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How to Make Yourself Really Interesting During a Job Interview


When you appear for a job interview you must ensure that you giving it your best shot so that you able to rise head and shoulders above the rest. No company would want to hire an average person on board. Usually, a person calls for an interview when the recruiting board has found his or her resume rather impressive.

So, once you’ve managed to impress with your resume, you must appear for an interview and show that you’re engaging. If you confuse about how to be interesting or sell yourself in an interview, these tips will help you.

Sell Yourself in Interview

How to Sell Yourself in an Interview – 15 Tips

1. Dress in a manner which suits your personality:

Before anything else, an interviewer notices the clothes which you are wearing. If you are dressed well then you immediately create a positive impression in the mind of the interview.

To make yourself interesting during an interview you must dress in a manner that suits your personality. If you dress in a manner that is too boring and dull then that will not instantly attract any positive attention towards you.

This having been stated do not burn a hole through your pocket trying to put together the perfect outfit for an interview. Your clothes should always be an extension of your personality.

2. Be confident at all points in time:

A little preparation goes a long way when it comes to coming across as exciting in the course of an interview. If you do not come prepared properly then chances are that you will not be able to speak in a fluent as well as confident manner.

If you are confident about whatever you are saying, then you will automatically seem rather interesting. People who stammer a lot and are unsure of themselves are never able to show themselves to be interesting people with charming personalities.

When you appear for an interview you must be prepared to give it your all, nowadays it is incredibly tough to get the perfect job.

3. Carry your portfolio to the interview:

To make yourself as really interesting during an interview you must be sure to carry your portfolio along with you. When you carry your portfolio you silently show the recruiter that you are someone who does not merely talk the talk but also walks the walk.

The portfolio will immediately show that you are someone who rather experience and you have plenty to offer. If you uselessly go on blowing your own horn with nothing to show, it is unlikely that any company will feel like hiring an employee like you. Even a small thing like this will go a long way in showing you in a very positive and interesting light.

4. Read up everything which you can on the company:

Nowadays any information is just a click of a button away for us. So before you arrive for an interview make it a point to read up as much as you can on the company so that all your answers will be filled with plenty of actual details and figures.

Don’t be someone who gives random and vague answers as that is something that will never get you the job. If you want to come across as interesting then you must read up everything you can get your hands on.

If you can, do quote some statistics as well as that is bound to make the recruiters very interested in you right from the onset.

5. Focus on the way you are speaking as well:

When you are speaking to the recruiter you must ensure that you are sounding interesting. If you do not speak interestingly then sooner, or later the mind of the person taking your interview is bound to drift away.

If you know that your communication skills aren’t the best then you should seek some professional help from a person who can train you to modulate your voice properly.

Speaking too loudly or too softly is also something that could easily put your interviewer off. So speak in a clear as well as a concise manner and do not make your answers too long as well as drawn out.

6. Try and engage your interviewer in a conversation:

One of the best things which you can do to make yourself interesting during an interview is to engage the interviewer in a conversation. Ensure that this conversation is related to your field of work.

The more you get your interviewer to talk the more interesting you will come across. The conversation which you have should be on a very topical issue which you too have adequate knowledge.

This is one strategy which has proved to be very effective indeed over the years. People who are not bright and interesting cannot keep up a proper conversation so if you show that you are someone who can, then that will instantly make you interesting.

7. Mention any interesting plans you have for the company:

Mentioning any interesting ideas you have for the company is something that will immediately help you seem interesting. It’s only a person with in-depth knowledge that will be able to come up with exciting plans as well as ideas.

Stating ideas, which you have in your mind is instantly going to show you as someone who is quick thinking and genuinely rather smart. Companies are constantly on the lookout for such bright and interesting people who will be able to take the company to new heights.

So do mention some interesting plans which you have for the company so that they will be eager to hire you on board as soon as possible.

8. Don’t reveal all your great ideas during an interview though:

Touching upon all the ideas which you have is a very good idea indeed but that certainly does not mean that you give away all the ideas which you have in mind. Be sure to be very tactful when you are revealing your plans.

If you reveal everything which you are planning on doing then the company will simply implement your ideas without even hiring you onboard. Though this is unfair this is none the less something which does happen a lot in the business world.

So do reveal a bit of your plan, but only so much as to grab the attention of the recruiter.

9. Talk about how passionate you are about whatever you do:

Passion is something which is, unfortunately, lacking in a lot of employees nowadays. Many people simply take up certain careers for monetary benefit. So to be interesting during the interview it is very important that right from the beginning you mention that you are very passionate about what you do and that you never take up jobs which you are not interested in.

In addition to actually saying that you are passionate be sure to let your passion shine through your answers as that is bound to seal the deal for you almost immediately.

10. Do ask some interesting questions:

The questions will be much more important than the answers which you give when asked. When you ask smart questions it silently communicates to the recruiters that you are analytical and quick thinking.

Do not ask questions for the sake of it but simply put forth genuine questions that have plaguing your mind. Many people have the misconception that if they ask questions then they will come across as silly or foolish, but do not let this wrong notion play on your mind.

If you think about the questions from beforehand then you need not put too much pressure on your mind during the interview.

11. Keep in mind some interesting answers:

To make yourself interesting during the interview you must answer the questions which ask you in a proper as well as interesting manner.

Ensure that your answers are not simply run of the mill but are insightful and thought to provoke. If needed take your time before answering the questions, but at no point in time should you say anything silly.

Try and answer the questions in a witty manner so that the interviewers are also assured of the fact that you are someone who certainly has the gift of the gab.

12. Have a proper and impressive body language:

Having the proper body language during an interview is very important indeed. When you appear for an interview you should keep in mind that your recruiters are taking notice of everything about you and not just about what you are saying.

Interesting people usually have an interesting body language as well. So in addition to paying attention to how you sit, also make use of gestures when you are talking.

This is one of the most effective ways to make a positive mark in the mind of the person taking your interview. No one likes to hire a stiff and boring person for their company.

13. Agree to disagree when the need arises:

When appearing for an interview many people think that they need to agree with everything the recruiter is saying. Believe it or not, recruiters take special notice of those individuals who have the guts to put forth any contrary point of you.

Do not disagree for the sake of it, but if there is genuinely something you would like to say then be sure to say it. Once you do this you are bound to come across as someone who is rather interesting.

However this having been stated, ensure that while doing this you do not come across as either rude or ill-mannered.

14. Be sure to think in an out of the box manner:

To give the impression that you are very interesting, it is very important that right from the interview, you show yourself to be someone who thinks in an out of the box manner.

If at the interview you show that you are someone who thinks in this unusual manner then you will surely be able to come across as very interesting to the recruiter.

People who can think out of the box are always able to come up with quick solutions to any problems which happen to come their way in a given situation.

15. Mention any unusual talent which you have:

All companies looking to hire people who skilled at their job plus have additional talents as well. When appearing for the interview if you want to stand out and come across as someone very interesting then you must make mention of any interesting and unusual talent which you have.

Ensure that the talent which you are mentioning is related to the job which you have applied for. If you are applying for the post of an accountant in a company then there is no point in saying that you are a talented cook. Make sure that the talent you mention is not something stupid and is relevant.

Tackling a job interview is not an easy task at all. Everyone feels rather nervous as they walk in for an interview. To make yourself seem interesting you should try your best to do at least some of the things which have been mentioned above.

If you are unable to show that you are interesting then no one will feel like hiring you. When employing new people onboard companies do not only look at a person’s credentials, they look at several other things. They are always out to hire people who skilled as well as people with powerful personalities.