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14 Pieces of Best Career Advice from Female Bosses


If you want to take your career to new heights you certainly need the best career advice to figure it out yourself. Women are playing a major role in the present flourishing industries. Right from owning a business as an entrepreneur to being an invaluable resource by heading corporate, they play a massive role. They take a lead in many multinational companies as they are known for their multitasking ability, decision making skills and commitment towards the job.

Being a boss or a lead is not as easy as it seems to be, as they have to face a lot many critical issues day today and have to be on toes to make it operate successfully.

There is a lot to be learned from the female bosses as they totally differ from male bosses in handling day to day circumstances. Here are the few best career advice put forward by female bosses all around the world, which makes them stand out of the crowd.

Best Career Advice

Best Career Advice from Powerful Lady Bosses:

1. Time is the queen:

The very basic career advice for any kind of business or job would be managing the time properly. Never skip any job without done due to the time limit because it does not only affects the job but, also creates an opinion about the boss as well as the crew. Taking permission has never left for the straight door of success.

Always fix a schedule for yourself and follow it strictly to avoid wasting time. Be punctual to set a role model for people around you. After all, always remember it just takes a minute to spoil your career you built-in the long run.

2. Do not hesitate to ask:

Be open to welcome ideas as well as ask people to know things better. Never hesitate to ask help when you do not get it better. End of the day, the job matters not the number of questions you asked. Being proactive will always help to know things that did not before. Being ignorant will never help. Be inquisitive and ask more to know more.

3. Find the right people and value your team:

The most important aspect of being a boss is to know how to handle talent and bring talented people to your team. Be very choosy when hiring people to your team, and the key to success is to know what you need from your team, and what will be they expecting from you.

Women all over the world are known for their politeness and kind gestures used in handling issues. Never think being high in voice or strong words will make people obey you. The more they respect you give, the more the work is done. Always value your team than your success.

4. Go ahead and face it:

One of the most difficult parts of the career phase is overcoming the stress in the work atmosphere. One wise tip to handle stress is to go ahead and face the issue rather than feeling worried and doubtful.

Never be hesitant about facing troubles. The more you face, the more vulnerable you become to the problems. Getting into trouble and facing is always a better option than being isolated.

5. Being assertive is not wrong:

Facing criticisms is not only for women at work. It is a common thing that everyone faces in a work atmosphere. The issue is women tend to easily get broken by people and become weak. Never lose confidence or show people your weakness.

Be strong and face it with lots of courage. How much ever you try to be good and polite, people who want to criticize your act will do, so never get broken by it.

Women employees face more criticisms and underestimated a lot because everybody has a common notion of how a woman has to be by nature. Like, she is always expected to be warm and polite. This cannot work with everyone. So, do not get too worried by criticisms.

6. Consistency is the key to success:

Never give up easily. When you undertake a job, try to stick to it the maximum you can. Perseverance is very much needed to achieve career goals. All days cannot be good and have a positive outcome.

There is no one in this world who has not faced failures in their careers. It is impossible to live a life without failures, so don’t worry too much about it. Just be consistent in whatever you do and never give up easily.

7. Maintain the balance:

Being a career oriented person is always good for your career. But, do remember a woman is said to be successful when she knows to balance both.

Nobody would be expected to be available 24/7 in the office. And also it is not essential that you have to work extra even after work hours because you are free.

Set time for jobs and work sincerely in the work timings. Always set a time for your work life and never go beyond that extra time unless it is unavoidable.

8. Give ears to others opinion:

When working in a team, it is very important to coordinate with everyone in an office and work with a team spirit. Always make sure you listen more to others before proceeding with any task.

Never try to dominate or show your superiority even when you lead a team. Showing your oneness with the team and giving priority to others’ opinions will always show your team spirit and encourage others to work better.

Being in a leader needs a more passive nature than showing dominance. It is a secret for becoming a people’s manager than a company’s manager.

9. Be passionate about what you do:

Be always an example to others in doing any kind of task. Try to show how passionate you are in doing a job. It always increases your self confidence as well as helps people around to work more with lots of effort.

Never let your confidence down in front of your sub ordinates or colleagues. Showing your passion is very important to build the team spirit.

10. Willingness to adopt:

Always be flexible to the changes happening around you. It can be technical or personal, must show your flexibility and willingness to adopt the change. Keep moving and be ready to adopt the changes.

11. Focus on the money, but not money alone:

Money is important in all aspects of doing a job. After all, every human being runs behind it day and night. But, it does not mean it is alone important. When you are an employee at the junior level or in a medium position, never quote your salary or the pay you expect when doing a job.

Rather, show how hard you are working for the welfare of the organization. This will surely add credibility to your job. And when you are team lead or in higher-level management, you have to be more careful, do not quote the profit the company is going to gain out of the project instead of quoting the reputation the organization is going to gain out of the task. This will surely put yourself in a higher standard in front of them.

12. Keep yourself accountable only when it really needs:

Taking responsibility is not only for undertaking a project or task, but it is also for taking account when some mistake happens or if something goes wrong out of the way. By this, the employees will in turn also be studious and work hard for their lead.

Being accountable never means you have done a mistake, it just means you are there to help them in all possible ways. But also, mind to never take too much which will vice versa create a problem for your job. Never bend to wrong decisions by the employees or the management.

13. Do not be someone whom you are not:

In order to show your modesty or showing yourself very good, do not change yourself entirely to whom you are not as a person. This is very important as you cannot hide it for a long time. Be natural and honest in every single action you do.

Just to show that you are caring as all women are expected to be, do not show that at wrong times. You have to be polite to the surrounding people, but it does not mean you cannot slam them when they create trouble for office ethics.

14. Have a role model:

Sometimes everybody needs a push to work best, to stand apart from the crowd. Always have a role model for yourself. This will help you at tough times as well as create a good feeling when you listen to their speeches and keep you motivated. Sometimes, who knows it might also help you make the right decision when you are in a troubled situation.


Women are always indispensable in all areas of the world. Right from being a mother to a leading management officer they play a commendable role and deserve lots of respect. It is a duty of everyone to work towards the betterment of the world and encourage every woman to move a step forward in their career with these great career tips.