the employees you care for them by decorating the lunch room in a nice and trendy manner, so that they feel comfortable there.