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How to Display or Show More Initiative at Work: Best Ways


This is an age of cut throat competition. In order to climb up the ladder at your workplace, you must have something special in you which others don’t.

This “something special” will make you progress in your work place. So, what exactly it is all about?

These days, companies want individuals who are energetic, proactive and can go an extra mile in order to meet the organizational goals.

In simple words, they want people who can take the initiative at work and lead from the front.

Display Initiative at WorkWhy is Showing Initiative at Work Important?

You may well be a talented individual and have all the required skill sets to contribute towards the growth and development of your company.

However, unless you make your presence feel, the management won’t realize how important you might turn out to be for the company.

Therefore, it is very important for you to make sure that you took the initiative and portrayed yourself as someone who can lead from the front.

If you don’t take the right move on the right time then someone else will take your opportunity to display your talents in front of your employee and superiors.

How can you Display Your Initiative – Best Ways:

This world is moved and run by creativity and initiative. It is the initiative on the part of some people, who have given mankind some of the revolutionary ideas.

Any company can prosper only if it has people who can take the initiative to move things forward.

This is the reason why companies are in lookout for energetic individuals who have the attitude to go ahead and make things happen.

So, now that you know how important it is for you to take charge at your workplace, you must know how to go about it. It is important to mention in this context that some people are born leaders and some needs to learn the skills.

Here are a few tips and ways which you might find helpful to be more proactive or to be more initiative at your workplace:

Don’t Stand Still:

No matter how much you aspire and how ambitious you are, unless you put in the efforts, you will not get the results. So, it is important for you to get moving.

In a workplace you will find ample of opportunities to cash in. Keep your eyes open and look out for the opportunities.

Opportunities might come in different forms. Whatever it is, make sure that you grab that chance and make full use of it.

Walk an Extra Mile:

This means, you must do more than what is expected and required to be done by you. You should be proactive in your approach and start taking responsibilities.

There would be areas which are beyond your scope of responsibilities; you must show eagerness to get into those unknown domains.

This would send a strong signal to your management about your character.

Act Like a Family Member and Not a Paid Staff:

This is a very important aspect to show initiative at work and to be in the good book of your company.

Your attitude and your approach towards your company speak volume about your intentions. Usually, people tend to consider themselves as mere employees (which they are in fact) and think that they would do exactly what they are being paid for.

This might be a good course if you want to sustain and wait for things to happen in terms of your personal growth.

However, if you want to trigger quick response, you need to take the initiative and start getting on with it.

Being attached to the company, spending a lot of time with your peers and taking up responsibilities coming forward, which you are not expected to, would certainly make you a special individual.

This would send a clear signal to the management that you can be relied upon and you can be beneficial for the company in the long run.

Speak your Mind:

Don’t hold yourself back!

Speak out if you think you can contribute in a positive manner. Even if it is out of turn, don’t hesitate. The fact that you have come forward, out of turn to offer some sort of assistance will be highly appreciated.

Even if you feel that your inputs might not be of great help, don’t pull your horses back, go ahead and spell it out. This is the kind of attitude which companies these days are looking for, someone who is up-front and not scared of being criticized.

So, hit the nail at the right moment and show your initiative and potential to take the company at great heights.

Remain positive:

It is always very important to maintain a positive attitude. When the chips are down, it is time to pull up the socks. This is time when your leadership qualities will be tested.

Even if you are not sure about what is going on, make a conscious effort to learn about the proceedings.

One thing is for sure, there will not be many around who would proactively come forward, crossing their domain.

If you happen to be the only person who has taken the trouble of being extra sensitive and has shown the intent to take up the extra responsibility, your effort will certainly be appreciated.

As a matter of fact, these are the moments which you need to cash in. Even if you fail to contribute in a constructive manner, the fact that you have taken the initiative will help you rank ahead of your counterparts.

Be prepared:

You never know when opportunity will knock at your door. When it does, you must make use of it. Always be prepared to face the odds.

In your professional life, at your work place, you are likely to face challenges on a regular basis. These challenges, obstacles might involve you in particular or your company at large. Whatever the situation is, you need to be prepared to face it.

It is important to mention in this context that rising to the occasion won’t be good enough. You must produce results. If you feel, that you need some assistance, feel free to get in touch with your superior.

This would make him feel that you are trying and despite of all your initiative, you are not being able to fix the situation and you need help. This always creates a positive impression and your boss would know, that you are not the kind of person who would give it up if things didn’t turn up as expected.

He would also realize that instead of shying away from the problem, you would not hesitate to walk into his office and ask for assistance.

Promote Yourself:

This is a fact! You must promote yourself. Now, self promotion doesn’t necessarily mean being a “Yes Boss” employee.

Promoting yourself is all about being in the middle of the action. You must be present whenever and where ever you are required.

It is not a bad idea to go beyond your scope and make yourself available in the situations where you are least expected.

So, for what good reason you will be taking all these troubles?

The answer is quite simple, your objective is to get your name registered in the “good book” of the management.

There is a catch to it!

If you are not a kind of person who would be more than happy to continue putting in extra effort, then you are well advised to stay away.

Because once you have made yourself available, you will summon every single time the company feels you might prove to be handy.

It is not meant to discourage you, but the fact of the matter is, you will not be paid extra for putting in so much of an effort. However, it will certainly pay off in the long run.

Ask Questions:

In order to take the initiative, you need to be well acquainted with the situation. Therefore, you must ask as many questions you feel like to your seniors and boss.

As long as your questions are relevant to the situation, they will be more than happy to answer all of them. Here is one more advice for you. Don’t fake.

You can’t get away with faking. You might pretend to be very engaging and someone who wants to take initiative; however, if you are making it up, you can be in trouble as you will get caught in the long run.

How Your Initiative can Influence our Superiors?

If you take the initiative at your workplace and start taking up issues which you otherwise wouldn’t have, it would have serious impact on your superiors.

As long as you put in a sincere and honest effort you can be least assured that you will get the recognition.

You might make mistakes which could lead to criticism; however, the extra effort which you had put in will certainly be registered. It is very important not to buckle down since you have encountered failures on certain occasions.

As mentioned, if you put in a serious and sincere effort, it would certainly create a positive impact among the management, even if you fail on certain events, your effort will be appreciated.

Why do Some People Lack Behind?

It is known to everyone that they get rewarded for putting in extra effort at the work place. Yet, most of the people don’t show enough aggression and are quite reluctant to take the initiative in work.

What could be the reasons?

Well, it is all human psychology. Here are some of the seasons, which doesn’t allow them to get on with them


It is the fear of failure that holds people back. They feel that their effort might backfire. Only by avoiding this fear you can show up your initiative.


Some people are not hard working enough to take up extra responsibilities. It is their laziness which holds them back.

Scared of Responsibilities:

It is true, that if you start taking initiatives, you will be marked as someone who can take up additional responsibilities.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that you will be taken for granted and your management will start expecting more of you. This is what people try to avoid. That is, taking up additional responsibilities.

Run away attitude:

There are people who are capable enough. They have what is required to be a leader. However, people keep running away because they don’t have that “go get it” instinct in them

At the end of the discussion, it would be fair to say, that no matter what tips you have or how smart you are. You cannot turn out to be a leader if you don’t have it in you. You must have the urge to initiate the proceedings and finally emerge as a leader. This will not only make you reliable and dependable in the eyes of your employers but will pave the ground for your success.