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How to Become a Big Data Engineer: Complete Guide


Building a career in big data is not easy. You have to study, look for opportunities, learn about apps, programs and what not! Though big data engineers are all well paid and get to make a lot of money compared to other engineers, it wont be wrong in saying that they are also the smartest people out of the others belonging to their field. In order to learn more about big data engineer and how you can become one, keep reading the post! Here you will learn about what big data is, the career choices that are available and what you need to do to get to the top!

become big data engineer

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What is Big Data?

By the term big data, we mean a term which describes a huge volume of data which is both structured and unstructured. It helps in understanding programming and business on a regular basis. But the amount is not always important. What matters more is what these organizations do. Big data may be analyzed for making better moves in the field of business. Some of the tasks that fall under this category include firstly, determining the different and various causes of failures, defects as well as issues in real time. Secondly, it detects fraudulent behavior before it begins to affect the organization. Third, it helps in generating coupons depending on the buying habits of the customers.

Big Data Engineer Skills:

Here are some engineering skills you should possess before entering the field of big data and data analytics. Go through them carefully before making decisions.

1. Should be able to solve all problems:

To become successful as a data engineer, you have to be creative. Also problem solving should come easily for you. You must have different techniques in your belt and dealing with tools and techniques should be your forte. If you can make that happen, then nothing will be able to replace the way you think about a situation. Big data will naturally evolve and there will be new technologies that will come your way. In case you are equipped with the natural desire to know as well as determine the reason which causes problems, you will always be impressing your client.

2. Visualization of data:

Big data is often tough to understand and comprehend in some cases where there is no replacement for getting your eyeballs in data. You may also try logistic regression analysis which can also help you explore some of your data with tools like Qliview. In case you want to become a data artist in the future, you have to be well versed in more than just one visualization tool. This is a basic requirement.

3. Learning about machines and data mining:

Learning about data is important if you want to get into the industry. In todays world, data mining especially is of high importance. Not only is it one of the hottest field but also one that companies are obsessed about. There are several big data pros that have harnessed the machine learning technology which is needed to build as well as train the analytic apps. This includes recommendation, classification as well as having a good idea about the personalization system. Things like these have huge demand in the job market and can take you a long way in the data and analytics industry.

How to Start Career in Big Data and Analytics:

Here are some tips on how you can start a career in big data and analytics!

1. Have a good idea on analytics:

In order to have a good idea on analytics, it is important to be read enough. In that way we would definitely recommend you to join blogs based on analytics, read up threads, follow up companies and get to know about the latest events and happening in this field. Here are career paths you can definitely pick after choosing analytics as your career.

Become an Expert Programmer:

Experts who belong to the field of programming can definitely become tool experts. You will become the first person anyone would want to go to when they have problems related to programming.

1. Expert Modeller:

In this job you will required two different sets of skills. The best programmers are often not the best when it comes to modelling. So you need to have a bit of both!

2. Produce a case study of the work you have done:

You have to also produce a case study of the work you have done in the past. This must be added to your CV as well. In case your organization is not supportive of the analytics initiative, always look outside in the right domain. There will be several opportunities for people with skills that are newly found.

3. Learn all the important tricks:

In case you havent got the time to learn about the tools. Then we would suggest you to get it done immediately. You have to learn the tricks of this business before you can get in. There are two options in front of you. First of all, you can learn from one experienced person who is probably in your organization. Secondly, you can learn from several professional curriculums. This self help tutorial will not just provide you with all the right tricks needed for analytics but also help you deploy this field and solve all problems. This sort of output will also throw up a huge number of statistics. Once you know which statistic you need to take a look at and which ones should you ignore, you will be able to master this profession at ease.

Big Data Career Opportunities:

Here are some of the jobs that fall under the category of data and analytics! Some of them are very well paid.

1. Data warehouse manager:

The job of a data warehouse manager is hectic but well paid. It is in fact one of the most well paid jobs you will ever get to use in the United States. If you become a warehouse manager you will be paid somewhere between a $115000 to $145000. You will be expected to have a whole set of skills which include proper analytic abilities, technical proficiency, management experience etc. You must also have a good idea on some of the database languages.

2. Data architect:

Data architect happens to be one of the best paid jobs all over the United States. Here you will be expected to have creative and analytic skills which can help you design and model products. This data architect must be able to plan as well as coordinating the data resources. You need to have a good idea on application of architecture and management of networks. Your performance is taken seriously here. Experts in this field should have a good idea about operating systems such as Unix, Windows and Solaris

3. Database manager:

A database manager is expected to be creative and analytical. They should be able to lead a whole team of professionals who have a database background. They must also be able to handle IT managers who are seniors. Experts usually tend to take five years in order to become professionals. They must have a good idea of Microsoft, oracle IMB. Experience in the field of technical management is also needed. The salary for every database manager is somewhere around a $149000 per year which is more than enough for a good and healthy lifestyle.

4. Business analyst:

A business intelligence analyst is someone who should have a good background when it comes to database technology. They should also know about their reporting and analytical tools. Experience in procedure writing and database is also needed. Having a good idea about data technology is also needed. Plus the good part about working as a business analyst is that you will be having 7% boost per year. Your salary will range from a $101000 to a $142000.

5. Analysing data:

In order to become a successful data warehouse analyst, you have to be able to do proper research, analysis as well as possess proper skills when it comes to solving problems. Apart from that they should have good communication abilities whether its oral or written. Your salary will begin from $59000 and may go up to $133000 depending on your skills and experience.

6. Data modeler:

A data modeler is someone who has great idea on data analysis. He must also be able to solve problems at ease. Data modelers get paid with a 6% gain and increment per year. Their salary starts from $97000 after which it can go up to a $134000. You should have some familiarity with tools which are related to data modelling and other methodologies. Some of the other skills include having good knowledge on stored procedures, warehousing of data as well as data base applications.

7. Database developer:

In order to become a strong database developer, you must have a good understanding of databases and their relations in theory as well as practical. You must have some experience with SQL, Oracle and Server. You must have professional certification as well. Salaries in this category starts from $92000 to #134000. Although they are not as well paid as the rest, it is still a good job and will take care of all your expenses.

8. Data Scientist:

Just like the name suggests, a data scientist jobs are expected to observe, run important experiments and come up with important theories. They tend to have a well and high paid salary although some of it depends on your experience. You are also expected to have programming skills such as Java and Python along with other important languages which fall under this category. The data scientist salary or payment will be somewhere between $63000 to $142000.

9. Chief Information Officer:

The chief information officer happens to be a business executive who takes responsibility for data strategy. You also have to oversee the technical aspects as well as know basic stuff about big data analysis as well as IT infrastructure. Salaries in most US firms pay from $81000 per year to $260000. That is a whole lot of money although you have to be highly educated in order to land a job in fields like this!

Salaries for Big Data Professionals:

The salary of big data professions honestly depends on the sort of work they do. In this section you will learn about the payment of big data professionals. Data scientists who are very much popular in this field are paid somewhere close to $191000 per year. Second, is a IT data scientists who gets $92000 a year. This is of course just the starting salary. You will get paid a lot more with time. Senior software engineer get paid around $98000 a year. Some of it gets pushed up to $99000. Data analyst jobs are the one that makes the least. The data analyst salary is $63000 per year.

Hopefully this article has helped you in understanding the field of data and analytics. Always remember that the more effort you put into something, the better you will be paid. So prepare yourself accordingly and hone your skills with time. If you have some feedback to give about the post, please feel free to drop a comment below. We would love to hear from you. Your questions are also looked forward by us. So send them as soon as possible and let us know if any of these tips have worked for you. On that note, good luck and here’s hoping you have enjoyed reading this article and found help from the tips and suggestions enlisted above.