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How to Impress a Software Engineer on First Day of Work


First day of work and the new software engineer is all geared up to start on the new job, at the company. At this instant, to keep hold of employee in the long run, beyond a doubt takes a lot of time and energy. On the other hand, one would still continue to do it because the expense that follows to replace him is definitely too much. But if the person is happy with the company he would for sure tell his friends and acquaintances about it. In this article, we have tried to give some points, on how to impress a software engineer. One should also understand that a satisfied person, of course, would feel more motivated and will contribute their best for the growth of the company.

How Impress Software Engineer

10 Tips to Impress a Software Engineer at Work:

1. Keep the computer all set to go:

Keep the computer ready and all set to go, at the desk where the new employee is expected to sit. Be ready with everything, way ahead of his arrival. A company will come across as organized and neat, if the computer is all set up ready to commence work. It is one of the main steps on how to impress a software engineer. At the same time, if the computer is missing from the place, when the employee comes in ready to start work, he might feel kind of snubbed. It is more akin to saying that the company has totally forgotten that the new person is due to start work on this day. At the same time, taking time away from the hard work to set up the computer and its accessories for the new employee, is the best way to make him feel totally welcome to the office.

2. Provide Information on the work due to be done:

Make sure that the instructions and all required documents on the new project or software, on which the new engineer is expected to work on is left at his place. This sure would help bring the person, up to the mark on the work. Nevertheless, do not provide too long a document, as it is sure to be totally neglected. For the meantime,

have the software ready to go and installed on the computer of the software engineer, so that one can begin work in one go, when required. This definitely seems like a surefire method to impress a software engineer on his first day of the job.

3. Have an old staff train the new employee:

There is nothing more frustrating than having to start at a new job, at a new company without the least idea on how to go about it. At the same time, the new employee need not worry as the company to impress a software engineer has arranged for an old employee to bring the new employee up to speed about the new job, company and the latest project. This would also help build up a good relationship, between colleagues, thus helping them to work efficiently together. In the meanwhile, best thing would be to make the things obvious to both the parties at the same time, so as to steer clear of any future issues with regard to it.

4. Brief them on the Job:

To do one’s job most efficiently and to give the best, one should have proper and thorough knowledge about the project as well as about the work that has to be done. Try to understand the aspect of feature, that should be worked on. In the meantime, if they have no idea on which aspect they should work on, then chance is they could lose interest soon enough. However, if one has a definite idea on what to work on, then the whole process can be targeted in a useful direction. This sure could be a help on how to impress a software engineer.

5. Give them work to do:

Want to show the achievements for the first day of work? Attending orientation meetings on the first day of work is the norm. However, this in no way would go on to impress a software engineer. The new employee, will hope to have done something concrete at the end of the day. The work given need not be something big or even worthwhile, while a small job well done could provide total satisfaction for the software engineer. The engineer is sure to be impressed with the organisation of the company, that allows for some job to be done on the initial day of employment, itself.

6. Introduce him into the Work culture:

Every company has a definite set of rules, or work culture which they follow. For example, some companies are very specific about wearing formals to work or semi-formals, whereas some even opt for casual clothes to work. Consequently, one would find that some companies have fixed timing for work, while the others are more flexible. At the same time, it also pays for the new employee, the software engineer to know details on whom to contact, on their first day of work if anything comes up. If one has a general idea on the process or programming language to use, they will have to work on it.

7. Pay for the tool:

In an attempt to impress the software engineer, be ready to shell out whatever money is required to buy the best of the tools, that can help the software engineer achieve his best. In the meanwhile, it might be pretty awkward for the software engineer to ask for money to spend on tools, on the first day itself. Better tools also result in more productive work.

8. Introduce the colleagues:

Go have a look at a variety of ways on how to impress the software engineer. Try and make the time, then go on to introduce the colleagues, at work. Getting to know rest of the employees, sure helps to build up good rapport between colleagues, which helps in increasing the production of the company. This comes in handy, if ever someone has need for tools in between work. Having already met the co-workers, one will not have any issues to approach the person responsible for various aspects of work, whenever required.

9. Lunch with the New Employee:

One can go on to ask the new employee out for lunch on the first day of work, in an attempt to have an effect. Subsequently, in an attempt to try and build up rapport within the workforce of the company, one can call up rest of the team, as well for lunch. This could as well be the best method for the software engineer to interact and make friends with his collegues, on his first day of work. All companies are prone to appear friendly and approachable. In the meantime, the company could go on to organise a party and let the employees at the company interact with each other. This is another method used by the company to impress the software engineer.

10. Impress the Engineer:

Meanwhile, have a look at different creative ways to recruit a software engineer. Here we will find some tips on how to impress a software engineer. Inform the new candidate that the company consists of highly skilled and efficient team of professionals also giving out feelers that they would love to accept a new member to the team. Then go on to elucidate on the best and cutting technology used. The company also talks about the fun challanges and cool methodologies that they offer. At the same time, make sure to offer competitive package, so as to lure the software engineer to work with the company. In the meantime, go on to help the employees to maintain the work life balance. Mention about the transparent culture at the company. The company as well includes professional and skilled managers.

In general an employee is very important for any organization. To keep him stay in with the company or to keep him happy is very eminent for any organiztion. Not only impressing a new employee but also taking care of existing employees is very essential. As finally it would lead to the growth of the company. So follow up with the above points to impress a new software employee. If you feel we missed on some point feel free to add in.