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How to Write a Resume for Six Figure Jobs?


Resume is the mirror to your capabilities. It must be made in such a way that the company does not need to think about you second time. When you reach the level and is now ready to apply for six figure job it becomes crucial for you to show your best to them.

Six figure jobs is dream of any person, and takes many years to reach that point. With this longing hard work, you would not definitely want to lose this opportunity. When you apply for you dream job, the six figure job, the very first thing you do is submit your resume. Your resume creates the perception about you, which needs to be positive and influencing. Only then you would get a chance to show case yourself. Writing a professional resume for your six figure job is a necessity. So, here is the guide to write a professional resume for your job.

Six Figure Jobs ResumeBefore writing up your resume, you must know what your resume need to deliver to the company about you. Here are the things which your resume must reflect to the company:

Resume for Six Figure Jobs:

1. Show “YOU”:

Recruiters are not much interested in at where you worked but are interested what position you were at. They are interested to know the various qualities you possess which makes “YOU”. It’s important that you add sellable virtues to get recruited by them. Your resume must be polished and shining that it influence them in the one read. Add line like: An effective leader, with a learner. Or A solution finder, because I enjoy solving problems etc. This is an effective way to show case your qualities.

2. 10 on 10:

Give at least 10 points about yourself in the resume. Do your first 100 words of your resume completely tell what you are and how you are beneficial to them? Get back to your resume and just see if it reflects everything you are? Does it really sell you? Answer would most probably be No. So just edit your old resume, add all of your qualities, and skills under one section with bullets in small sentence so that you can directly strike the recruiter’s mind.

3. Check out the opportunity:

Before applying for the job title just give a thorough reading and understanding to the job summary. Understand what all the company requires for the job title because this will only make up the very first point in Skills in Summary section.

4. Make it a mirror not window:

Your Resume is not perfect until it truly and completely reflects about you. You need to make sure that your resume mirrors you what you have done and how you are an asset for the company.

5. Make professional summary:

Your resume start must contain a professional summary describing the skills you have and how you benefit to the company rather than the objective which tells more about your needs because recruiter is not interested in your needs and wants but more interested in what you can give to him.

6. Easy to scan:

Your resume must be formatted in such a way that it’s easy for the recruiter to scan (have thorough go through) more easily and quickly. During a job opening there are hundreds sometime thousands of resumes HR manager has to go through. So to make your resume stand out in the league and get noticed, you need to format in easy way that recruiter do not need to spend much time to know about you.

7. Get in Social:

While you make your resume, make sure that you are quite viral on social. Make up good professional profile on social websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter to show case more about you. It would also help the recruiter to know that you have knowledge of all.

Your resume is the root base for any job. A good professional resume will only get you a perfect job either its 4 figure or six figure jobs. So you need to be smart and patient while making up your resume. Try to make it yourself with a professional help so that your creativity is reflected through it.

Now you know what your entire resume should reflect and how. Now you need to know professional format to write your resume. So here are the key points:

Key Points in Six Figure Jobs:

1. Start with your personal details:

Your Resume has to start with your personal details which will include, Your Name in the very first, following your address, contact number and email address. It would look like:

a. Naveen Sharma

340, Green enclave, Majitha Road,

New Delhi, 143***

(c) 789*******

2. Professional Summary:

Now you need to mention your professional summary which would describe your skills and the best you are in around 50 words in the start. Your summary must show your professionalism, how you are good for them.

3. Qualification Profile:

Now you will be providing details of your qualification i.e. what you have studied and in which field you had experience. You’ll describe all your professional highlights in this category. It’s added in the starting so that the recruiter at the very first gets to know your capabilities and past work.

4. Education:

After you’re done with providing your qualification profile, your work details, now you can show your academics i.e. details about your education like graduation (in which field), your secondary studies with the percentage you got. You can add up the name of school, college or university from which you had done your studies. It would look like:


Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication (2012)

Indian Institute of Mass communication, New Delhi

Scored: 75%

5. Academic Achievements:

Now you can add up all the achievements you achieved in the college. This would show case your skills and also add weight to your resume. So, pen down all the events you participated, you won everything you did in your graduation or school days.

6. Experience:

Now you would have to add all of your experience details. Like where you worked, at what what positions, for what duration. You can also mention the details of the internships you did or any summer jobs in it. This would help you to add references to your resume and experience always have more preference.

7. Font and font size:

It’s important that you use professional fonts like Arial, Times new roman etc. It’s important that your resume has perfect font and font size that is easily readable.

8. Make it Bulleted:

Try to make you resume in more sort of point style that are easy to read and on-going. Recruiter does not have much time to spend on each resume. Points are eye-catchy and easy to get through in less time. So make your resume with bulleted points so that you recruiter can catch every important point about you.

9. Add Sellable words:

You are there to sell yourself to the company. The more attributes which are attractive and influencing will be added to your resume, the more preference you will get. Words like: Learner, Leader, Solver, Dynamic, Flexible, etc are some key words that for sure add weightage to your resume.

10. More Connectivity:

Let your recruiter connect you in various ways. Let them connect you through different social websites. List up your profile url in your resume that they can look up your social profile to get to know more about you. Take care that your social profiles are professional and show case your skills. Don’t let it show case anything negative about you.

Once you’re done with your resume making, just re-check and make sure you have not committed mistakes like:

1. Grammatical and typos mistakes:

Make sure there is no typing and grammatical mistake in your resume that it loses its shine due to it. Get it checked through various grammatical check software’s so that you are sure about it.

2. Unfocused:

Your resume must be focused on the job opening and reflect your aims and objective in a focused way. It should not be vague and abstract.

3. Do not add old history:

You don’t have to add your 10-15 years back experience. You must add the most recent works which are more important to the recruiter than the history.

4. No references:

It’s probably not advice to add references in your resume which is already of two pages. Just write “References on Request” and save the space for other important things.

5. No Personal Stuff:

Your hobbies, past times, favorites or sports are not to be added in your resume. Recruiter is not interested in all this stuff about you. It concerns more with your professional work.

These were the points to help you make up a professional resume for your job application. Your resume has to be so perfect that recruiter is persuaded at the very first sight of the resume. The more professionally you design your resume the more it increases your chances to get the job. Remember to add a cover letter with your resume, asking them for the job with a little description about yourself and your qualifying skills for the job, that gives a hint about you to the recruiter.

Six Figure Salary Table:

Here we are providing few jobs which help you earn a six-figure salary in tabular form:

Job Tittle Avg Salary Per Year
Real Estate Broker $30,144 to $180,434
Air Traffic Controller $158,966
Small Business Owner $68,000
Fire Chief $42,096 to $119,250
Construction Manager $41,562 to $130,845
Plumber $103,731
Network/IT Manager $53,477 and $125,101
Hotel Executive Chef $100,000
Radiation Therapist $116,000
Court Reporter $29,995 and $104,000
Pilot $110,000
Dentist $159,770
Financial Manager $121,750
Petroleum Engineer $128,230
Actuary $100,610
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“First impression is the last impression”, this quote suitably goes here as your resume is your first impression. So you need to make sure that your first expression is so good that you just add cherries to it during your interview and finally win your dream six figure job.